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The State of TNA

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I'm not gonna hate on TNA like most people. I think TNA started off well, a six-sided ring, a great X-Division, a unique women's knockout division. People leading the company who could be major players (Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe). Then it made the one mistake that it is still making...trying to be like WWE, WCW, and now ECW.

WWE is a multi-million dollar company and yes, though many of you will hate me saying this, TNA is way too far behind the times to beat WWE. I thought things were beginning to change with the additions of Jeff Hardy, Ken Anderson, and Rob Van Dam. They had enough "star power" to begin to be taken seriously. They stopped focusing on the the old washed up wrestlers and let the young guys take the lead. Then they took four steps back and brought in the ECW hasbeens. Look, I'm not an ECW hater but WWE tried to bring back ECW and we are know what a disaster that was. ECW is dead and TNA is not going to have any better luck resurrecting it. TNA had a PPV totally dedicated to the old ECW. Isn't that crazy. You paid loads of money to buy former WWE superstars and you have an ECW PPV?

Here is what TNA needs to do to get back in game:

1. Get rid of the dead weight. Fire Eric Young, Tommy Dreamer, Mick Foley, and Hulk Hogan. A leaner meaner TNA means that all the younger talent will be showcased and that will bring in the money for the company.

2. Stop trying to compete with WWE!! TNA will never be WWE nor should they be. TNA should stop trying to resurrect old companies that failed in the past and focus on creating their brand

3. Bring back the knockout division stop having TBP be the stars. Bring Kong and ODB back. Have Taylor Wilde and Daffney start fighting again. Their fight with Absyss and Dr. Stevie in Monster's Ball was great! Sorry to be harsh but TNA is never going to have prettier women than WWE, but they can have the toughest, hardest women wrestlers that people will pay to see.

4. LET SAMOA JOE LOOSE! Yeah, he's been suspended but so what? He's one of the best wrestlers in TNA and he's been relegated to the sidelines. I want the vicious Joe who faught Kirk Angle back.

5. STOP MAKING AJ STYLES INTO RICK FLAIR JR. AJ is one of the best wrestlers in the world today. His work ethic and talent are endless. TNA should let him run with the ball for a while and stop being Rick Flair's lackey. AJ doesn't need to be in "Fortune" he is fine by himself. Rick Flair's best days are done, he needs to retire but sadly can't as he needs the money. He's just a caricature of himself. Pretty sad really.

6. Pick a path and stay the course. TNA is just throwing "hail marys" seeing whatever sticks. TNA has no clear direction for their storylines and it shows.

7. For the Love of God no more invasion storylines. The Frontline storyline sucked, the only good thing was MEM, which should've never been disbanded. I loved King Bookah, Scotty Steiner, Kirk Angle, and Kevin Nash. Rumor is there is an ECW invasion storyline in the works. WWE is doing it better with Nexus a bunch of young hungry wolves. Seeing a bunch of washed up ECW wrestlers limping up and down the ring (yeah I'm talking about Mick Foley!) doesn't interest me.

TNA has all the tools to succeed if they start using their young talent and start building on their brand. Here are some people that can help them build their brand in no particular order.

1. Desmond Wolfe
2. The Pope
3. Samoa Joe
4. AJ Styles
5. Ken Anderson
6. Homicide
7. Generation Me
8. Tyler Wilde
9. Hamada
10. Jeff Hardy
11. Rob Van Dam
12. Sarita
13. Motor City Machine Guns
14. Beer Money

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  1. Tina293's Avatar
    Wow, love your blog! What you're saying here is too true for words. TNA has all the potential in the world to be a good wrestling company, however their focus is in the wrong direction. WWE is a powerhouse that TNA will most likely never be simply because they have worked 50+ years to develop a formula that works. TNA needs to be more concerned with creating an innovative product instead of competing with a larger company. I am so sick of seeing these oldtimers wrestling. Let's face their glory days are over. A wrestling career is not meant to last forever. If anything TNA needs to put an emphasis on the younger talent--those who are going to carry the company in the future. Seriously wrestlers like Flair and Foley keep coming back for more, trying to do new things or rekindle an old flame, but let's face many more years do they each have left, especially since they are both wayyy past their primes.
    I also agree with you about the female talent situation. They NEED to bring back Kong and ODB. Given they aren't the most attractive women around, but they are REAL wrestlers unlike most of the divas in WWE. The knockouts (except Lacey Von Erich who can't wrestle worth a damn) all have what it takes to keep a crowd into a match. Taylor Wilde, Hamada, Sarita, etc...are all amazing talents. I have to say I'm more into TNA's female division than I am WWE's.
    Like I said before...TNA can be a good company, but they have some major ground to cover and a lot of cleaning up to do internally.
  2. The Watcher's Avatar
    I wrote something similar to this a month or so ago, you can read it by Clicking Here.

    You've done a really good job of covering all the bases there, I'm not sure they should get rid of Eric Young because, lets face it, he's an Impact zone favourite. If they're really struggling for something to do with him then bringing back Petey Williams and rebooting Team Canada would work.

    I'd also keep TBP as the main players in the knockouts division because the gimmick is ultra over. I'd drop Lacey and get Angelina back in there but the BP should stay put.

    My big thing at the moment is the X-Division. When the X-division was at the forfront of TNA they had something that obviously set them apart from WWE, now they don't. Its time to rebuild the X-Division and promote THAT as your unique feature!
  3. Greenboi's Avatar
    Brilliant blog. I agree with you about the trying to be WWE storylines. Loved the 6 sided ring was original. X division was amazing and now they barely mention is on any impact. Also not liking the loss of Christopher Daniels. He should have been majorly pushed as he was brilliant in the ring. Major loss there for TNA.
    I agree with you about the Acquisitions of Anderson, Hardy and RVD. When they came in i was buzzing. RVD brilliant to watch although i'm a bit bored of his character right now. Anderson brilliant. Needs to change the jokey side to him as its not that funny and i think he would be if writing for him was better. Hardy well what can i say. Love his in ring skills. Mic skills have improved but the problem is there not using him right. He seems to just float around and first he was with RVD then Anderson and now he just fights random people. Needs a feud with Joe that they teased the other week that would be brilliant. The ECW storyline is old news. Been done before and they are all past it apart from RVD, 3D and Sabu. Stop that storyline.

    1. You are right. I agree with Mick Foley and Tommy Dreamer. Pointless having them there. They could stay around but not in a wrestling capacity. Hogan is so annoying. He needs to not b on the mic as he sends me to sleep everytime. I understand why they have him cos of the name and all but he really is boring now. I like EY he just is being used all wrong. I think the people that need firing are Kevin Nash as he is beyond past it. Jarret needs a heel turn cos if not he has to go because as a face he is awful. Generastion me as they have no charisma at all good in the ring but there nothing really otherwise.

    2. I think they have to compete with the WWE but they should do it by being original thats why i liked them in the first place. They have the star names now all they need is to go back to what made TNA great to start with.

    3. I'm not gonna lie I am not the biggest fan of women wrestling and i only ever really watch Berautiful people matches as Velvet and Lacey are hot. So not to bothered there as tbh in wrestling women wrestling is not the draw to the show. Its good to have a few stunners though like velevet, lacey, chelsea and co. Sex appeal boosts ratings.

    4. Is Joe suspended atm? I would hope not. Love this guy just want him to get angry again and get involved in a few feuds instead of random fights. Wanted a Joe/Hardy feud or Joe/Morgan. Woulds be brilliant to watch.

    5. Completely agree. Styles is probs my fave wrestler to watch with Daniels. He needs a face turn as he is awful as a heel. He doesn't need to be ric flair he needs to carry on being the phenomenal one as thats what made him great. I want him to feud with fortune much like the evolution/orton feud.

    6. Needs clear direction not ECW reunions and Abyss with his stupid janice bat. Liking the Fortune angle could be one brilliantly and with flair in charge will be brilliant as long as he don't wrestle.

    7. I didn't mind the frontline storyline. Was ok but MEM were brilliant. Was disappointed with how that ended. Would love to see Kurt join Fortune and Be the main man with Ric as atm The Angle winnigh every week storyline is boring. Quality matches but boring storyline. He needs a heel turn as he is brilliant on the mic and in the ring.

    Agree with most of your 14 apart from the women although they do need some fresh blood as it is always angelina winning the title. Generation me don't excite me. My 14 would be:

    1. AJ Styles
    2. Mr Anderson
    3. Jeff Hardy
    4. Hernandez
    5. Samoa Joe
    6. Homicide ( LAX need a reunion)
    7. Desmond Wolfe
    8. Motor City Machine Guns
    9. Beer Money
    10. RVD
    11. Christopher Daniels (Mst be re-signed)
    12. Christian (Same)
    13. The Pope
    14. Abyss

    Not a massive fan of Jay Lethal like him in the ring and he is funny on the mic but he needs a clear direction. I like Douglas Williams as well good on the mic and in the ring. Bischoff needs a heel trun as he is brilliant as a leading heel.

    To sum up. TNA needs to sort out there direction. With some clearer writing and non WWE storylines they will be brilliant. Hire Paul Heyman right now. Him and Bischoff writing would be brilliant. They need to lose the Old guys or a t least keep them and not have them waste part fo the show with there lethargic wrestling. Push the TNA originals. Also sign Shelton Benjamin. Best free agent olut there. Bring him in and push him as he never was in WWE as he is brilliant. I know he aint an orignial but they need a few extras and with the loss of the old guys they coud afford to bring them in. Also TNA needs to stop pussying around and making all the faces be best mates and shake hands al the time. They need to be like The Rock and Austin were. In each others faces fighting yet both entertaining. Love watching Faces fight each other and heels fight each other mixes it up and makes it more interesting.
  4. moppy's Avatar
    You have some good points so I'll respond in a courtly manner.

    1. DO NOT FIRE ERIC YOUNG!!! The "stupid" angle he is getting right now is bullcrap. Are we supposed to believe that he is completely, an excuse me for using this word but, RETARDED after he led both the World Elite and The Band? No. Don't fire him. Hulk is more of a mic guy so keep him as long as he doesn't wrestle.

    2. If TNA gets off of Spike TV and gets a contract with a major television station, I believe that they could compete with WWE. They certainly have the talent and the Whole F'n Show was one of the best shows I've seen from the company. Should they? Debateable.

    3. I can't stand the Beautiful People. By the way their attire looks, they should be working a street corner not wrestling. Break 'em up.

    4. Really don't have an opinion but you have to go with the flow in the workplace.

    5. Again, no real opinion. I don't mind the angle.

    6. It's a company that has Vince Russo as a writer. Of course there no real direction.

    7. More invasions? Is that what wrestling has come to? Everything in wrestling today seems to be invasion, invasion, invasion. And yes, one of the best angles of all time was WWF vs. WCW but please, try to be original.
  5. RatkingV1's Avatar
    Wrestling is about the wrestling.. Who cares if the story line is boring as long as the match kiccks ass!!! Yes the Kurt storyline is boring bc we all know he is going to win but every match he is in is the best match of the night.. TNA has the best matches on tv!! SD has great matches!! and if we r voting on match quality than RAW shld be the C show behind TNA and SD!!!
  6. charlie's Avatar
    Briliant blog i have been saying for ages on my twitter account that tna has the best wrestlers at the moment. from jeff hardy to aj styles. I think they need to find there groove start building up the x division and the knock outs again. take aj out of fortune and put jay lethal in it instead just to build up his character some more. as for the writing what they need is someone over all the writers to yes or no to storylines and let wrestlers have alot of input to there characters and storylines.
  7. wrestlinggrl77's Avatar
    Thank you for reading my blog! Although I totally disagree with the Eric Young thing. Though I did like him as Super Eric but thought he lacked charisma as the leader of World Elite (another unsuccessful group).

    I hope you all will come back soon and we can keep talking about our love and frustration for TNA!
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