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Turtle Time: Judgement Day 2000 DVD Review Part 3

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Man I've been busy today, nevertheless on with the third and final part of my Judgement Day 2000 DVD review. I apologize in advance that it wasn't done sooner. I went out to eat.

But lets get on with the main event . . .

WWF Heavyweight Title, Iron Man Match: The Rock vs. Triple H.
Opening Package recaps what happened at Backlash 2000 and the events that led to this hour long marathon. Shawn comes out first in terrible shorts while Jerry & J.R hype the Ironman match and how it's the ultimate way to decide a feud. HHH, sporting fanta orange skin, heads to the ring with the McMahon-Helmsley faction before sending them back because he wants to go it alone. The Rock comes out to a major pop. They stare each other down and go nose to nose, which is a dangerous thing to do for Rocky considering the size of Hunter's nose, they tie up and the hour begins . . .

There's a feeling out process to begin with, Rocky gets a couple of close falls via shoulderblocks and a roll up. HHH leaves the ring to get his bearings, back in he eats a clothesline and leaves the ring again. Once HHH comes back in The Rock controls the match early but HHH soon takes over with a nice clothesline and works on Rocky's arm. Rocky fight back though and hits a Rock Bottom out of nowhere. Rocky is 1-0 up at 11:07

they take it outside the ring now and head up the entrance ramp HHH is taking control until he misses a high knee that allows Rocky to target the knee and locks in the figure four HHH eventually counters it by rolling him and Rocky over. They both make it to the ropes and break the hold. Rocky and HHH take it to the crowd now before getting back in the ring where HHH is in control. Rocky fights back though and Irish whips HHH into the steps before going back to the knee. Rocky goes for another figure four but is kicked into the turnbuckle and pedigreed for a pin at 25:55 to tie it at 1-1.

Rocky is still hurt so HHH goes for a small package for the pin at 26:54 HHH is up 2-1. They fight up the entrance ramp. HHH reverses the suplex. HHH gets backdropped. Shawn wont count as it would end up as a double count-out and not affect the score. Rock continues to fight HHH but takes a facebuster & a piledriver (Don't see that anymore!!!) to allow HHH up 3-1 at 32:50.

Rocky recovers with a clothesline but is soon stopped by HHH. HHH goes to the top rope but is thrown of by Rocky. They trade punches and Rocky gains the upper hand, he gets a near fall with a roll up before they traded punches again. HHH gets a sleeper and uses the ropes for leverage. Shawn notices and breaks the hold. Rocky gets a DDT for the pin at 40:40 It's 3-2 to Hunter now.

The Rock takes it outside. HHH tries to use the chair but is stopped by Shawn. Back in the ring, HHH backs away before grabbing the chair and nailing Rocky at 44:07 3 a piece now. Of course Rock is in loopy land (and he has bladed) so hunter pins The Rock using the rope as leverage at 44:35. The Rock is still dazed so Hunter goes for the sleeper again and The Rock fights out before the hold is reapplied and Rocky is out of it and gives another fall at 48:03 i liked this sequence as it was an intelligent and strategic way to gain/lose falls in and Ironman match it's 5-3 hunter now.

Shawn pulls HHH off to stop anymore damage. Rocky recovers whilst HHH and Shawn are arguing. He then whips HHH out the ring and into the cameraman in a funny botch moment. The Rock brings HHH back into the ring and takes a DDT. HHH gets crotched and superplexed on the top rope. They slowly get up and HHH is clotheslined to the floor and slingshotted into the ring post. HHH reverses and whips Rocky into the steel steps. The rock then reverses the rock bottom into a pedigree on a table that didn't break (i always find that funny as they just kind of slide off of it). Rocky crawls back into the ring as HHH gets counted out (he blades as well) to go 5-4 at 56:08.

The McMahons come back now, as HHH just gets back in before another 10 count. Rock hits a DDT and spine buster (hitting Shane and Vince in between the two moves) that sets up the peoples elbow for the 3 at 58:05 it's 5 all now and starting to get real tense.

Shawn takes out Shane and Vince outside the ring as DX interfere on behalf of HHH as the creepy demonic children who sing nursery rhymes appear again with a returning Undertaker coming and cleaning house of everyone (except Rocky) in the ring. Of course he's the ginger Bikertaker here which was the first time this gimmick was done by taker. Taker then goes for Stephanie then (who was current womens champion) HHH comes to the rescue and takes a chokeslam which Shawn notices for a DQ at 59:55 ish i think which gets a 6-5 win for Hunter. What can i say a phenomenal match that was only slightly hampered by the overbooked and slightly botched end which wont effect my rating as this is more than worthy of ****1/2 awesome main event and very well put together and thought of. SIDENOTE: another thing i forgot to mention i don't get why they were building what Shawn was going to do if he called it fairly. A little mention on commentary would've been enough for the PPV.

Not much just a wrap up show but when it comes to tagged classics (2 Events for the price of 1) i tend not to complain. A simple wrap up show which is fine even featuring Gerald Brisco who was awfully busy tonight.

Overall i'd give this event a 9.0 out of 10 or a grade equivalent (by my marking anyway) of A-. The lost point came from Shane o mac vs The Big Show and the Gerald Brisco saga. I certainly recommend this and with the addition of Fully Loaded 2000 as well at a price of £7.99 online it's an absolute steal.

The next review will be on the 9th or 10th of August as i will be on holiday from tomorrow with my Dad and Sister (in Spain). The one after that should be the 19th or 20th as i have another holiday in Devon on the 11th for a week (the 21st is my 15th Birthday) i will alert you if this does change on my account. If you've read all of these i thank you greatly as this took me 5 hours to do. If there's a certain PPV u want me to do notify me (via blogs or my account) and i shall see if i have it (can get it), but anyway have a great day/night and be sure to comment on what you think of the blogs/review

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