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Wrestlemania 28 Dream Matches: Using Current Rosters

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Using Current Rosters:

Bringing Back Jericho

I’m bringing back the Cruiserweight Championship giving the small talent something to fight for other then being squashed every night.

And turning the “Divas Championship” back to the “Women’s Championship”

1. Daniel Bryan VS Evan Bourne (Cruiserweight Championship): Evan being the “high flyer” and Daniel being the “wrestler” I feel it would be a great mix of styles. No heel turns for either one just a good wrestling match and let the fans decide who they want to win without the writers telling you who you should like or dislike.

WINNER: Daniel Bryan

2. Beth Phoenix VS Kharma VS Natalya (Women’s Championship): Getting rid of the models and putting real wrestlers in a championship match would be nice. Kharma and Beth being the heels.

WINNER: Kharma

3. Alex Riley VS Dolph Ziggler VS John Morrison VS R Truth (US Championship): Fatal 4 Way, Good Talent, Good wrestling ability just a good match all around I would think.

WINNER: Alex Riley

4. Rey Mysterio VS Sin Cara: We all want to see this match go down why wait longer then Wrestlemania 28? Nothing on the line in this match it should be all about the ability of these 2 in the ring.

WINNER: Sin Cara

5. Wade Barrett VS Drew McIntyre VS Cody Rhodes VS Ezekiel Jackson (IC Championship): All three guys deserve to shine at Mania. Drew especially after being beaten night in and night out for the last several months.

WINNER: Drew McIntyre

6. Miz VS Chris Jericho: This match would be a dream come true because both are so much a like and Both are great heels. I say Heel VS Heel match.

WINNER: Chris Jericho

7. Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel VS David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty VS The Uso’s VS Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins (Tag Team Championships): Elimination Tag Match. All 3 teams are very good some better then others but all 4 teams have great athletic ability. Btw WWWYKI

WINNER: Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins

8. Undertaker VS Sheamus (The Streak): I personally hate the streak. Having a Streak in pro wrestling should be an absolute no no. An Undertaker match at Mania is totally useless. We all know who is winning no shockers I do not care how good the match ends up being. The only way to make the streak worth something is for a young talent to be put over and shock the world.

WINNER: Sheamus

9. Randy Orton VS Christian VS Del Rio(World Heavyweight Championship): Good Match not the best but these 3 could put together a great story for Mania. Moving Del Rio back to Smackdown giving them a Main Event star Because the next 2 matches will be what Raw is all about for several months.

WINNER: Christian

10. CM Punk VS Steve Austin: Dream Match everyone wants this match if you’re a pure wrestling fan and I would be amazed if this happened.


11. Cena VS The Rock(WWE Championship): Again Dream match most want to see it. Attitude VS PG.

WINNER: The Rock

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  1. dub's Avatar
    Maybe the WWE needs to hire you as the booker. Really good card E.Champ
  2. BiG-NeL's Avatar
    Very nice blog !
  3. PatsPunkZepp's Avatar
    I thought Daniel Bryan already cashed in for Wrestlemania??
  4. jaymo's Avatar
    the last four matches are the most possible one's outa them all
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