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Mr Kennedy in WWE; Hogan/Punk TNA

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Hey I put this as a blog incase I rant.

I think everyone is either really enjoying, or a lot happier with the way WWE has moved forward in the last few weeks. I've enjoyed it a lot. Really tho. there are a couple changes which are significant for me and the major one is CM Punk

When I see CM Punk as he is now I do a little check over his career. He's always been a real dude and in the syfy ECW times I thought the show was built for him. But while he was a big deal then He obviously is 100x better when just allowed to ad lib. He ruined Nash on monday. He's enjoying it and I'm really loving what he's allowed to do. But I remember seeing one promo when he was incharge of the new nexus while he was on the titantron with a harness. It didnt catch me, frankly I was bored by it and I thought totally different from what I do now about him.

Its funny how Hogan went to TNA saying he is going to give more freedom to the wrestlers in scripts. And when there was meant to be a metamorphosis in the impact zone nothing really turned into super hot fire. Then in a PG world that felt a little Disney and safe CM Punk went and exploded. And i'd say for my money hes the biggest deal in wrestling right now, and mostly all down to the fact that you can tell he breathes wrestling and has the confidence on the microphone.

Now I don't watch TNA often. But i've seen Anderson be the 'asshole'. And I think He's one of these people that has taken his opportunity well. He's confident, enjoys his character and on the fly can deliver on the microphone. He has that swagger I love to see. I believe he is what Hogan thought he could achieve with most wrestlers in TNA. The title says Hogan would love Punk in TNA and I think thats a given. He symbolizes what Hogan wanted. But I'd rather talk about Ken Anderson.

Anderson/Kennedy. Whatever his name may be on WWE time I believe if he were to be given another chance he would explode right now on raw. It actually makes me excited thinking about a CM Punk who can talk so well and a Kennedy which can feud with him. I can imagine him rubbing the COO the wrong way, shaking things up. It would definitely be a great addition to the WWE picture. It's that one extra person fighting for just himself. Being able to speak his mind because we all know he has some bad blood with WWE management and talent. I think if you threw him in the equation on raw, you would get so much more attitude and tension.

I think I'll leave it there thanks for reading

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  1. Marx's Avatar
    I would like to hear Anderson about his status in TNA. At first he was 'they really let me be myself' and 'at least I'm not a jobber here' and 'wwe sucks with the politicking'..

    Now he's on a dead end, jobbing to Bully Ray, whilst the politickers are surpassing him on all sides. If there is to be a 'from champ to chump for dummies' book he should write it. If you see how they use him now, I can't imagine him ever regaining the title. Totally broke the gimmick down.

    Same goes for Elijah Burke, another guy that was 'so happy to leave the WWE' and TNA is 'so much more honest'..
  2. helmsley's Avatar
    sorry but kennedy is just a glorified jobber and will always be,plus i dont really see the comparison between tna and wwe
  3. jonod's Avatar
    I was really disappointed when Kennedy left WWE. He had a great fued with the Undertaker once upon a time and still has an amazing gimmick (i often think of Kennedy when The Miz does his 'I'm Awesome' bit). Anyone remember his big comeback speech at Wrestlemania one year? He was built so well. Unfortunately like most at TNA I think he's wasted and comes off as a weird stone cold/sandman rip off.. I prefered his intellect in WWE..
  4. smellmycooking's Avatar
    completely agree with ur view on Punk. I remember the awful titantron promo and cant believe that it is the same CM Punk that we are seeing now. As for Anderson, I really like the guy but I am not sure what TNA are trying to do with him at the minute. The asshole gig went stale months ago!

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