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Top 6 Terrible ideas that worked out well in WWE this year

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Caveat: This is MY personal opinon, and you are entitled to YOUR opinion, and I would love to hear about it in the comments

Number 6: Adding Booker T to the Smackdown announcing team.
You can call the master of the spinnarooni a lot, but an eloquent broadcast journalist is probably not the first description that springs to mind. So bumping Matt Striker from the announcing team on the more wrestling-match oriented brand: Terrible idea!

Except that after a shaky start when he debuted in February, King Bookah has proven that he actually have something to contribute on commentary besides being a legitimate wrestler. He's less of a sickening face that Lawler, but still manage to play the role of the enthusiastic fan. With his «fave5» he give build up to midcarders who get little love from Cole or Matthews, and he seems more secure in himself on microphone. Sure there are still «He didn't just say what I though he said» moments, but usually he can play it off as just being a quirky opinion, rather than a mistake.

Number 5: Putting Snooki in a Wrestlemania match

Big PPVs and C-list celebrities in the ring for cheap publicity goes together like ham and burgers. Some of them even end up in the WWE Hall of Fame. *Koff* Drew Carey *Koff*. But putting a hated Jersey Shore bimbo standing less than 5 feet tall in a mixed gender tag-team match: Terrible idea!

Except there is a the reason WWE uses celebrities in this way. It is to get mainstream publicity. And that part of the plan worked. You might never have seen an episode of Jersey Shore, but if you have got internett you will have come across that orange little gremlin with the inhuman bust someplace or the other, and mainstream newsmedia and bloggs picked up on it asap! But then, when it comes to the actual match the celebrities usually end up making a fool of themselves, even when willing and able to take a solid bump, like David Arquette. But Snookie spent the weeks leading up to the show training and treating the prospect of the match with respect. When the bell rang there was no painful or embarrasing botch, the match was not horrible, she actually pulled of the moves she was supposed to do better than expected. Off course WWE stacked the odds by having her team with Trish Stratus, and a female celebrity will usually get better off being compared to a regular diva, than a male celebrity to a regular superstar. But still, what at first seemed like a trainwreck waiting to happen went well.

Number 4: Not turning John Cena heel when the opportunity was there.
The epic showdown between the most electrifying man in sports entertainment and a primary coloured superhero loved by everyone below the age of puberty. The stage was set, the ridicule was glorious, the promos where hillarious. This was the golden opportunity to refresh Cena and make him heel finally! And WWE decided to keep him as a unbeatable face: Terrible idea!

Except you should never kill the goose that lays golden eggs. There is a reason Cena is loved by all those kids, and there is a reason those kids' parents spend millions on merchandise. But more importantly, by acknowledging the fact that Cena at best splits the fans 50/50 they open up several new avenues of storylines. Yes he's the face of the company, but he's not willing to break his own code of principles even with a heelish upper management. His passionate speeches of his love of the business and his opinions that no-one is just a heel or just a face, set the stage for the Reality era, as some have dubbed it. He was the perfect foil for CM Punks rants about all that is wrong with WWE, and he has pulled off some of the best ringwork he has shown in years. By making the concept of SuperCena more meta, they have made him more interesting, without losing the support and the dollars of the under 14 year olds. There is always easier to build up a heel than a face, and his gimmick and the love/hate relationship many fans have with it, is well suited for the Reality era-storylines. To put it short: With a heel Cena, the whole new Punk-storyline would never have been possible in the same way.

Number 3: Making HHH an on screen authority figure.
Yeah, let's put the son-in-law of Vince in charge on the screen. Make it plain to see that his ego will make him push himself, to the detriment of up and coming young stars. Let's make it simple for the fans to make that connection. Let's use our precious screen time on a semiretired 40-something wrestler who's gone 1 match all year : Terrible idea!

Except it also means no more Evil Mr McMahon in repetitive storylines. It makes for a perfect blurring of reality and storylines, as every smark in the world knew of HHHs connections to the McMahon family. It brings back the whole «evil cooperation» concept, with arguably one of the finest tweeners in WWEs history in the main role. Whose side is he on, who's scheming against him or maybe with him. What role does his old friend Kevin Nash play? It's entertaining, and unlike Vince, when HHHs gets pushed into a match, he actually looks capable to win. Not to mention his role makes a magnificent backdrop for CM Punks shenanigans. Thus keeping Punk solidly in the main picture, and at the same time letting the WWE Championship be contested elsewhere.

Number 2: Giving Mark Henry a legitimate push.
He's a lumbering joke, the world fattest slam, Mr Kool Aid, Mizark, Mark «Threath to win Royal Rumble» Henry. He's been 13+ years in WWE, and the most memorable storyline was him impregnating an octogenarian who gave birth to a hand. Release him all ready! Giving him a massive push and putting him in the WHC-picture: Terrible idea!

Except what do you do when several of your «monsters» are in dire need of surgery, recouperation and generally has lost their once feared status? You build your new monsters reputation by «injuring» them for an extended period. Do you know how to spot the diffense between a body builder and a really strong man? The body builder have bulging muscles in their arms and chest, the stong man has a massive muscles in their core and back. Now which of those builds has Henry?

He can probably deadlift anyone on the current roster with ease, he looks menacing, acts menacing and has improved his promos considerably. Back in the day, when Teddy Long announced with bravado that someone was going to met KANE, most fans would just shrug and thing «so what, he's just a glorified jobber these days.» Not a good thing for a supposed monster. Now imagine the same thing with Mark Henry right about now? Right, you would probably be a bit uncertain of who would be booked as the winner even if he was up against SuperCena... THAT is the way of a proper monster heel! Somebody gonna get their ass kicked! indeed...

Number 1: Having Christian lose the World Heavyweight Championship after just 5 (2) days.

With his best friend in real life retiring due to injuries, perennial 2nd placer Christian was finally crowned World Heavyweight Champion. Crying tears of joy, he proved all his supporters on the internet right. He was championship material after all! Now, letting him drop the championship to Smackdowns ersatz-Cena, Randy Orton after just 5 days (2 days in real time): WORST IDEA EVAR!!1!

Except it brought about a heel turn for a wrestler who has the position as the cocksure heel down to a tee, both in the ring and on the microphone. It ensured he would once and for all cement himself as a main-eventer. Of course he never beat Orton cleanly, he's a sneaky, whining heel, he should fall just short or pull of a win on a technicality. But at the same time he proved that he could go toe to toe with the viper in the ring, and maybe could have beaten him fair and square had he not been so busy plotting nefarious plans.

Oh, and it brought us, the fans, a series of 6 of the best matches WWE has produced in years. Not bad for a terrible idea...

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  1. mrbluto's Avatar
    I agree with all except #3. Vince is getting old and needed to find a replacement, HHH was the perfect choice. When he turns heel he can climb in the ring.
  2. Iscariot's Avatar
    Im puzzled: Don't you agree that it wasn't a bad idea after all?
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    hmmI'm a bit dis-appointed that Christian is not allowed to have a long run...I felt atleast the second time he's going to stay long..but, it's quite dis-appointing..I stopped watching Smackdown these days....

    THough they have produced 6 wonderful the end..being a huge fan of E &C, I'm not happy with Xtian being a mere 2time transitional world champion..where he hass all the charishma to be a world chapion with longer reign....
  4. knox's Avatar
    I never had so much fun reading a blog lol, this is definitely one of the best worded and detailed blogs Ive seen thus far. I totally agree with all 6 ideas turining out to be good. The Christian one not so much because he had all the momentum as a face World Champion. He clearly was a breath of fresh air to the World Title after being held from the title for 17 years.

    Basically, face Orton is one of the most bland and boring characters ever. I see nothing in him as a face and clearly Christian would've been a better champ as a face or heel.

    Other than that, every other idea is spot. Keep up the good work my friend and thanks for the read
  5. Dubs's Avatar
    Great blog. I agree with you about the Snooki part. She really did her thing at Wrestlemaina.
  6. Pro_Abdi's Avatar
    Booker T - The guys is hilarious and really fun to watch (See RAW roulette), makes the show eaiser to watch.

    Snookie - Meh, she was never there to impress anybody with her ring work. her role was simple, get all of the fans that watch jersey shore 2 watch Mania....and it worked so job done.

    Not turning Cena Heel - It will happen when they can get somebody to flog half as much merchandise in a year as he does in a month, the word cash cow doesn't do him justice. I bet he pays his own wages of his merchandise sales.....but his character is turning stale and he needs a face lift.

    HHH - Not to sure bout this one but i like the way this feud with punk is going

    Henry - 100% the best thing they have done with this guy in years, but im afraid that he is just gunna job orton at NOC.

    Christian - I love this guy in and out the ring and IMO is better as a heel than a face, yhh losing the WHC so soon after winning it pissed me the hell off but now we get to see christian every week and some cracking matches with orton.

    All in all good blog (Y)
  7. zrdt12's Avatar
    There's still plenty of time before Cena/Rock at mania. And ofc I'll hate and say I only got excited during two of their matches. Mark Henry push is suprisingly good.
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