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The Perfect Angle/Storyline for the Divas!!!

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Hello folks, I was looking at the state of the Divas division and I came up with a couple of cool angles that might get things back in flow. Hope you enjoy my ideas, I'm going to layout 3 different angles that might work.

Now lets face it, the divas have been weak for a while but its not really their fault. They've been getting no air time but in face they have the talent to back it up. Now personally, I hate the Bellas and Kelly Kelly. But divas like Maryse, Alicia Fox, Beth Phoenix and Natalya are amazing.

Angle #1: Lay-Cool Face Return

Now lets face it, the diva's division has been in the slumps for a while but can anyone doubt the last spark from the diva's division was Lay-Cool? Lay-Cool was simply over with the fans and were very entertaining in my book. I love Michelle McCool and tust me she loves the haters that say she wouldn't have been nothing without the Undertaker. She's 5'11'' tall, wears a size 11 shoe, has the most fierce kicks, can actually wrestle, in good shape, can talk on the mic and has one of the most pretty faces alive.

Layla can actually wrestle herself and also is one of the most sexiest women alive. She can talk and can play the babyface role as well as the heel role.

Now my plan is to have Beth Phoenix & Natalya run wild on the Women's Division. Let them destroy everything that comes in their way and do it convincingly.

They say the Undertaker is returning in October so maybe Michelle can temporarily return as well to help give the divas a push. I say while Beth & Natalya are cutting a promo on Raw about how dominant they are, have Lay-Cool's music hit and have them rush the ring and attack Beth Phoenix.

They can feud for a while and there you have it.

Angle #2: Women's Title Return

Now its been a while since the Women's division have had the Women's Title and I think dropping that title made things alot worst for the division. Dropping that title meant that one champion can roam both shows which takes television time for other divas. It also gives the WWE an opportunity to only push one diva instead of pushing two divas for two different belts. This belt needs to comeback.

Have Trish Stratus and Lita comeback for one night and one night only. Let them cut a promo saying that the WWE has been nothing without the Women's title that those two made famous. Have them issue a challenge at the next PPV to have a triple threat for the Women's title with them two as well as Michelle McCool since she was the last women's champion. Have Trish Stratus win and let her retire the belt on Raw and have a huge divas battle royal to crown a new Women's Champion.

Angle #3: Alicia Fox & Christine vs The Bellas (Sisters vs Sisters)

Since Alicia fox is now a face, let her feud with the Bellas alone. Have the Bellas jump her and then finally on Raw, have her sister make her debut on the WWE roster by coming to her rescue.

Thus now, we have a fresh sister vs sister rivalry. I would love to somehow tie in the Uso's and have it be one of those thing in which the pair of sisters are fighting for the Uso's.

Let Alicia Fox and Christine win the contracts of the Uso's and do an interesting angle in which Uso's pull the twin magic and go back and forth between Alicia Fox & Christine without them knowing.

Alicia finds this out and turns heel by attacking her sister for stealing her man. Now we have a sister's feud which would be cool in my opinion.

Angle #4: Bring Melina back and utilize Gail Kim

I love Gail Kim but her professionalism is absolutely an embarrassment. I know she's has been under utilized and deserves more air time but taking all your heat to twitter is not the answer. She's been wasting her time in the WWE because they treat her like hell but she has to understand that this is the real world.

As far as Melina, she delivers. Yeah most of you guys would rather bash her about her background affairs but at the end of the day, she still human and we all make mistakes. But the IWC can be some of the most ruthless people alive. We base too many wrestlers based on their backstage personalities as opposed to what they can do in the ring which is pretty much lame. We talk about these stars as if its easy living on the road from city to city their whole lives. People make mistakes. With that being said, Melina was one of the most talent divas of all time.

Bring Melina & Gail Kim back as a tag team of heels that were frustrated with how they were treated. Let them have the same gimmick as Jackie & ODB have. Twp frustrated heel divas.


The only way this will work is the WWE has to give them mainstream attention. They have to not make their matches 5 minutes and actually give them a 12 minute match on Raw. The divas have talent and to showcase them as the 5 minute eye candy is a slap in the face to females all over the world that put their money into this company.

If you'd rather showcase Hornswoggle then to showcase the divas then it becomes a problem. Lets give these women a chance to show fans what they have to offer just like the old days or just like TNA does. I'm not a big TNA fan but they sure as hell know how to equally showcase their Knockouts in a 2 hour weekly program.

Thank you all for reading and please leave feedback. Also check out my youtube vid. Be safe guys.

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  1. mywine5's Avatar
    ur the only person who wants to see longer diva's matches
  2. YoungShaz11's Avatar
    @mywine I wanna see one as well and Knox

    Great blog man, I really enjoyed it, I agree with everything on the blog, tbh I would also love Chyna returning (doubt it) and WWE also got Kharma so then there could be various feuds
  3. Asherdelampyr's Avatar
    some interesting stuff there, def some good ideas though not sure about the sister/sister angle

    I have a theory that beth is actually just running with the angle they originally planned for Kharma, until she got preggo
  4. KingOrton's Avatar
    Even in the best years of the Divas I COULD live without them so personally I could care less whether the Divas division is like it was in the Attitude Era or Now because I think the Tag Team division is WAY more important.
  5. Chazztastic's Avatar
    Nice assessment. I'm not a big on the Divas division, but like X-Pac said in one of his videos, their should always be some eye-candy in wrestling (or something like that). I just think they focus on the main story-line too much. The great thing about the Attitude Era as regards to TV time was that the Creative team had a good balance of the shows different story-line, so we're invested in each match in the ppv. Now, Divas Title, Both Tag Title, US Title, and Intercontinental Title barely get any story-line.
  6. johnnydropkicks's Avatar
    good blog knox. you and wrestling deluxe 08 and that irish guy are the best bloggers on here.

    Quote Originally Posted by KingOrton
    Even in the best years of the Divas I COULD live without them so personally I could care less whether the Divas division is like it was in the Attitude Era or Now because I think the Tag Team division is WAY more important.
    yeah. if it were up to me I'd comit everything going to divas right now to go to tag teams.

    the divas division under my rule would simply alicia fox and layla having dance contests.
  7. pauadrian's Avatar
    awesome blog but i would rather let pheonix and natalya dominate
    divas and legendary divas to give credibility
    lose once in a while so it wont get stale
    till kharma comes along
    and we have a feud after all kharma left being face
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