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Top 10 Promo Cutters/Talkers (WWE & TNA)

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Hey guys hope all is well. Lately both companies have shocked me with the worked shoots we've been seeing lately. I'm all for it and I think many of the fans are as well. I've noticed nothing but amazing promos from guys in both WWE & TNA and thought I'd blog about whom I feel are in the top 10.

Before I get started, I'm warning you guys that the majority of the list are TNA guys. I rarely watch TNA, I'm a pure WWE fan but lately TNA has been impressive.

Top 10 Talkers:

10. Christian
His heel turn took a while to grow on me. I mean I miss the old heel Christian from 2004 that came out with the hoody and the slower version of his current theme. He was more believable.

But recently after seeing his promo with Triple H and then with Edge, he made a believer out of me as a heel. The dude's promo game is sick and Christian will continue to shine amongst the greats even if the WWE creative team wants to bury him.

9. Cody Rhodes
I have to give Cody all the credit in the world. He had the gay dashing gimmick and made it work. His dashing tips were simply gold and he made alot of males jealous.

Then creative pulled a 360 with his character and gave him the dark ECW Tazz/Kane gimmick and he made this work to perfection as well. His promos are sick and you know your the man when they tell you, "hey, your not having a match tonight, just go out there and draw some heat and cut a 7 minute promo". And thats what they've done countless times with Cody. Lookout for this guy.

8. The Pope
I look at this guys' build and his ability to cut convincing promos and I wonder how did the WWE let him slip away so easy? This guy has it all. Does anyone remember when he returned to Impact from his injury and cut that promo that left the fans in tears? He's amazing. Here's the promo below

7. Austin Aries
This is a guy that reminds me of Cm Punk, Cody Rhodes and Jamie Noble all morphed into one. But besides that, he cuts a mean promo as well and might be the saving grace to the X-Division.

6. Bobby Roode
One of the very few guys in wrestling that can cut a decent face promo. Him and Alex Riley are the only faces I see that can truly rally a crowd behind them.

5. Sting
He's been one of the great promo guys for over 18 years and I have no problem saying he's still amogst the best to this day. Look at some of his recent promo's with Kurt Angle and Hulk Hogan and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about.

4. R-Truth
This guy is someone whom I thought would eventually be wiped off after his heel turn. Infact, I thought that John Morrison would be in line for the huge push but it was indeed R-Truth. So if memory serves me correct, Morrison has now played Janetty to Melina (multiple time Woman's Champ), The Miz, and now R-Truth. All of Morrison's former partners have seen success but him.

Now Truth had a small stint as U.S. Champ but as far as career wise, he has a bright future at such an older age compared to most of the roster. He's literally started a "Little Jimmy Movement" and his heel promos in my opinion has saved his career.

3. Brian Kendrick
This guy is easily one of the most complicated talkers in the history of professional wrestling. His promo style is so off the wall and onorthodox. Who remembers when he crashed Mic Foley's book signing and the way he puts his words together? If you haven't seen it, follow the link.

Bonus: Ric Flair
Had to add Flair. Still to this day cuts the best promos. One of the funniest on the mic as well

2. Bully Ray
Awesome, I've been saying since the 90s that he was one of the best on the mic and he's proved it with his new heel persona in TNA. He's now the leader of Immortal based on his mic skills alone. He's the mouthpiece of that group and I'm glad he's getting the respect in the singles division that he's always deserved.

1. Cm Punk
Needless to say why he's number one.

Names I didn't mention and why?

John Cena
I happen to be a fan of Cena's promo work but lately its been stepping up but for one reason. Cm Punk. Punk has pretty much changed the entire wrestling business which has made Cena use more moves and improve on his mic skills but its one problem.

Cena has been cutting great promos but only at the espense of himself. He pretty much only cuts good promos when he talks bad about himself. The other night he made fun of himself for wearing bright colors, only having 5 moves, being compared to Hulk Hogan, having women and children as his fan base and being a superhero and it happened to be one of the best promos I've seen from him. But that doesn't make it a good thing.

The Miz
The subway promo just proved to me that the WWE really doesn't know what to do with someone as verbally and physically talented as The Miz. I respect teh Miz and I feel that his mic game has been slipping.

Alberto Del Rio
As I stated on a comment. I never understood the big deal with Del Rio. His mic skills and promo game is not good at all. He's trying his best to live up to playing a character as opposed to accepting the character as himself. Thats what you have to do. Like I said the reason Stone Cold was so successful is because his gimmick was so organic and seemed so real. When I look at Del Rio, it really looks like he's on the set of a movie because he seems so scripted and unatural.

Thats just the way I feel. I feel that guys like R-Truth & Dolph Ziggler should have been the heel that creative pushed to actually win the WWE Championship. They have the full package.

Mr. Anderson
No offense but overly yelling doesn't make you a great promo guy. I'm a huge Anderson fan but the asshole thing doesn't entertain me at all. I like to well well thought promos that deliver but just because he yells doesn't mean its great. Sting yells all the time in his promos but what makes Sting great is the consistency and the content of what he's yelling.

Thank you all for checking out my blog and please leave feedback. These are my opinions so try not to bash me. I look forward to hearing your opinions as well as names I left out. Thanks guys and please check out my song on youtube if you aren't too busy.

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  1. luisalexander70's Avatar
    alberto del rio was in a mask hes entire life so he will get better and brian kendrick i mean who!? the miz is better than him
  2. steveorton's Avatar
    Knox I have to disagree with you on that list, ADR, Miz and Cena should all be in that list. To compensate for this I would remove Kendrick, Sting and Aries, but as always good blog mate, I'm jus sayin...
  3. BIGZrudypoo812's Avatar
    where the hell is Ric Flair???????????????????????????? you know he should be on here his promos on TNA are funny as hell
  4. Y2J___Y2J's Avatar
    Brian Kendrick has no place on this list..
    I don't think Sting does either. He's possibly one of the best in TNA right now but if you put TNA and WWE together he's not in the top 10 ..! Miz and Cena should be on the list for sure. Have to give it to Cena he cuts a good promo when he needs to
  5. YoungShaz11's Avatar
    I don't actually agree with everything on your blog
    John Cena and The Miz should be on the top 10 no matter what
    Brian Kendrick shouldn't be on that list and Wade Barrett deserves a place
  6. King Scrapper's Avatar
    Suggestion. Make this a top 15 list lol.
  7. stinger13's Avatar
    "Then creative pulled a 360 with his character and gave him the dark ECW Tazz/Kane gimmick and he made this work to perfection as well."

    360 would take you right back at the same place lol. Just wanted to be an asshole . But I would knock Kendrick off and add Cena.
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