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Trish Stratus, Mickie James, and The Divas

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A few things have been on my mind lately, mostly how TNA sucks worse than a leech on my ass. Then I was looking at the latest blogs, saw one dissing Mark Henry which is a load of B.S, then I noticed one pitching ideas for the Divas which compelled me to write this. Frankly, I think anyone who does not see the work the Divas have put in are blind misogynists (Look it up) who have no respect for the craft.

Do not get me wrong, at one time the Divas were a joke. Pretty girls with no talent. But obviously someone has said either it gets better or it gets going and they now have one of the hottest divisions in all of wrestling. It has been a tough journey but they have got there and if you bitter smarks cannot see that then you are not that smart.

The Kharma gimmick was one of the best of the year and would of gone far if she had not got knocked up. I am glad to see "The Divas Of Doom" have took over that mantle and are going to run wild with it. They are already getting over and are add another dimension to the division. The Kelly-Phoenix match got decent time and it was a good match. Good psychology, Kelly sold like a star and the finish was one of the best of the PPV. If anyone is not enamored by Kelly Kelly's in ring ability as well as her looks needs their head checking.

Thanks to trail blazers like Trish Stratus, Mickie James, Melina, Lita and Michelle McCool, gone are the days of botched filled matches that are just a waste of airtime. The Divas are credible and are getting more and more like the Japanese women every week and further away from the stripper outreach program that are the TNA Knockouts. Before long Dave Meltzer will have to come up with a "Manami Toyota" wrestler of the year award. Keep up the good work! And that's Jonny 3:16, 'cause I said so.

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Updated 08-19-2011 at 01:28 PM by Frank

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  1. Glamour Girl's Avatar
    Johnny what divas division are you watching? The divas division in WWE is still a joke and no true wrestling fan can call it otherwise. Just because they decided to add a storyline to them finally doesn't mean they've gotten better. To say it's good to see Trish, Lita, Melina and Michelle gone is an insult to actual talented female wrestlers who were more than just a pretty face unlike 75% of the current roster. K2 isn't worthy of being called a champion or getting the victory over Beth, she's a pig with makeup on really so no matter how much better she looks she's still a pig at the end of the day. One of the hottest divisions in wrestling? Give me a break! How are they on the same level as japanese female wrestlers? And no being females with the term wrestler applied loosely doesn't count. The knockouts are ten times better to watch even if you don't like TNA. They get great matches and cool stories unlike the divas. Sure WWE does have some great female wrestlers like Beth, Natalya and Gail but these are not the women WWE focuses on 90% of the time. So in conclussion maybe you need to start watching old divas matches as well as current knockout matches in order to get a better grasp of what is in fact a "hot division".
  2. Asherdelampyr's Avatar
    Jonny, it seems clear that you are not actively watching the division you so snidely deride as a "Stripper outreach program" and instead, are actually judging the entire division based on what I can only assume is a thorough inspection on the clothing choices of a few, without watching the matches of any

    Also, as Glamour Girl pointed out, while the WWE "Divas" have certainly got themselves a storyline, that does not a division make. They are getting better, but we are still a long way from the "Diva golden age" that was ushered in b the hard work of Trish and Lita, to name a few
  3. KingOrton's Avatar
    I disagree with everything you said except your reference to the TNA Knockouts (stripper outreach program) That was beautiful.
  4. Glamour Girl's Avatar
    God I hate when people attack the Knockouts. The Divas put on boring and short matches with very few storylines in the process while the Knockouts have great lengthy matches with many storylines going on. And to say they suck takes alot of balls considering alot of you people have criticized TNA for hiring former Divas. So what's the logic here? If WWE didn't want them then they must be no good? That's BS because we know WWE pushes pretty faces ahead of actual wrestlers so if WWE fired Beth would that make her worthless? Seriously you marks need to be more objective not just applaud WWE for everything even when it's bad and all the other companies suck. Give me a break!
  5. Bane of Balin's Avatar

    Antagonism against people you wanted to read this blog isnt a good thing. There is no need to say "This is my opinion and if you disagree you are wrong." That's just not conducive to this situation.

    While the Divas matches and division is starting to get better (thanks Goldust) they are far from being a "hot" division. I'm glad Beth and Nattie are starting together pushes, but it takes two to tango. K2 (IMO) is nowhere near the level of Trisha and Lita, but she is definitely improving so props to her.

    The Knockouts, compared to the Divas, have more depth. While I think Beth and Nattie are two of the best today, TNA's Knockouts are far more consistently better than Eve, The Bellas, etc.

    Calm down, King. You'll get to see puppies eventually.
  6. Chavo.G's Avatar
    Jonny316 I totally agree with you and how typical, you get attacked by a bunch of 'know it alls' that just whine and complain for any little thing about wrestling. The divas division is credible, it is better than a few months back and it ain't as bad as people make it out to be. The TNA Knockouts are just overrated, I'm sure you will agree with me as most people can't think out of the box. They just hear that the Knockout division is great, so next time they watch it, they already have it planted in their heads that it is going to be a good match without coming to the realisation that it to is also shite at times. Great blog jonny316.
  7. Fan4Now's Avatar
    IDK what this is but (Coming from a huge WWE Fan) The K.O.s are better wrestlers than 97# of the divas with Bweth & Nattie being better than some K.O.s at wrestling & the K.O.s seem to me to be better than most if not all current divas on the mic. Oh of course the divas 40 out of 52 weeks of the year have 14 diva tag matches with usually no storylines & WWE does put looks above talent. They didn't sign ODB b/c she wasn't pretty enough. I guess Kharma's a beast that's why she's there but look at the current Diva's champ she botches most moves the worse being the Lou Thesz Press & actually punches their hair & not their head. I know no one really hits them but you can tell she's a foot from the head & wow she knows some flips & a stinkface! Big deal The K.O.s have Mickie James who was WWE's biggest diva of her time after Trish & Lita left & since Trish & Lita aren't wrestling now I'd say Mickie's the biggest/most popular woman wrestler today. If she went back to WWE she'd still get louder pops from the crowd than K2 Eve Beth Nattie any of them. WWE just lost Melina & Gail (who will go to TNA) so another + & TNA has Tara/Victoria. One of the best veterans around & can still wrestle just like Mickie. K2 is John Cena with T&A & nothing more!
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