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The Dusty Finish

The Dusty Finish: Getting Out of the Slump

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(This was my first blog i ever wrote. It was written shortly after CM Punks return to TV after Money in the Bank.)

How many people at going to read this? To be honest, I'm not quite sure of the answer to that one. For starters, I'm just an average fan who wants to share my opinions on a sport (yes, I will call it a sport) that I have been enthralled with since I can remember. A lot of people use that term, since I can remember, but I honestly mean it. Some of my earliest memories involve being huddled around a tiny TV in the late 80's with my brother and cousins watching legends such as Hogan, Savage, Piper, and Slaughter and an array of other stars as they marched around the ring, entertaining a world of people. A second reason I wonder how many people will read this is because wrestling isn't overly popular right now. It's not the mid to late 80's and it's definitely not the attitude era. We're back in that early to mid 90's slump again. Which as a fan is unfortunate.

So how does the business go about getting out of that slump? How does it go about recapturing a mass crowd as Hogan did in the 80's and Austin, The NWO, and DX did in the attitude era? Well let’s first talk about some of the reasons the business boomed in these eras in the first place. Wrestling exploded in the 80's basically because of TV. Vince McMahon took a product that was used to being regional and expanded it. Each company had its territories and that's where they could be seen. McMahon didn't want to be limited, so he went national, using television and PPV to broadcast his company to anyone who would watch. And watch they did, and the business boomed. Now let's talk attitude era and what its main reason for success was. One word I think sums it up, competition. Obviously there are plenty of factors that led to the increase of popularity, but how much of that would have happened if Ted Turner didn't give Eric Bischoff a three hour time slot opposite the WWE and Monday Night Raw. Competition and the Monday night wars are the reasons why we got the attitude era. It's the reason why we got the controversy of the NWO, DX, and Austin's screw anything and everyone attitude. To this day I still remember the initial confusion and "What the heck is he doing on Nitro?" when Scott Hall interrupted a match and jumped on the stick declaring war on WCW. And even more so, I won't forget the feeling of "I don't know what just happened, but man that was awesome.” That night, and the ensuing NWO angle is what brought on the attitude era and the business boom associated with that timeframe. So how does wrestling get out of this slump? The product is already on TV, Vince crushed WCW long ago, and let’s faces it, TNA isn't going to offer any competition any time soon with the direction of their product. The only answer I can give is I don't know. Although I do think that they had a golden opportunity to boost rating somewhat with the recent CM Punk angle.

This angle started off hot and should have stayed hot. Although most who may read this probably know the angle, we'll do a quick recap. On June 27 Raw goes off the air with a disgruntled CM Punk "shoot" interview. In the "shoot" he expresses his frustrations with WWE management and threatens to leave the company with the WWE Championship after beating John Cena for the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank. Punk's microphone was cut off and he was immediately "suspended". Now here is the first unfortunate part of this angle. The following weeks Raw fell on the 4th of July; therefore WWE taped that episode immediately following Raw. In doing so spoilers were immediately available, so anyone who visits any type of news site immediately knew that CM Punk was just going to be back the following week. That for me took a little bit of the awe out of what we had just seen and heard. Fast forward to the Monday before Money in the Bank, which ended with a contract negotiation between McMahon and Punk. The meeting would eventually be interrupted by Cena, which I didn't think was needed. To me the main event at Money in the Bank was more about Punk vs. WWE than Punk vs. Cena. This is why I don’t think Cena was needed in the contract negotiation segment. Cena's interaction led to Punk storming off ripping his contract up, pretty much guaranteeing his contract would expire at midnight following the Money in the Bank PPV. Now the web was already buzzing after the worked shoot, and I think people were really curious and interested to see where they were going with this. I’ll be honest; due to the stipulation that if Punk left with the WWE Championship that John Cena would be fired I thought the WWE would have Punk beat Cena, only to drop the title to one of the Money in the Bank winners. Which is why when Alberto Del Rio ran to the ring immediately following Punk's win I let out a huge sigh of frustration, thinking to myself "Why can't the WWE do something other than the norm just once?” So you can imagine my surprise when Punk laid out Del Rio, blew a kiss to Vince McMahon, and left through the crowd. I would be confident thinking that the majority of fans around the world thought "I can't believe that just happened.” So the WWE Champion leaves the PPV, and an hour later he isn’t under contract. The Comic Con confrontation I thought was good on the WWE's part. Where I think they messed up was rushing Punk back onto TV too quickly. Why not keep him off TV longer? Instead of coming out to music post John Cena winning the title back, I think it could have been much more interesting to see Punk, in street clothes jump the barricade, and enter the ring showing his title. After a stare down I think Triple H could have showed up with security and had Punk removed. I think he should have been presented as a non-employee for much longer than what the WWE did. They could have worked out deals with ROH, OVW, and a number of other promotions to let Punk go there with the title and wrestle in those companies like he said he would. There are endless possibilities that could have furthered this angle and made its ending more satisfying than rushing Punk back on TV for two weeks worth of hype to SummerSlam. In my opinion, the WWE dropped the ball. And you can't get out of a slump and improve your overall business when you drop the ball.

That's all for now guys, hope you all enjoyed the read. Be sure to follow me on twitter @_TheDustyFinish and check out my blog “The Dusty Finish” at

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  1. DM Tea's Avatar
    Dude I'll be honest with you right now. I didn't read this post. Here are some general writing tips for you because if it hurts my eyes, I ain't readin' shit.

    1. Break up the page. This one is important. Our eyes have a natural distaste for huge paragraphs like you've got here, plus if I'm high or if I'm multitasking it's hard for me to resume reading when there's just a big mass of text to look through. You have to remember that most people are reading this at work or they don't have a job cause they're high or drunk too often so chop it into small paragraphs. This is also going to make it more clear to you as you write where this needs to go in order to stick tight with the overall point you want to make.

    2. Don't use parenthetical statements to say things like (yes i went there) (yes i will call it a sport), etc. It's like you're defending a statement against somebody who hasn't attacked it and it's essentially garbage words. You need to be succinct and confident and those little parentheticals are ugly and useless.

    3. I know you're sincere about your passion for the wrestling business but we don't need the "growing up watching..." and the whole "how many people are going to read this" shit damn near made me not read it. Oh, wait, I didn't read it, because it hurt my eyes. I swear I'm not just being a dick. This is good writer info. Anyway as far as I'm concerned, the best way to rock blog #1 is to make your point right away. Your blog should have one main message or idea. Put that out immediately so that people know what they're reading, where you stand, and they don't have an excuse based on your intro to say "fuck this" before they even know what the goal of your post is.
    Updated 08-23-2011 at 09:44 AM by DM Tea (because you're so fat.)
  2. MindlessRanter's Avatar
    Wooo! You are a troll Mr. DM Tea. Jesus Christ man, don't you have a life? Hey, I got an option for you, how about go and fuck yourself you miserable, piece of fucking garbage? It's a blog, it's where regular, every day good people (obviously not you, you're between bird shit and ear wax) can voice their opinion. So, let me make this a final testament to you and hopefully everyone agrees...anytime you want to voice an opinion, let it go, cause I'm not reading it. I'm going to say "fuck this".
  3. DM Tea's Avatar
    OK dude. I guess you don't care if everything you write for the rest of your life looks like shit. I guess that when people try to help you, you just push them away because you're already so smart.

    You're fucking flaming me right now because you seemed concerned with how many people would read this thing and I came to you straight-up and said, well, here's why I didn't read it. Here are some basic things you should have learned in English class that will help you get more people to read it in the future.

    New paragraph. This is me chopping up the post so it's easier to follow. You're actually calling me a troll right now and accusing me of having no life. How long was it from the time I commented to the time that you absolutely lost your shit on me? Like 5 minutes or something, AND YOU'RE COMPLETELY OFF-BASE. "It's a blog, it's where regular, every day good people (obviously not you, you're between bird shit and ear wax) can voice their opinion." There's a stupid parenthetical that wrecks the flow. JUST LIKE IN YOUR BLOG. I'm not telling you that you can't be the wonderful, salt of the earth, heartbreakingly humble young everyman that you want to be. I'm telling you how to do it better so more people will hear your voice. You're not standing up to the big mean bully in the cafeteria right now. You're throwing shit at the guy who's trying to help you get out of the sewer.

    I actually write interesting and well-formatted blogs on this page from time to time and have had several amicable discussions with people here and elsewhere. Good job showing anyone who reads this blog that you're a shitty little person who has a temper tantrum every time someone doesn't think he's perfect. Nice job at the end, too. Trying to be clever by taking my line and using it against me. Only one problem with that: you put a bunch of stupid bullshit at the start so anyone who might have thought it was clever isn't going to care by the time they get to it. JUST LIKE YOUR BLOG. THAT NOBODY IS GOING TO GIVE A FUCK ABOUT. THAT I TRIED TO HELP YOU WITH.

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