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Good Business

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Vince said it best many times over the past few years. (paraphrased) "I'll do it if it's good business."

Everywhere you turn on EWN or other Wrestling Dirt Sheets you see "Bring back the PG-13 Era" or "TNA is better." or something of that sort. The reality is, while the WWE does indeed have issues, there are indeed reasons why there are certain things still today.

Unification of Titles
There are reasons to unify and not unify the titles, and I'm sure each of you have opinions.
Reasons To Unify
1) Low on Talent
The Tag Division is low on quality talent as has been mentioned by many fans, Jim Ross and others, I think this one was fairly obvious to most people.
2) Not enough Promo Time
This may seem kind of odd to read, but as well all know the women's division doesn't get much quality air time. The matches are short, they throw multiple women into a 6 person tag match, give each of them 30 seconds, have a brief promo and call it a day. When you're only going to do that, yes it makes sense to ditch one of the two titles. I think Cruiserweight fell for the same reason.
3) Brand Extension
This one is a bit old, but the European, and Hardcore were dumped specifically because they were only going to be able to use half the shows to promote the same number of titles. Or better read, same two shows, way more titles.

Not Unify:
1) Brand Extension
While some titles may be dropped/unified due to too many titles, too few titles can also create an issue. If there is only one mid level or world title it can make the other show that does not have the main title fued a lame duck show, this could hurt TV ratings and may affect house show gate sales. Let's face it, people do like titles.
2) Makes the Glass Ceiling Thicker
If there was only one world title these past 8 years, do you think Jack Swagger, CM Punk, Jeff Hardy or Sheamus may have gotten their world title opportunities? Some may say that's a good thing, but could you imagine more Triple H, John Cena and Edge and Undertaker Title Runs than we currently have, because that's a high probability. The Reality is the Mid Card would become thicker than it already is. While it would be refreshing for storylines, it would prevent a lot from ever reaching the top.

Brand Extension
Fiercely debated, harshly criticized and universally hated by internet fans. But the fact is, it's good business.

1) House Shows
350 House Shows a Year, that's how many the WWE averages every year thanks to brand extension. In the Attitude Era before Brand Extension it was 200. It doesn't take an accountant to figure out how much money is gained from that.

2) The WWE does not make money directly from TV Ratings
Look it up, the current deal WWE has with NBC Universal does not give them a cut of the Ad Revenue, they use the TV time to promote PPV sales, house shows and merchandise.

3) Travel
More International Tours which are golden in terms of money, able to be in 2 parts of the country at once, more driving vs flying (which is considered favorable for WWE Superstar's morale according to interviews), making it more cost-effective.

The PG Era
PG = Money

1) Advertisers. While the WWE does not get direct TV advertising dollars, they get merchandising and direct sponsorship. 7-11, Slim Jim, Mattel. Household names that paid a lot of money to sponsor the WWE. These high dollar sponsors were not possible in the Attitude Era. Looking back at the attitude era I remember the biggest ones I ever saw were Campbells Soup, 10-10-321 Long Distance Service and M&Ms.

2) Merchandise Sales, and Children = Money
Look around the arenas sometime.
Children = Beg Parents = Buy Stuff
Adults = Cheap Asses.
Outside the die-hard fans, kids dominate the merchandise sales. John Cena Shirts, Wristbands, DX Glowsticks, title belts, etc etc.
Adults are not as free with their money unless their kids beg them. As an adult and as many internet fans have noticed, we steal from streams or torrents, kids however will beg to buy the PPV.

Releasing Superstars
Some yes, are just stupid. Mr. Kennedy/Anderson is a prime example of that. Others should have maybe just been suspended: Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson

Others are bad PR.
The reality is, the media has no idea what TNA is, and they don't care. They are not a household name, so if a steroid scandal breaks out there, no one cares. The WWE is a household name however and is scrutinized by the media harshly.
Think of some of your favorite TNA wrestlers who used to be WWE Superstars and you'll find many former steroid users. (Not all of course).
Steroids = Bad PR = Lost Money from Sponsorships

Oh and yes, the Creative Department just sucks now.

I could go on, but the biggest things the internet hawks on the WWE for, they do it because it's good business. It doesn't matter what us, the minority internet fans think, it's what the power of the dollar does, and we don't buy all that much. I know my logic is not perfect and there are flaws. I expect that, however I'm at least thinking in more of the logical direction instead of just letting my emotions run wild. I loved the Attitude Era, but I'm not clueless to why they're going in some of the directions that they are.

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. mrqib's Avatar
    Excellent read, People should stop complaining about the PG rating, get over it, the attitude era ain't coming back, I used to like TNA a couple of years back, it was a good alternative to the WWE

    Now its just rubbish, recycled story-lines that have worked/ failed in the WWE and WCW
    i don't bother watching it anymore
  2. Bralon23's Avatar
    I agree with the post and with the comment before. PG does equal money for the WWE and if you think about it, it really hasn't been all that bad as it was a few years ago, about when Benoit died. Cena's been losing as of late and the Nexus idea, though they are kind of dragging it out now, has paid off and will continue to do so until its end. I've been really disappointed by TNA as of late because of their decision to get rid of the 6-sided ring and many other things. I continue to watch because of The Beautiful People and some of the matches, but some of their ideas for stables are horrible. And their promos are hard to watch sometimes, as well.
  3. MJ Stegg's Avatar
    Great blog man. I totally agree with all your opinions and think you raised some exellent points.
    I defiantly agree with Unifying the titles. I think this will give each championship a ton of credibilty back and will make a much more interesting fueds and mid-card because not all the top guys will be fighting for a world title anymore.

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