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Turtle Time: Fully Loaded 2000 DVD Review Part 2

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Hi there, me again with the second part of this review. As always if you haven't already read part 1 I suggest you do that first, otherwise, lets get on with part 2.

WWF Tag Team Titles: Edge & Christian vs. The APA
E&C come out first and talk smack about Dallas. They even mention the JFK assassination, which was probably a tad too much. APA then comes out and Bradshaw cuts a promo which is fairly good, albeit a little shouty, but it had good emotion. Anyway APA take it to the champs early and Bradshaw hits a fallaway slam from the top before double-teaming Edge. Bradshaw gets a powerbomb. He goes for another but Christian dishes out a missile dropkick to spare Edge. Christian is tagged in and distracts the ref so Edge can work on Bradshaw. Edge is back in now with him and Bradshaw trading punches with Edge gaining the advantage. Bradshaw gets a hot-tag to Farooq who pops a cap in E&C collective ass with power moves. Christian eats a dominator and Edge decks Farooq with a title belt for a DQ at 5:32. E&C retain of course because titles don't change hands via DQ. Pretty bland wrestling for a match that should've been very heated. The champs are jumped by APA and beaten to the back *1/4

At WWF New York (which probably used to be the equivalent of being future endevoured without the cute looking pink slip). The Big Bossman is harrasing the un-washed.

Back in HHH's locker room. Steph realizes that Kurt's name isn't on the card (man that took her awhile). HHH gets frustrated and goes to find the who's behind the card.

Kurt is still being chased by Taker (Man they have awesome cardio). But he manages to go smack-happy with a monkey wrench on Taker's knee allowing him to escape.

Intercontinental Title, Steel Cage match: Val Venis (w/Trish Stratus) vs. Rikishi
Rikishi comes out to a nice pop. One thing I don't understand is why WWF/E turned him heel when he was over as a face, de-push him to near future endevourment (as a heel). Then take him to the mid-card as a face before giving him a pink slip. Maybe thats just me. Brief package on how it ended up like this. Val is out with Trish now (Who's been busy tonight). Val gets in and tries a quick escape but Rikishi quickly takes it to him. Val is thrown into the cage a few times. Rikishi climbs the cage and Val quickly catches up to him but is knocked down. Val tries to get to the cage door whilst Rikishi is going up but Rikishi comes down and pulls Val away. Rikishi then goes for the door but gets chop blocked by Val. Rikishi gets thrown into the cage and Val works on him in the corner. Rikishi fights back though and goes for a stinkface but Val fights out of it. Val gets a terrible looking top-rope bulldog and a big clothesline. Rikishi stops Val climbing up but gets knocked down, Val then does a top-rope elbow drop for 2. Val tries to climb the cage again but Rikishi fight him down and the both fall. Rikishi tries to leave out the door but Val stops him. Rikishi hits the butt splash and fails to leave the cage because of Trish this time. This allows Val to get the splash for a 2 count. Lita comes down know and whips the crap out of Trish with a leather belt all the way to the back. Back in the ring Val and Rikishi are climbing the cage but Val gets knocked off and lands on the ref. Rikishi splashes Val from the top of the cage in an awesome spot that the crowd goes ape doody for. Rikishi slowly heads to the door but Tazz drills him with a camera. Val drapes a hand over for the win at 14:11 decent match that deserved to be on the card. i wasn't a huge fan of the finish though ***1/4

Brief package shown of the Kurt-Taker saga that has happened tonight. we get a brief shot of Taker limping.

Meanwhile, HHH is looking for the guy who sent the flowers to Steph. He goes into the persons locker room and gets jumped. It's revealed that the person was Y2J.

Shane o mac comes out now and he challenges The Rock to a fight. The Rock comes out and lays the verbal Smackdown on Shane until Chris Benoit, the Voldemort of wrestling (sorry if that crappy joke offended anyone), appears on the screen tearing up Rocky's clothes The Rock goes to the back.

We then are greeted with a highlight package that leads us to are next match . . .

Kurt Angle vs. The Undertaker
Kurt comes out looking pretty scared, monkey wrench in hand. Taker then comes during Kurt's entrance and they brawl through the crowd. They finally get in the ring and Kurt eats a big boot and a elbow for a 2, in which Taker breaks the count. Taker continues to squash Kurt and throws him outside. Kurt begins to fight back now targeting the leg getting a nice chop block back in the ring. Kurt continues to work the leg and knee area getting Taker stuck in a lock. Taker eventually fights out and gets a chokeslam and a super nasty Last-Ride for the pin at 7:35. This felt like a glorified squash and didn't live up to what I hoped it would be, but maybe thats my fault *1/2

They now show The Rock inspecting the damage his precious T-shirts have endured. It was nice of Chris to leave one un-touched though.

And thats Part 2 done and dusted. Look forward to part 3 tomorrow and as always comment on what you think and/or what you want me to review. I could review King of The Ring/Invasion 2001 on a later date if you want me to, as I ordered it today. Tell me what you think in the comments as they are appreciated and i'll see you tomorrow.

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