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Top 5 Intercontinental Championships of All Time

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Cody Rhodes wants to bring back prestige and meaning to the Intercontinrtal Championship, so now we will look back at the top 5 IC champions of all times.

5. Chris Benoit
Say what you want about Chris Benoit, but his impact on the IC title can not be deined..... After years of Roaddog, Billy Gunn, Chyna, Blue meanies, Goldust and the GodFather holding the Intercontinental title and WWE devaluing it more and more every month with people who were just fades and gimmicks. The IC title was treated as a prop to pass on to the new guy for a few weeks.. it wasnt to Benoit won it we started getting classic matches with great talent.... He gave the Intercontinental Championship prestige as a title and with a good cast behind him the IC title actually had meaning as was saved temporaily.....

Key Matches
Benoit vs Jericho Backlash 2000
Benoit Vs Jericho Judgmentday 2000 (submission match)
Jericho vs Benoit RR01 (Ladder match)
Benoit vs RVD Summerslam 2001.
There was a whole host of other Raw matches and title defenses that Benoit had against Jeffy Hardy, The Rock and so on.... to many good matches to mention.

Key Feuds
Chris Jericho was the only notable feud Benoit had for the title.

Benoit had some really good to Great matches while holding the title... He didnt have any ground breaking feuds but he gave the title meaning... He didnt have any main event feuds and his title regins didnt launch him to the Heaveyweight title like it did most IC champs before him in the Golden age of the IC title... but still Benoit having the title was a step (huge leap) forward in rebuilding the IC title.

4. Randy Orton
Randy Orton is easily the Best IC champion in the last 10 years... When Randy Orton held the Intercontinental championship it was as important and sometimes more important than the World title on Raw and Smackdown....
Orton made you care about his opponent, he made you care if he was gonna keep or lose the title, he was the man right behind the champion. and honestly that whats a Intercontinental Champion is supose to be..... Randy Orton had the perfect gimmick and the arrogant "im gonna be the next huge star" attitude and aura about him that made him a great young IC champion... Destroying Legends, a total lack of respect for people who came before him. it was argubly Randy Ortons best work at the time and the last time we seen a meaningful IC championship run.

Key Matches
Orton vs Foley Backlash (No Rules)
Orton vs Edge Vengance

Orton had alot of Great matches on Raw and various PPVs with RVD, Chris Jericho, Edge and so on and so on.... He had solid matches with many different talented guys.

Key Feuds
Randy mostly disrespected every legend who was near him and most beat the average IC title contenders but here is his Best feuds in the IC title Regin.

Mick Foley
Chris Jericho

Randy Orton had really solid matches, Some really Good feuds and a Amazing one with Foley.... Randy Orton grew while he was IC champion and really evolved in this time period ... he made people care about him and he made it seem like the Intercontinental Championship was the most important thing in the world to him so naturally the fans wanted to see him lose the Intercontinental title so it destroy him..... He made the IC title look like it could main event a PPV and the Foley match at Backlash could of main event a PPV with the importance and build of it.... it was a team effort here as the IC title really made Randy Orton who he is and in return Orton actually made the IC title better and more important and brought to heights it hasnt seen since.

3. Mr Perfect
When you think Intercontinental title you think "Mr Perfect"... very talented and had the Gimmick and the attitude to match the Intercontinental Championship, just like Orton above he was a up and commer and he was one of the best in the company and he knew it. People wanted him to lose it cause they thought without the Intercontinental championship Mr Perfect would no longer be Perfect and it would humble him. So it made people wanna see him lose so much more.

Key Matches
Henning Didnt have any stand out Great matches besides a few.... Henning mostly carried people to Good matches cause the Faces they were feeding him like Kerry Von Eric, BeefCake and so on were not on his level and couldnt really have great matches so Henning mostly carried untalented people to good/watchable matches... but here is a few of his top.

Bret Hart vs Mr Perfect SummerSlam 91.

Key Feuds

Bret Hart... When Bret Won the title from Mr Perfect it was a big deal cause Mr Perfect carried that title so well and made it to such a high standered that it was almost like winnign the world title.... he had that title so long and looked unbeatable.

Henning had some Great feuds with Kerry Von Eric and Tito santana.... he always brand the best out in people.

Henning was a Great talent and he had such main stream appeal with his Gimmick, unlike the Greg Valentines and Tito santana before him.... He made the IC title instead of vice versa.....If you beat Perfect and won the IC title you were a big deal and you cant ask for much more from a Heel IC champ.

Henning never being able to transend from IC to World Champion actually made his rankings a little higher on this list, cause when you think of the opther guys on this list you think World Champion, When you think of Henning on this list you think Intercontinental Champion. and thats why Henning in my mind is considered one of the Greatest Intercontinental champions ever.

2.Bret Hart
The Hitman had some big Shoes to fill after Winning the Title from Henning and he did a great job of it.... Bret had more of the tradtinal Whos better feuds, more like a realestic type instead of the more cartoony feuds before, his most notable ones were against faces such as Davey Boy Smith and Rowdey Piper... Bret Hart took I have to prove myself against the best with this title and tried to be more realestic with his regin and it worked for him very well.... He had incredible matches and Great feuds.

Key Matches
Bret had alot of great matches but the 2 classics that stood out were

Davey Boy Smith vs Bret Hart SummerSlam
Rowdy Piper vs Bret Hart Wrestlemania 8

Bret had a bunch of other great matches on superstars and coliseum Home Video with shawn Michaels, Ric Flairs and honestly Bret never had a bad match, it didnt matter if it was a great like Shawn Michaels or some one with far less abilty like a Virgil or Blake Beverly, Bret always had a Good match and given the chance he could have a classic which he proved several times over.

Key Feuds
the BullDog and Rowdy Piper was his most notable feuds, he had some mini Feuds with like a HBK and such on Home Video but never lead to a PPV or a big TV match.

Bret Hart Carried the BullDog and Rowdy Piper to easily there best matches. And Yes i used the word Carried cause he carried both matches and his Bulldog match was the biggest carry job in wrestling history...... Its the only time i can think of that a Intercontinental Championship match mainevented a huge PPV, and it was one of the greatest matches of all times.. You add his Win over Perfect and how highly reguarded that match is, you got one of the Greatest IC Champions ever with just those 2 matches alone..... with the Emotion and importance he won the IC title against Mr Perfect and the Emotion and the importance of his loss to Davey Boy Smith at SummerSlam, I would say Bret Deserves this spot at number 2 for making it seem Like the Winning the IC title is One of the Biggest accomplishments a Wrestler could have..... Who else had matches that are considered the greatest of all times let alone the Greatest IC title match of all times in their Winning the IC title and Losing the IC title.

1.Randy "Macho Man " Savage
How can he not be Number one.... He made you care about George Steel, He had what is considered the Greatest match ever at the Biggest event Ever and he is the Most Well Known Wrestler of all times.

Key Matches
Ricky Steamboat WM 3
Tito Santana (His title Win)

Savage had some Really good matches on various DVDs and Tv shows with Steamboat, Jake Roberts, and others.

Key Feuds
Ricky Steamboat
George Steele

Savage is the measuring stick on how to transend from The Intercontinental title to the World title..... he was one of the first to do that and Made the IC title so important it was used to get young talent ready for the main event.... he took on all commers and he was a Great heel and his Gimmick and Trademark Promos and attitude just made the IC title the title to get.... he used the IC title to build him and his charecter.... He and Steamboat Stole the Biggest Show ever at WM3, people rarly think of Hogan and Andre when they Think of WM3 they think of the clinic Savage and Steamboat put on. That match alone inspired several big stars to become wrestlers, and no one had more Impact on the IC title than Savage.... Savage started the IC title defense being the best match on the Card trend.... Savage had it all. Great matches. Great Feuds. Great Gimmick. Great presence and he made you want to see the IC title match more than the WWF Championship match....... He is the most Well known Wrestlers ever, Savage had one of the biggest impacts on wrestling in its history and argubly the Biggest Impact ever on the Intercontinental Championship.

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  1. The Brown One's Avatar
    Nice first blog Crippler.
    I loved the match that Savage and Steamboat had at WM3. They put on a clinic. Also, those were the days when Randy first became interesting, as the "Legend Killer". It was a great gimmick to get him over, and he was the guy to watch. Its a shame how far hes fallen (yeah I know hes a world champion, but many find him unwatchable). For now I see the IC title gaining prestige as Cody Rhodes holds onto it, and hopefully he'l have some matches with guys that can also put on good matches.
  2. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Well Brown One we can only hope that Cody does half of what Randy Orton did for the IC title..... I find Randy Ortons matches much better today than they have ever been but his promos and Gimmick is stale.... The thing about Orton is he can wrestle much better as a Face than a heel, Cause he cant control the tempo of a match, He has a impressive move set and good timing so yea keeping him face is better for matches, cause if he is heel we get that 3 hour chin lock.... but back to the IC title, if any man in WWE can bring it back in meaning its Rhodes for sure, heres hoping he holds it till Wrestlemania and defends it.
  3. Sony's Avatar
    I do believe The Ultimate Warrior, like him or hate him, deserves to be on the list between Macho Man and Perfect. He was a huge draw which garnered added attention to the title when it already meant something. He had a great feud with Rick Rude and a was a part of the, if not the greatest build up match of the era against Hulk Hogan as the intercontinental champion.
  4. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sony
    I do believe The Ultimate Warrior, like him or hate him, deserves to be on the list between Macho Man and Perfect. He was a huge draw which garnered added attention to the title when it already meant something. He had a great feud with Rick Rude and a was a part of the, if not the greatest build up match of the era against Hulk Hogan as the intercontinental champion.
    See But Warrior was more of a World Title guy, the Belt always seemed like it was beneath Warrior, Plus the match quality was so bad with Warriors regin, he had a Good match with Rick Rude but thats it, Hogans at WM6 was a world title match the IC title was a after thought, it was rarly mentioned..... Warrior had alot of impact on Wrestling more than the IWC likes to give him and had some really good matches too, but none were with the IC title
  5. AJ1981's Avatar
    I've always thought that Benoit was never given the recognition he deserved as IC champ, however I wouldn't have chosen him or Orton over Shawn Michaels, Razor Ramon or Chris Jericho who all had greater matches and high profile feuds over the IC title.
    Updated 09-09-2011 at 03:00 AM by AJ1981 (spelling mistake)
  6. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by AJ1981
    I've always thought that Benoit was never given the recognition he deserved as IC champ, however I wouldn't have chosen him or Orton over Shawn Michaels, Razor Ramon or Chris Jericho who all had greater matches and high profile feuds over the IC title.
    You know i did wanna put Shawn Michaels on there but honestly besides the Ladder match he had With Ramon at SS95 I cant think of a Great IC title match he had or Won the IC title in.... i cant count WM X has Shawn Michaels IC title match, cause he was champ walking in and didnt win the match so that is more to Razors credit... and Shawns other regins were just given to him, Shawn was already a main eventer at the time, it would be like giving CM Punk the IC title now, it wouldnt make much sence, Plus he always forfeited the IC title 2 times, and he didnt really have any feuds..... Jericho had the IC title before Benoit and really didnt do anything much with it.... it was again looked upon as a prop, when he Won it from Benoit thats when it actually meant something, Cause Benoit made it mean something, but he didnt have a great Run with it....... it wasnt till Recently Jericho had a decent run with the IC title but by then he was multiple time World and WWE champion, it kinda defeats the purpose if your Great IC title run is after you win multiple world titles.
  7. Marx's Avatar
    Loved the blog, and agree to such an extent that I'm not gonna bicker about it.

    I'd love to see Cody Rhodes doing something useful with the belt, and I'd love - on longer term - to see him as IC taking on Orton in a series of matches. I think they can go if put together.

    I'd also love to see Sheamus going for the IC. Though he's upper midcard, maybe near main event, it's not beneath him and putting Sheamus in the mix would whilst Cody holds it would make the belt a legitimate prize.
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