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MJ Stegg

PG ERA and the future of WWE.

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Hello E-wrestling news readers.

Just wanted to comment on the fine-line that seems to be what is and what isn't deemed to PG.
I think WWE made the decision to go PG for good reasons even though it doesn't really suit are viewing pleasure. The PG era has obviously created more sales in products and encourages a much wider wrestling audience which is brilliant. It just annoys us, the old skool, Rock-Austin, Attitude Era lovers. Those were the glory days, when everything was right in the world.
Although it's sad to see those times far behind in the horizon. WWE is bringing us a new product. Which unfortunatly is so much more soft. As a result, I'm sure we can all count endless times over the last year when our eyes are itching with anticipation for our favourite superstar to crack the heel with a the great equaliser in the steel chair to settle the score. Insted we see fueds ended in HIAC matches, which are now nothing more than glorified cage matches. There are No-holds-barred matches which can barely qualify for the what we have come expect from such a match.
We all know that due to different company wellness policies chair shots to head are banned and we aren't going to see to many fist blood matches any time soon or much blood at all for that matter and fair enough. These are not the things that make a brilliant match, they just give it substance and flavour.
We also don't expect to se thumb tacks and barbed wire these days.

Now I come to my main point about what we do still see. The WWE superstars fly off 20ft ladders, go through woodern tables. I tried to think of some examples in matches from recent times which showed quite extreme violence that must be on the borderline of PG rated television.

At summerslam John Cena was DDT'd by Wade Barratt onto the exposed Concrete floor.
-John Cena destroyed Justin Gabriel at the MITB PPV aftermath of the cage match, with a thunderous launching of the steel steps to the face.
-Sheamus a few weeks ago on Raw got the AA on the outside of the ring.
-Batista receiving the AA on the bonet of a car, then off the roof.
-Big Show chokeslammed Jack Swagger on steal Chair.
-Randy Orton DDT'd HHH on the steal Grate in the EC.
-Cm Punk's cut at Over the Edge. (might of been an accident I don't know.)

I could go on and on....
All these moments are obviously classed as PG. It just seems to me like there is a very fine line, and it isn't really very clear what is and isn't illegal for the superstars to do? I know my examples aren't exactly burning tables, people thrown off the cell mankind style etc.
Some of us will be very dissapointed about the WWE's choice to go PG and some will not mind a great deal. We could discuss and even argue forever.
I can see a very big positive for the future of WWE in all this chaos.
There have been more innovative matches this year, 6 pack challenge for the WWE title, 7 vs 7 at summerslam, MITB Bank PPV which was fantastic IMO.

We have seen many things over the PG era that can be done. I would like to see WWE using all the positive aspects to their advantage. I had a thought last week how it would of maybe been quite cool to have a rematch of the 6-pack- challenge inside a HIAC. Obviously not the best idea for the storyline but I just think after the brilliant match with those guys at NOC. Seeing how extreme PG viewing can be at times WWE could of easily pulled of 6 man HIAC match.

Hope you have enjoyed my 1st blog.
Looking forward to HIAC guys! Very intrigued to whats going to go down this sunday night, maybe a few surprises?

MJ Stegg

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Updated 09-27-2010 at 05:59 PM by MJ Stegg

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  1. Murphdogg4's Avatar
    I think if they concentrate on the in ring product and good ole fashioned athletisism it can actually be a good thing. Personally I think the attitude era was overated. It was all kick punch pick punch.
  2. The Brown One's Avatar
    Its the wwe.When was the last time anyone saw more "athletisism" than droning promos on 1 of their shows
  3. westy's Avatar
    If you love the WWE Attitude era like I did, and the Mondy night wars with WCW, then TNA is the place if you want to watch that kind of stuff. Not only do they have the guys you would have watched but they haven't gone soft yet, unlike the WWE who have changed for one Linda McMahon, cough cough, you are not forced to carry on watching if the change isn't to your liking, I made the switch and haven't looked back.

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