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WWE/TNA and the changes they should make

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TNA should definitley make some changes. In my opinion they should have Hulk work backstage. They should make Bischoff a heel. They should put the title on Angle once he beats all the top ten. They should put the eyes back on the X-division and the tag division. Stop bringing in old stars so they can focus on the new brighter stars. Make AJ a face. He was one of their best face's. I dont understand at all why they made kaz a heel. He wouldve made a great x division champion. They should sign shelton and charlie haas. theyd make a great tag team as they have in the past. Get samoa joe in the main event scene again. I dont know why he was ever taken out. Do whatever it takes to sign Paul Heyman..and lastly...BRING BACK THE SIX SIDED RING..THATS WHAT MADE TNA UNIQUE

WWE- Where do i start. Bring back the cruiserweight title..they have so many lightweights that will never be main eventers...GIVE THE SHOW DIFFERENT SETS...thats what made the shows different..and cool..dont combine the titles..switch the intercontinental title to raw and the us title to smackdown...bring some main eventers to smackdown..and get new announcers..the announcers voices are just so boring..idc how much u hate cole..he has a good announcing voice i think..its not boring..and it doesnt drone grisham and striker...bring up some new talent..get interesting storylines..the perfect time to turn cena heel is at hiac...have him join the nexus..that would be awesome..and it would be a shocker..AND FINALLY...GET OFF THIS FREKING PG CRAP!

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  1. VKM's Avatar
    I disagree with the Cruiserweight title being brought back. Use the US or IC title instead. Thats what they're for. Signing Paul Heyman would be a very bad idea unless they get rid of Vince Russo and Hulk Hogan. All 4 egoes together would create a massive destruction for TNA. TNA would be terrible. The only title now that should be combined is the two world titles. Both rosters don't have that many legit main eventers and that would make the title more presitige more than a sense of sayiong "Ok it's your turn to hold the title."
  2. wallyman's Avatar
    well idk about the heyman thing the guy is so egotistical he was the main reason ecw came to life but it was also the downfall of ecw...he didnt like no one tellin him the effects of his decision so yeah...
  3. nrb6304's Avatar
    "Stop bringing in old stars so they can focus on the new brighter stars."..... "They should sign shelton and charlie haas. theyd make a great tag team as they have in the past.".....

    :/ kinda contradicting yourself friend. I'm sorry but Shelton REALLY hasn't impressed me since 2005 once WWE dropped the ball on him he went and dropped the ball on himself and as for Charlie Haas......the day he and Shelton broke up he really didn't do all..... :/ GRANTED great talent but again once WWE dropped the ball he dropped it on himself
  4. Sondreg's Avatar
    Good thing WWE has you around for your amazing creative talent
  5. BigM's Avatar
    Don't complain about WWE being PG. It's just the writers are stupid and don't know how write wrestling and PG. Ever seen SHIMMER? That's PG and a lot more interesting than the WWE. All WWE needs is writers who understand what fans want.

    "GIVE THE SHOW DIFFERENT SETS...thats what made the shows different" Totally unimportant, how often while watching Smackdown or Raw do you stop to think about the sets. You do only when they show it, and only sometimes does it cross your mind. You don't think about during a match or backstage interview and don't do talk about to your friends whenever you talk about wrestling. This also applies to the six sided ring in TNA. When they had it did you talk about with your friends on weekly basis? Probably not. It's unimportant.

    TNA does NOT need Heyman. ONE man will NOT change an entire company. Saying that is like saying WWE needs Jim Cornette. Could they benefit from having him around? Yes! Will he single handedly change the company and fix all its problems? NO!!!!

    As I like to tell people, if you think you could book WWE on TNA better, go download Total Extreme Wrestling 2010, download a Real World Mod, and you try book it better without changing every single aspect of the WWE. It's a lot harder than you think.
  6. Murphdogg4's Avatar
    here is one thing that could help both feds. Fire all of the writers and put wrestling people in charge like the old days. Let the wrestlers do their own promo's and have a chance to get theirselves over.
  7. nrb6304's Avatar
    TNA does let their talent do their own promos Murphdog4
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