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Tai Night

Is it the Attitude Era?

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I have been a long time WWF/E fan since the first time I've watched Stone Cold Steven Austin open a can of whip ass on Triple H, which would start my long and everlasting hate for his character.

Now that the Attitude Era is over I feel like WWE have drop the ball, but not because the Super Star must watch what they say or blood is not allowed to be shown in the match. Hell, chair shot to the head doesn't make the show, so I am not complaining nor am I mad about that.

What I am made about in the entertainment value of the actually matches. Since the PG Era there have rarely been a match when I was like "Damn, did you just see that shit!" The phrase can change depending on the person but the fact stay the same.

I can remember one of my favorite matches of all time. Stone Cold vs The Rock when Austin joined VKM. As my eyes look onto that match I was like wow! This is great, the wrestling was also and you would have got you money worth. About three or four years down the road when it came on DVD, me and my friends watch it in the living room and I was still in excitement about it.

Undertake vs. The Rock vs Kurt Angel-Great

Rob Van Dam vs Chris Jericho-Great

Jericho vs Chris B. vs Stone Cold-Great

Just to name a few. I haven't seen nothing like that from WWE other the Taker vs Shawn, which was the only reason I have oder a PPV for WWE since Noway Out came to Baltimore and Kane was till wearing his mask. Yes that damn long....that damn long.

That's was what I miss about WWE, good matches that have its follows looking in awe. The last match I saw that took me back into that time was the Kurt Angel vs Jeff Hardy. Which I have to say was the best match I've seen in TNA and WWE for awhile.

So it's not the fact that the Attitude Era is no more, its the fact that the matches are not as good as they was. I can deal with all this PG crap if I could see a Championships match that didn't look like The Bella Twins vs Hornswoggle.

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  1. Murphdogg4's Avatar
    I think smackdown has had some great matches the last few months. What WWe lacks is superstars that have got over to the point of stone cold and the rock. But two guys like that come once a generation.
  2. Tai Night's Avatar
    True, I am just speaking for myself. It's not how big the stare is, it how good of a show they put on. The last person that was in WWE that made me say wow when they put on a show other Taker and Shawn, was Shelton. Like I said before about that guy, he would never let you down in a big match.
  3. nrb6304's Avatar
    I think Edge has really really stepped up, maybe not lately, but since 2004 after his program with Eddie Guerrero I have always really liked Edge and have felt he puts on an awesome match. BUT I won't lie Morrison/Sheamus 2 weeks ok made me go "HOLY SHIT DID YOU JUST SEE THAT?!?!" When Morrison did his little parkhour flip off the stage my mouth dropped, the crossbody didn't really impress me, only because for him to have turned his body fully sideways there needed to be at least 3 people there, but oh well, the parkhour flip was pretty sweet
  4. Tai Night's Avatar
    True Morrison vs Sheamus was pretty good. Yet, that wasn't even a main event. We need more main events like that.

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