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Old vs New WWE PPV and what works

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I visit this website everyday for my daily news and updates in the world of wrestling so I figured why not join in and give my opinion with the rest of you fine people. Anyway, I had a discussion with my friend yesterday and I expressed how I didnt order Night of Champions and I am not going to order Hell In A Cell...I only order Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania every year...I used to order Summerslam but that event has become such a waste of the last 3-4 years that I dont even consider it a big event anymore.

Anyway, I am 28 years old and I have been watching WWF/WWE for more than 20 years. Its one of the things I maintained interest in from my youth. I used to have my grandma tape every major PPV back in the day when they only had 5 PPVs per year. I highly think the WWE should revert back to this formula...that is the ONLY way they can even maintain their 50 dollar price tag on these events.

Royal Rumble

This is where, if I was in charge of the company I would bring back King of The Ring. The concept was fantastic and I still think the first ever King Of The Ring was probably one of the best PPV's I personally have seen in my years watching their product. So...

Royal Rumble
King Of The Ring

This is where again, if I were in charge institute, since they own the WCW product...bring back War Games, and cut the Survivor Series, because WWE ruined that event as well for the past 5 years. It is not like it used to be back in the 90's. So...

Royal Rumble
King Of The Ring
War Games

And lastly you could end the year with a Night of Champions concept. It could be huge if they actually had time to develop matches and story lines for such an event instead of rushing thru these PPV's. It bothers me so much as a fan that they charge the prices they do nowadays, there is no HEART in creative to give us quality programming, that there is PPV's 3 weeks apart this month, and the fact that they are ignorant that UFC is competition is ridiculous. I watch UFC PPVs with my buddies at the bar every month and alot of them say the WWE product SUCKS. Anyway, thats my rant and first post being the new guy here. I am sure this has been talked about but thats my 2 cents.

PS: The only reason I even watch the horror that is NXT 3 is because of AJ Lee. She is absolutely gorgeous to me. Perfect. That is all

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. Riel's Avatar
    A few days ago i was talking to a friend about the same topic and the same question was asked. "Does twelve PPV's a month still work?" I don't think so, the buy rates are down and it doesn't help that the events are, for lack of a better word, boring.

    The consensus of the conversation was to keep the main four and like you mentioned bring back the King of the Ring. KOTR was the first PPV my family ever purchased for me and I thought it was amazing. Bret Hart, my favorite wrestler at the time, won the whole shebang only to be attacked by Jerry Lawler while he was accepting his scepter and crown. It was a moment that made me want to tune in to future broadcasts, I really wanted to see how the Hit Man was going to get his retribution.

    I feel that the current format of monthly PPV's don't leave the fans wanting more but rather make us care less. Besides who wants to pay fifty bucks each and every month?

    I think if the amount of PPV's were to be decreased to five or six a year the story writers would get the chance to really build the anticipation of a match or feud and give the company more of a chance to pull out all the stops to make each event a true spectacle.

    I also think it would force the company to put on better Raw and SmackDown shows, giving the fans better programing on a weekly basis.
  2. mikenigma's Avatar
    Well unfortunately WWE will always crap out 12 PPV a year because honestly, it's free money. There's always going to be enough people that will shell out the cash every month. Not to mention the bars that pay for the rights to broadcast the PPV's in their establishments. I completely agree that 5 - 6 ppv's a year would probably be better. But part of me doubts that WWE employs writers that are talented enough to have several simultaneous story lines going for several months at a time. Sorry if I seem like a negative nancy.
  3. nrb6304's Avatar
    I won't lie, I literally just had the semi exact same convo on my FACEBOOK with one of my training buddies. I told him that I won't order HIAC cause 2 weeks is NOT a proper build up, he then told me Bragging Rights only has 2 weeks build up as well. And I think it's stupid as balls. 2 weeks is not enough time to build up a proper TV feud! More less a PPV. GRANTED just about every match on the card at HIAC is a rematch but that doesn't mean anything, I just saw Danielson/Miz 2 weeks why should I order it again?

    BUT I shudder to think what the hell the WWE creative team would do if there was only 6 ppv a month and actually had to write fueds to go that long.

    One day I pray to be a WWE Creative Writer and see how they think or to see if we (IWC) have been wrong all this time

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