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Buy/Sell Time!

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- Obviously have to start with the face of the WWE. as much as you love him, as much as you hate him, a definite buy. It should be no argument as to the fact that John Cena is going stale but I understand that no one wants to admit that about their favorite wrestler. Despite the fact that he is extremely predictable however, as long as the little 5-year-old girls and boys are watching, it would be foolish not to buy this man.

- Randy Orton: Buy. Just look at his resume. The youngest world champion in wwe history has never fallen off. Great heel, great face, great character, great wrestler.

- Alberto Del Rio: WWE champion or not, selling seems to be the way to go. Dont get me wrong hes a good wrestler but nothing special. Mic skills are boring, in-ring performance is boring, not to mention ricardo rodriguez is annoying as hell. A one-time fluke champ. dont see a future here.

- CM Punk: Unpredictable, electrifying, show-stealing, shocking, the list could go forever. Definite buy. in-ring ability is great, one of the best on the mic in history. Who wouldnt buy the best in the world?

- The Miz: One of the toughest decisions. 6 months-1 year ago, a definite buy but lately not so much. mic skills are great. or should i say awesome? but can get a little repetitive at times. at the moment id probably sell but I would keep an eye on him because soon enough he'll be back at the top.

- Sheamus: Once again a couple months ago I definitely would buy but ever since his face turn he just kind of blends in. I love watching him in the ring, and he is very intimidating. Bring back the mean attitude and your first on my list to buy back. until then, sorry fella.

- John Morrison: I have a lot of respect for the man. Very unique style but thats about it. no mic skills and not very exciting (his style is very exciting, I just mean him as a person isnt). Sell.

- Christian: Sell. great but not very original. the shot after shot thing is getting old too. I mean lets face it, orton is just better. back of the line.

- I'd be mad at myself if I left out Michael Cole. this whole fake heel sham needs to go. you just werent meant to be a heel. your so transparent and obvious when your pretending to root for the bad guys. Sell for sure. announcers need to be unbiased and just call it down the middle. I vote Josh Matthews as the new voice of WWE.

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  1. alexrules01's Avatar
    uhhh... what?
  2. kjell's Avatar
    not sure if I understand what this blog is all about, but if i did why would you sell Miz now if you expect him to get back on top? I would buy Miz now cheap, and watch the value increse.

    Mark Henry is someone you should sell. Now he is on a roll witch increses value, but that can't go on forever so now is the time to sell
  3. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    Del Rio has a bright future like it or not. I see him going far.
  4. AOF666's Avatar
    Orton is boring. He is worst than Del Rio. Disagree about Christian, creative is trying to convince the audience Orton is better.
  5. mitch176's Avatar
    My brain hurts.... I didn't know we could buy wrestlers?!
  6. Watson1124's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mitch176
    My brain hurts.... I didn't know we could buy wrestlers?!
    what a surprise. Another dumbass on here to take things so literally
  7. pauadrian's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Watson1124
    what a surprise. Another dumbass on here to take things so literally
    what a surprise you dont know sarcasm
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