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The State of TNA

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I'm not gonna hate on TNA like most people. I think TNA started off well, a six-sided ring, a great X-Division, a unique women's knockout division. People leading the company who could be major players (Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe). Then it made the one mistake that it is still making...trying to be like WWE, WCW, and now ECW.

WWE is a multi-million dollar company and yes, though many of you will hate me saying this, TNA is way too far behind the times to beat WWE. I thought things were beginning to change with the additions of Jeff Hardy, Ken Anderson, and Rob Van Dam. They had enough "star power" to begin to be taken seriously. They stopped focusing on the the old washed up wrestlers and let the young guys take the lead. Then they took four steps back and brought in the ECW hasbeens. Look, I'm not an ECW hater but WWE tried to bring back ECW and we are know what a disaster that was. ECW is dead and TNA is not going to have any better luck resurrecting it. TNA had a PPV totally dedicated to the old ECW. Isn't that crazy. You paid loads of money to buy former WWE superstars and you have an ECW PPV?

Here is what TNA needs to do to get back in game:

1. Get rid of the dead weight. Fire Eric Young, Tommy Dreamer, Mick Foley, and Hulk Hogan. A leaner meaner TNA means that all the younger talent will be showcased and that will bring in the money for the company.

2. Stop trying to compete with WWE!! TNA will never be WWE nor should they be. TNA should stop trying to resurrect old companies that failed in the past and focus on creating their brand

3. Bring back the knockout division stop having TBP be the stars. Bring Kong and ODB back. Have Taylor Wilde and Daffney start fighting again. Their fight with Absyss and Dr. Stevie in Monster's Ball was great! Sorry to be harsh but TNA is never going to have prettier women than WWE, but they can have the toughest, hardest women wrestlers that people will pay to see.

4. LET SAMOA JOE LOOSE! Yeah, he's been suspended but so what? He's one of the best wrestlers in TNA and he's been relegated to the sidelines. I want the vicious Joe who faught Kirk Angle back.

5. STOP MAKING AJ STYLES INTO RICK FLAIR JR. AJ is one of the best wrestlers in the world today. His work ethic and talent are endless. TNA should let him run with the ball for a while and stop being Rick Flair's lackey. AJ doesn't need to be in "Fortune" he is fine by himself. Rick Flair's best days are done, he needs to retire but sadly can't as he needs the money. He's just a caricature of himself. Pretty sad really.

6. Pick a path and stay the course. TNA is just throwing "hail marys" seeing whatever sticks. TNA has no clear direction for their storylines and it shows.

7. For the Love of God no more invasion storylines. The Frontline storyline sucked, the only good thing was MEM, which should've never been disbanded. I loved King Bookah, Scotty Steiner, Kirk Angle, and Kevin Nash. Rumor is there is an ECW invasion storyline in the works. WWE is doing it better with Nexus a bunch of young hungry wolves. Seeing a bunch of washed up ECW wrestlers limping up and down the ring (yeah I'm talking about Mick Foley!) doesn't interest me.

TNA has all the tools to succeed if they start using their young talent and start building on their brand. Here are some people that can help them build their brand in no particular order.

1. Desmond Wolfe
2. The Pope
3. Samoa Joe
4. AJ Styles
5. Ken Anderson
6. Homicide
7. Generation Me
8. Tyler Wilde
9. Hamada
10. Jeff Hardy
11. Rob Van Dam
12. Sarita
13. Motor City Machine Guns
14. Beer Money

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  1. Tom George's Avatar
    I must honestly say that I disagree with almost everything you said in this blog.

    Here is why...

    The ECW guys brought the ratings up on the pre Hardcore Justice PPV to a 1.22. When TNA did their Whole F'N Show episode of Impact it actually dropped to a 1.15. TNA couldn't put on a better show than that. It was amazing. HOWEVER... That tells me that people want to see the old school ECW guys or old school established stars in general. I say mix the ECW guys that can still go in with the current TNA roster. It sets up dream match scenarios, and the old school guys can get the current TNA guys over which builds credibility to the new generation of wrestlers.

    TNA should give the fans what they want which includes ECW, and storylines that have worked in the past. For example, Ric Flair and Forture. Those 4 guys with Flair on the mic make for excellent televison. I expect to see all of them with titles at the same time within the next 6 months. A rehash of the 4 Horsemen yes, but DAMN! I'm sold!

    I will admit I liked the Knockout division better when it wasn't "The Beatiful People" every week, but it's hard to argue with their logic. Every week that segment of the show continually brings in some of the highest ratings.

    Samoa Joe is amazing. Have him wrestle all the ECW guys. Since it's obvious that Hogan, Flair, and TNA are turning on the ECW guys in a TNA vs ECW war, they should use Joe as a hitman of sorts, leading up to a showdown with RVD. Think of the match they could have with Joe Vs Sabu. Especially if Taz was guest referree!!! Joe could go through all the ECW guys 1 by 1. That'd be beyond cool.

    A.J. was TERRIBLE on the mic before they stuck him with Flair. He makes a great heel, and he actully sounds like he could fit in with the original 4 Horsemen now on the mic. He is probably the best wrestler alive today, and I LOVE what they are doing with his character. His babyface promos were just bad. His heel promos with Flair are MUCH improved.

    The ECW invasion has a chance to gain TNA marketshare, and build the company to succeed. If done correctly, this is how they will gain ground on WWE along with signing big name WWE stars that jump ship which will happen... Paul Heyman is the key. If they can get him, it will change everything. I must say the writing has been pretty great though as of late...

    I get that you are a HUGE fan of the TNA origionals, and I respect that. However, the goal of a company is to show growth. They need to take the steps necessary to grow. ECW is a huge part of that. That is why I am now watching every week.... I know I'm not the only one!
  2. ejaspy's Avatar
    While I do agree with several points of this article, I feel Tom makes a good point as well. WWE attempted to bring back ECW because it brought in ratings and business. If it didn't there woulkd have been the original 'one night stand' and that wouldve been it. (WW)ECW didn't fail because it was a bad idea to try to bring it back, it failed because their bastardized version of the product was horrible. Who says TNA is trying to "bring back" ECW? This is just an angle that could play out in a month or two or even less. And why not? TNA is working really hard to put over the new generation and what better way to help get them over than by having some established names who don't need the rub put them over?

    On a side note, your blog started out with the sentence, "I'm not gonna hate on TNA like most people." And you proceeded to do just that. And how much attention do you pay to TNA if you think the guy's name is "Kirk" Angle?
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