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WWE: Bad Business

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In my previous post, I made notes of the reasons why certain things are done for "Good Business", well obviously there are things that are done that have created bad business.

Too Many PPVs
That sounds slightly counterproductive, I mean the UFC has had 16 from July 09 to July 10
However the UFC is a completely different marketing beast, and each PPV can be individually marketed from each other since one fighter may only be on 3 or 4 in the entire year, so people may know 2+ months in advance about the fights on UFC 647 (yes that's sarcasm people).

The fact is, 12 PPVs = 4 weeks average build up time = better storylines = Better TV Ratngs = more PPV Buys = Money

Not taking UFC seriously
They are not in direct competition as wrestling does not equal MMA, but they are in competition when it comes to buying power. Dad's and Non-Parent Adult Fans who may be fans of the UFC are the people they have to worry about. UFC events are generally known about 6 months in advance, so the WWE really can't schedule their PPVs to counter that, having given that though if there is a card that is the adult fan or dad likes, they may choose that over the WWE PPV.

Simply Put: UFC Event on same Weekend as WWE PPV = Step it Up, or lose PPV Buys, they have enough notice and don't seem to take the UFC seriously.

Gimmick Pay Per Views

Let me start by saying not all of them are bad. I think having the Elimination Chamber right before Wrestlemania is simply awesome, and it allows for creative to change things up and blah blah blah. And Money in the Bank was just fun.

However, Fatal Four Way, Extreme Rules, Hell in a Cell, TLC, and Breaking Point (which is gone) are terrible. They are an excuse for lazy creative, and let's face it, if even the casual fan knows that the next PPV is called "Hell in a Cell" you can probably guess that the world title and WWE title are going to be defended in a Hell in a Cell (yawn).

I'm sorry the Hell in the Cell and other brutal matches (I quit for example) should be a surprise and have more weight put on them vs oh well it's the gimmick of the month!

In the Example Video I have below I can't remember a more weight dropping line than "It will be Triple H, versus Shawn Michaels.......... HELL IN A CELL!!!!!"

Example @ 0:55 Mark:

Build up Time

Hell in a Cell = 2 Weeks... 2 FREAKING WEEKS, no one is going to buy that crap.
I'm sorry, but this should not be a hard concept:
Plan A:
8 Normal PPVs = 4 Weeks
The Main 4 PPVs = 5 Weeks
(Wrestlemania, Summerslam, Royal Rumble, Survivor Series)

Or B
10 Normal PPVs = 4 Weeks
Wrestlemania and Summer Slam = 6 Weeks

Obviously if something happens and you have to shift for Christmas, then do that of course (or make it cheaper).

"Was WCW really that bad... well this one time I was supposed to be in the opening match and we didn't have a finish yet, and just as the Nitro Music was coming on we still didn't have a finish, and they said, oh well [Big Show/The Giant] will come in and save you. And I replied, "wait, why would [he] help me. ("He was in the NWO, I was not"), and they replied "oh we'll figure that out later."" - Chris Jericho

The WWE creative has been doing that lately, and has been stated on the dirt sheets and interviews. Some of that is probably just them throwing the dirt sheets off, but the fact is creative needs to start setting stuff in stone more than what they've been doing and creating backup plans for injuries. I'm sorry, you should have your finish for the main event done at least 2 or 3 weeks in advance and looking towards how the main event should play into the next PPV, you know..... like they used to.

There are others, but I'm out of time.

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  1. WF™ - Original Member!'s Avatar
    While I'm not fa what so ever of the amount of PPV's the WWE put out there, its hardly bad business from their point of view

    They charge what? $45 a time for a PPV in America, now the buy-rates are down in North America but they are still getting higher than 100,000 buys at a time, now take away WrestleMania and The Royal Rumble and that leaves you 10 PPV's with 100,000 buy-rates (realistically its well more than 100k buys) and that gives Vince $45,000,000 a year in PPV income if you average the buys out for those 10 PPV's you could probably double that figure as the buy-rate average is closer to 200k buys which would be $90m

    Then throw in the big two, the Rumble which gets over 300k buys and Mania which usually always tops 500k (although it did hit 1m buys) and you can see why its NOT bad for business

    Thats just from PPV buy-rates in North America, then you have all the buys abroad, DVD sales of the events ect...

    I'm as big a supporter of less PPV's as the next man, but until Vince can get these kind of figures doing something else I really can't see much changing

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