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The Hardys...why the hate??

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We all know the recent troubles the Hardys have been in lately. Everyday there is some news about either Matt or Jeff Hardy and it's usually not good news. Jeff as we all know has been dealing with issues regarding his drug addiction and his felony drug case which could land him in jail for a long time and Matt has recently been fired from TNA and was also arrested on suspicion of driving impaired. And every time I get on here and see the comments posted about these two they are all very negative. It got me to wondering why? Why is everyone ready to see these two fail after all they accomplished in their careers? It's true they are going through some things right now but everyone acts as if their lives are perfect and without any skeletons in their closets. I wanna share my feelings about the Hardys with you if you don't mind and hopefully change your point of view.

Matt and Jeff Hardy have always been influential in my life. I remember the first match I ever saw these two compete in was on a show called "WWF Shotgun Saturday Night." I believe it was in 1998 and they were competing against Too Much (remember those guys) and my little brother and I watched them in amazement. They did so many great things and had so many great moves that at one point my little brother and I wanted to be just like the Hardys. I also remember the first time they won the Tag Team titles from the APA. I was so happy for them. Then who could ever forget the ladder match at No Mercy in 1999 against Edge and Christian. That match propelled them to the top. Then they had a tag team tables match with the Dudleys at Royal Rumble 2000. I'll never forget seeing Jeff do a Swanton from a balcony in the crowd onto a table to win that match. Then you had a triangle ladder match at WM 16 with The Hardys, E&C, and the Dudleys and Jeff again stole the show with a Swanton off a huge ladder through a table. You had TLC 1 and 2 and I'll never forget TLC 2 when Jeff got speared by Edge off that ladder while hanging on to the titles. Fast forward and you have Team Extreme with Lita being thrown into the mix and they just captivated fans all over the world. But it was at this point when their careers started to go south.

The Hardys broke up around 2002 and went into singles competition. Matt seemed to find his way after many believed he was held back by being in a tag team and had great singles success on Smackdown. Jeff on the other hand didn't adjust as well and seemed to flounder on Raw. Also during this time both brothers began to go through personal problems. Jeff after all the bumps he had taken and the hectic travel schedule of WWE was burnt out. He started experimenting with drugs and alcohol and really almost destroyed his career. But it wasnt entirely the way it seemed. Jeff actually wanted to take a break and do other things. He is into music as well as motocross and he is very artistic and I think the WWE at that point in his life was putting restrictions on all the ambitions the Jeff had outside of wrestling. Matt Hardy was doing just fine on Smackdown until he suffered a torn ACL. It was at that point that his girlfriend Lita and one of his closest friends Edge betrayed him and I think at that point Matt lost it and never fully recovered. You could see how much he loved Lita and it really tore him up and I think it still is affecting him even today.

The Hardys did revive their careers and how fitting that their resurrection happened the same way they were propelled to the top; by being in a tag team. Of course they split up and went single again but by them being togther again they were able to help each other overcome their own problems. Jeff went on to win a WWE title and 2 WHC and Matt was ECW champ for a while and should have been WHC but WWE just didn't see it in him for some reason. Now they are back to having issues again as it seems Jeff is using again and Matt obviously has some sort of problem although I don't know exactly what it is. All I can do is hope they get better.

These guys lost their mother to cancer at a young age and all they had was their father who of course worked and took care of them but Im sure it was hard to carry on without their mom. I think that has played a part in why they have had some of the troubles they have. Jeff really is that free spirited, extreme guy that he portrays on TV. He does things his way and will not conform to the rules of society. That is what made him so popular. He has had his own way of thinking since they lost their mother and probably due to the fact that all he had was his older brother to look out for him and Matt was just a kid himself. Matt always seemed to be the grounded type. He was the one who held it together as best he could and I can expect that because he is the oldest. He had to be the mature one but he matured a lot faster due to their loss. And I think that as much as Matt tried to do right by helping raise his little brother and find a woman to love who ended up betraying him I think that all the composure that Matt has can only last so long.

At the end of the day we all have our issues. I mentioned my little brother earlier. Well growing up we were similar to Matt and Jeff because we had to deal with a one parent home and a mother who was abused by every boyfriend she had. While I turned out ok (being a college student) my little brother has struggled to find his way. Maybe that's why I am so quick to defend these two because when I see myself in The Hardys. Just guys trying to cope with the harsh realities of life. Everyone can't be like John Cena. You know the poster boy company guy who has it all together. Some of us are outcasts like the Hardys but who says that is such a bad thing??

Thanks for usual give my all your comments...good and bad...God Bless

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  1. mitch176's Avatar
    The Hardy's are grown adults now, not children, they SHOULD know the difference between right or wrong. Plus there's a difference between being good in the ring and being good people, The Hardys... are not good people. Do good people forcefully hold a woman and then tazer her? Do good people turn up to work high as a kite on a night where you're supposed to represent the company as their star attraction? If you think these are the acts of good people then lets hope "god" is merciful on your soul when it's your time.
  2. Iamthegame's Avatar
    Where did I ever say they were good people? I believe I said they have their issues just like we all do. I'm not here to judge anyone as I believe that is for God to do all I am trying to do is shed a little light on their personal lives so that people don't come down so harshly on them. At the end of the day I am hoping that they do get it together and I just want people to do the same instead of rooting for them to fail.
  3. Y2J___Y2J's Avatar
    They might have had a tough up bringing, but they chose to do drugs.. They weren't taking drugs as children (I would think) and chose to do these things as adults and are responsible for their actions. They had the world at their feet .. and now??!! Nobody wants the Hardys to be like this, and EVERYONE wants them to get their lives back on track
  4. AgeOfPain's Avatar
    its not that people root for them to fail. its just they coem to expect it now. the hardys have gone and messed up so many chances that you can't beleive in them with no backing. theya re at a stage were betting on them is lsot money and they lsot alot of repeact. they gotta put effort to do better before people are gonna root for them. people don't just root for you cause you are trashing your own life. they root for good people or people they can repeact, whitch are not the hardys
  5. maar13's Avatar
    For me it is sad man, I don't want them to fail, but time and time they keep the same trail.

    I hope they can get better, another thing that while I don't like, Matt expose himself to is the damn thing with twitter, there is a lot of hate out there and everyone knows it, a lot of people expect others to fail just 'cause.

    Matt responded in a very bad way to someone who called him washed up, I mean, I don't blame him, because that is bs, but then again he choose to expose himself there and does the same.

    He really wants to be a public person because he needs the attention, more than anything and it shows.

    So all in all, hope both can get their shit together and turn all around, they are young enough to still be remembered by something good, because of their early career and maybe even a good career from here on.
  6. belleza's Avatar
    While I do agree, many people go on bashing unsensibly without thinking, there is no excuse for many of the actions they have made.
    Jeff Hardy was the reason I got so into wrestling. I absolutely adored the man. These days, I can barely stand to look at him, let alone read all of these negative stories about him.
    I respect Jeff Hardy the performer, however, my feelings on him as a man are quite different.
    I wish they'd get their shit together, but by now, they've have way too many chances to prove themselves.
  7. the hybrid boxer's Avatar
    look ima fan of any athelete the good and bad alot of ppl need grow up unless u pull a cris bionet otherwise ppl need to grow up. good blog man
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