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WWE/TNA and the changes they should make

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TNA should definitley make some changes. In my opinion they should have Hulk work backstage. They should make Bischoff a heel. They should put the title on Angle once he beats all the top ten. They should put the eyes back on the X-division and the tag division. Stop bringing in old stars so they can focus on the new brighter stars. Make AJ a face. He was one of their best face's. I dont understand at all why they made kaz a heel. He wouldve made a great x division champion. They should sign shelton and charlie haas. theyd make a great tag team as they have in the past. Get samoa joe in the main event scene again. I dont know why he was ever taken out. Do whatever it takes to sign Paul Heyman..and lastly...BRING BACK THE SIX SIDED RING..THATS WHAT MADE TNA UNIQUE

WWE- Where do i start. Bring back the cruiserweight title..they have so many lightweights that will never be main eventers...GIVE THE SHOW DIFFERENT SETS...thats what made the shows different..and cool..dont combine the titles..switch the intercontinental title to raw and the us title to smackdown...bring some main eventers to smackdown..and get new announcers..the announcers voices are just so boring..idc how much u hate cole..he has a good announcing voice i think..its not boring..and it doesnt drone grisham and striker...bring up some new talent..get interesting storylines..the perfect time to turn cena heel is at hiac...have him join the nexus..that would be awesome..and it would be a shocker..AND FINALLY...GET OFF THIS FREKING PG CRAP!

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  1. westy's Avatar
    Not much I can say about TNA changing, what I'm seeing on the box each week is great. I like many are happy to be watching what they're putting out.

    As for WWE I no longer watch on a regualr basis, once a month I give it a try, but they need to do something big to make me come back. Right now TNA are doing it right, nice mixture of young and old, amazing tag teams and stables. Hogan needs to be on air, not wrestling and not involved with every storyline. But he's a huge name just as Flair is.

    But WWE have gone so downhill I don't know where to begin.
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