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Little Jimmy! Really?: What is the WWE Going To Do With The Miz & R-Truth?

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Here's a storyline topic I haven't really seen anyone talk about much. Basically the title says it all. So what is WWE going to do? Here are some of my ideas, which may seem a bit outlandish.

Here's the first idea. Have you noticed that so far(I'm writing this before Raw) that Miz & Truth have only attacked CM Punk? I mean, weren't they saying that it was HHH that was mainly screwing them over? Plus, HHH has been having troubles with Punk. Did you also notice how Miz & Truth's attack allowed Kevin Nash to attack, too? Here's what I think will happen. I'm my opinion, & many of you will probably agree with me, but there is NO WAY Punk vs. HHH will end cleanly at NOC. So, most of us are probably expecting HHH to screw Punk, & are probably expecting Nash to interfere, too. But what if, Miz & Truth interfere, too? What if they say that the whole "conspiracy" was planned to screw over Punk? What if this is a Corporation or an nWo 2.0? teased an nWo return. Who knows?

Idea 2. You notice Otunga & McGuillicutty have been having their own frustrations over the past few weeks? Well, maybe Mz & Truth want to take their rebellion further & recruit Otunga & McGuillicutty? Maybe a Nation of Domination 2.0 or at least a similar stable?

What are your thoughts on my ideas(don't go insane if they're THAT bad)? What are your ideas? Try to include these things:

-What will WWE do with Miz & R-Truth?(pretty obvious to mention this just by reading the title)

-Who else will be involved in WWE's plans for these two?

-What effects might WWE's actions with these two have?

-What would YOU do with Miz & Truth?

So I called some of my friends and asked what they think about the this Situation:

1)Dan:I agree there is no way the match between HHH/CM Punk at NOC will end clean. It can't! You have the "COO" of the company going against the anti-hero, anti-establishment guy in Punk who believes he's being conspired against. The seed seems to be planted for Miz and Truth to have something to do with the feud, but I can't exactly put my finger on what it is. Maybe there will be more clarity by the end of the night. Miz has already voiced his displeasure with HHH, but he and Truth also attacked Punk. Maybe it will be Nash, Miz, and Truth.

The only other scenario I can see for them is to go after the Tag Titles. That way they can have a platform for both shows to voice thier displeasure of how they are treated in the company. It would serve two fold: give Miz/Truth some relevance and elevate the Tag Titles even more by giving Air Boom a legit feud like they used to do with the Tag Titles back in the day.

The second option is kinda far fetched and more along the lines of what I want to happen cause in my opinion, there are alredy too many people involved in the Punk/HHH/Nash/Johnny Ace/Stephanie McMahon feud.

2)Dez:I think maybe they can get a faction going. Maybe christian joins, maybe even punk who knows... buts its two of their bigger guys (miz being the biggest of them) but r truth isnt letting himself sit in the shadow so these two will either be gold or trash. give it a few months they might just dead it completely

3)Joe:I like idea 2 better but honestly I think they're just going to keep getting heat and when AirBoom has run its course they'll take the titles from them.

Please comment!

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  1. luduca444's Avatar
    Kevin nash with the miz and r truth.... imo, kevin nash wuld make one hell of a manager for them, and adding them to the HHH/Punk/Nash would help, as it wuld allow HHH to remain a face and keep Punk a tweener and also give the Miz and R Truth some relevance in a storyline. plus Kevin Nash could relate to them by saying he got screwed over too.
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    this is a brilliant Idea...

    Kevin Nash with Awesome a gr8 idea...n this allows HHH to be a face and add Steph's support to'll be one hella moment...
  3. Sahu's Avatar
  4. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    Good blog, easy to follow! At the moment they should let them run as a tag team, as long as it's not totally detrimental to their individual statuses, as I believe they both are hovering around main event status and potential! The one thing I don't want to see, which for some bizarre reason a fair few do, is rehashing of old stables! Any new version of Corporation, NWO, Nation of Domination or any other stable that has been done, would be God awful!! This all stems from people's desire to see the Attitude Era, brought to the present! Now the Attitude Era was amazing and probably the most exciting era for a generation, however, we have moved on now! The main antagonists of that area have moved on, as well as the creative side! You just have to realise how terrible it would be, if they attempted to bring any aspects of that era back! We need to appreciate how good it WAS and not sully it's memory by bringing back piss poor imitations and nock offs!
  5. AOF666's Avatar
    Be honest Miz and Truth doesn't need Nash. They can cut a promo better than Nash at this point in their career. I don't understand why Miz and Truth doesn't attack Cena, Punk, and HHH since they are getting the attention. Going after Kofi and Bourne is beneath them. Understand they are trying to push Bourne and Kofi, but honestly they were giving multiple opportunities and they both failed. Don't get me wrong, I like Bourne and Kofi, but they are not main event material.
  6. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    the credibility on the side of truth and the miz will be lost if they do not plan the attacks right for example if the awesome truth & nash attack triple h & cm punk then they must succeed in their attack because if they do not they will look like jobbers they are too good for that

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