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Trish Stratus, Mickie James, and The Divas

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A few things have been on my mind lately, mostly how TNA sucks worse than a leech on my ass. Then I was looking at the latest blogs, saw one dissing Mark Henry which is a load of B.S, then I noticed one pitching ideas for the Divas which compelled me to write this. Frankly, I think anyone who does not see the work the Divas have put in are blind misogynists (Look it up) who have no respect for the craft.

Do not get me wrong, at one time the Divas were a joke. Pretty girls with no talent. But obviously someone has said either it gets better or it gets going and they now have one of the hottest divisions in all of wrestling. It has been a tough journey but they have got there and if you bitter smarks cannot see that then you are not that smart.

The Kharma gimmick was one of the best of the year and would of gone far if she had not got knocked up. I am glad to see "The Divas Of Doom" have took over that mantle and are going to run wild with it. They are already getting over and are add another dimension to the division. The Kelly-Phoenix match got decent time and it was a good match. Good psychology, Kelly sold like a star and the finish was one of the best of the PPV. If anyone is not enamored by Kelly Kelly's in ring ability as well as her looks needs their head checking.

Thanks to trail blazers like Trish Stratus, Mickie James, Melina, Lita and Michelle McCool, gone are the days of botched filled matches that are just a waste of airtime. The Divas are credible and are getting more and more like the Japanese women every week and further away from the stripper outreach program that are the TNA Knockouts. Before long Dave Meltzer will have to come up with a "Manami Toyota" wrestler of the year award. Keep up the good work! And that's Jonny 3:16, 'cause I said so.

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Updated 08-19-2011 at 01:28 PM by Frank

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  1. Allison's Avatar
    The term "trailblazer Michelle McCool" made me LOL.
  2. Los Conquistador's Avatar
    I suppose wwe deserve some credit for having them wrestle as opposed to when they made legit divas do bra and panties or lingerie pillow fights
  3. jrh1957's Avatar
    I agree with you Glamour Girl. TNA Knockouts are wrestlers. Good looking is just a bonus. Most of the WWE Divas look fake when they try to wrestle. The few that are good will get tired of the crap WWE does and head to TNA where they can show they are talented.
  4. belleza's Avatar
    We are NOT in a high point right now for Divas. I mean, the Divas of Doom have the potential to be awesome, but let's not get ahead of ourselves and say they are the best thing to ever happen. Personally, I think one of these reasons that the Divas are not very ...successful.. lately is because of a lack of passion. How many are hired straight from modeling agencies, etc? Not saying that this is always a bad thing, as they can develop real passion, but the spectators would be more invested in a match that featured excellent females wrestlers showing what they have, with real passion, rather than ex-bikini models bouncing around nonstop. Progress has been made though, hopefully this continues.
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