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Turtle Time: Fully Loaded 2000 DVD review part 3

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Yay part 3 is coming up and to those who are intrested. It wasn't up yesterday because of two reasons :
1. I was busy yesterday and had an impromptu dinner out with my family
2. My precious Google Chrome keeps crashing and I can't fix it. Forcing me to download Internet Explorer 9 (which takes 15-20 minuets) just to get the blog up.

But enough of my whining lets get on with the review . . .

Last Man Standing: Triple H (w/Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley) vs. Chris Jericho
Highlight package of how this started at King of The Ring and how it escalated from there. HHH comes out with Steph first and Y2J is next. They brawl in the ring and Y2J gets the advantage quickly. Jericho knocks HHH out the ring and they brawl outside. Back in the ring, Jericho takes control until Hunter gives a nice facebuster and clotheslines him out the ring. HHH starts to target the injured ribs of Jericho. Back in the ring HHH is in control continuing to target the injured ribs of Jericho. HHH removes some of the tape around Jericho's ribs and chokes him with it. HHH works on the back of the ribs now before taking it outside and letting Steph get a couple bitch slaps on Y2J for funsies. HHH suplexes Jericho on the entrance way and breaks the count by picking Y2J up and bringing him back in the ring. Jericho tries to fight back but gets caught up in an abdominal stretch. Choida (the ref) gets a little angry (maybe he took roids instead?) as HHH holds the ropes for leverage and begins to count (Choida must be too high to realize no DQ's in last man standing). Jericho hip tosses out. Choida, who must be high, has a shoving fight with HHH before Jericho gains momentum and starts to bring the fight to Hunter getting a spinning heel kick. Jericho goes for a lionsault but Hunter gets the knees up and Y2J futher damages his ribs. Y2J eats a DDT and gets applied in a sleeper hold, HHH keeps the hold on and Jericho seems out of it but crawls himself up at the 9. Jericho taunts HHH now and Hunter gets all mad and pedigrees Y2J.

Y2J still manages to get up so HHH fetches a chair and goes right for the ribs before delivering another shot to the back. HHH goes for the pedigree on the chair, but pot-head Choida (those jokes must've gotten old by now) argues with him. He pushes Choida down that allows Y2J to low-blow him. Jericho cracks Hunter in the head causing him to blade. They both get up and brawl and Jericho gets a flying forearm. Jericho gets a missile dropkick and bulldogs Hunter onto the chair. Y2J whips HHH out the ring but get whipped into the steel steps once both are outside. HHH goes for a pedigree on the steel steps but Y2J reverses into a back body drop. They both hit eacho other with monitors then and it nearly ends in a double KO. They both manage to get up and back in the ring where Y2J reverses a pedigree into a walls of Jericho. Hunter reaches the ropes which is pointless because it's no DQ. Jericho realizes that and drags HHH back to the middle. Steph breaks the hold though pulling Y2J's hair and going for a slap that is blocked and Jericho puts Steph in the walls of Jericho(!?!). HHH breaks it up though and they both go outside and Jericho is whipped into the security wall. Hunter gets the sledgehammer and misses Jericho and hits the ring post instead. Y2J slingshots HHH into the ring post and nails him with the sledgehammer. HHH low blows Y2J, who is on the time keepers table (I think anyway) and back suplex him through J.R and Jerry's announcers desk. HHH just gets up before the 10 count for the win at 24:54. This is a very good match. I'm going to give it a ****1/4 because, while the wrestling is good and the crowd is hot, there is now defining moment to which you can identify this match. For example when I think Shane O Mac vs Kurt Angle I think about the footage of the belly-to-belly and the plexiglass. This didn't have that. There was no defining moment to couple the amazing wrestling and crowd.

We are then greeted by a highlight package that proceeds to the main event for tonight . . .

WWF Heavyweight Title: The Rock vs. Chris Benoit (w/Shane McMahon)
Before we start, for anyone who's a little sensitive on the Benoit segment wouldn't want to watch this hype package as it's trying to sell Benoit as this sick, sadistic monster with no emotion or regret to what his actions are, best to avoid that sort of thing if your a little tetchy on the Benoit subject. Also if The Rock gets DQ'ed he losses the title. Benoit and Shane come out in some of Rocky's ripped clothes to add insult to injury. Rocky comes out next and he means business. Shane distracts Rocky though and that allows Benoit to attack The Rock from behind. Rocky fights backs though and fights Benoit to the outside. Rocky takes it ot Benoit and throws him back in the ring. He sees Shane O Mac and chasses him. Shane leads Rocky to Chris but he just steamrolls through him and carries on chasing Shane. Shane leads Rocky to Benoit again. This time Rocky atomic drops him and slingshots him into Shane. The rock goes for a crossface but Benoit scrambles to the outside. Benoit comes back in and gets pummeled by The Rock before getting a gutbuster. Benoit continues to work on Rocky with Shane even getting an elbow in. Rocky and Benoit take it outside now and the camera guy gets a tad too close as Rocky ends up headbutting the the camera. Back in the ring now, Benoit continues to work on The Rock's abdomen. The Rock fight back though getting a nice kick to the face. I usually don't mention commentry on the review, but J.R and Jerry made an XFL comment that couldn't be ignored, because the XFL failed like Mike Choida fails a drug test (got to stop with the Choida jokes). Anyway, Benoit tries to go to the top but Rocky stops him, getting a top rope back suplex in the process. Shane hands Chris the belt allowing him to clock The Rock (see what I did there) with the title while Shane distracted the ref, It gets a close 2 count. Chris gets a snap suplex for 2 again. Rocky starts to fight back now with a scoop slam but is eventually suplexed. Benoit gets a sharpshooter but Rocky gets to the ropes and the hold is broken. Chris looks for another sharpshooter but Rocky fights out of it. Rocky goes to the outside after he gets whipped and Shane lowers the top rope.

They brawl outside now with Chris getting whipped into the steel steps. Benoit then gets crotched on the post by The Rock before taking it back into the ring. Rocky gets Chris in a figure four now but Shane distracts the ref and nothing happens. Benoit eventually gets to the ropes and manages to get a cheeky nut shot before taking it back outside. Shane gets a clothesline on Rocky whilst Benoit is distracting the ref. Benoit goes outside to work on Rocky before distracting the ref again to clothesline him into the crowd. Benoit gets in the crowd now and Rocky gives him "The Dreaded Drink Of Death". Benoit suplexes Rocky back to the outside before throwing him into the barricade. Back in the ring now Benoit works on The Rock some more. Rocky manages to get a DDT out of nowhere though. Benoit manages to stop Rocky's momentum though with a nice clothesline. Benoit continues to work on The Rock allowing Shane to get more shots by distracting the ref. Benoit gets a neckbreaker on The Rock and they begin to trade blows. The Rock hangs Benoit up on the ropes before getting a close 2 count before Benoit got a foot on the ropes. Benoit gets a scoop slam and a diving headbutt for another close count. Benoit stomps Rocky in the corner until Hebner, the meddling kid, distracts Benoit long enough for Rocky to get a big clothesline. However Benoit returns the favour and fetches a steel chair. Rocky takes Benoit's chair and Earl Hebner talks to Benoit allowing Shane O Mac to go smack-happy (via chair) on Hebners back. Rocky decks Shane and then goes straight for Benoit. Rocky grabs the chair and swings for Shane who runs out the ring. Rocky drops the chair and gets Benoit in the crossface and he taps(?). Earl rings the bell but Benoit wins (?). Of course, Earl saw Rocky with the chair. He thinks Rocky hit him giving Benoit the win and the title via a DQ at 19:28. Shane decks Rocky causing him to blade. Shane and Chris celebrate at the entrance ramp but Mick Foley, ever the party pooper, restarts the match due to how it ended and Benoit gets back in the ring. Rocky brings the fight to Chris but Benoit gets rolling Germans for the two. Benoit takes it to The Rock and goes for the crossface but Rocky scrambles to the ropes. However Benoit brings him back into the middle and manages to get the crossface locked in until Rocky gets to the ropes. Benoit stomps on The Rock until he gets a Rock Bottom out of nowhere for the pin and the finish at 2:19 (21:47 overall). Great match that once again had that lacking defining moment to take it to the upper echlon of matches, but it was still good though and very well worked a comfortable **** from me.

Once again just a wrap up show nothing to shout about but with the tagged classics set (like I've already said) I can't complain.

The Rating:
This, In my Opinion, event has a worse undercard than Judgement Day 2000. Factor in the poor Angle vs Taker and i'll give it an 8.5 maybe 8.75 if I was in a happy mood (but i'm not because my bloody Google Chrome wont work ). So grade wise it's a B+ and if you average out both it's in limbo between B+ and A- however factor in the fact it's a 2 PPV event for the price of 1. I'll give this an A- and a solid recommendation for you all to buy.

Next Review:
My next review will be on the 27th and the 28th of August. I'll alert you of any schedule change on my profile page. Also i'm 15 on Sunday. I thought i'd let you know because im super freaking excited But until the next review leave a comment and thanks for reading, It's much appreciated.

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