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Turtle Time: Fully Loaded 2000 DVD Review Part 1

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Hi there, me again with another review. I just got back from holidays from Turkey (my dad tricked me, he told me Spain) and camping in sunny England. It's pretty safe to say they've been eventful. And for those (i'd imagine only a select few) who were wondering no review on the 9th and 10th take this as the reason why: and even if you did read the explanation take this as the reason why. It's a lot cooler because I was on that plane.

But let's get on with the review.

Decent opening package hyping the major matches. The running theme throughout this package is Gambling.

The pyro hits and J.R and Jerry Lawler welcome us to Dallas, Texas for Fully Loaded.

Curtain Jerker, Intergender Tag: Test, Albert & Trish Stratus vs. The Hardyz & Lita
T&A come out first. As always (during her first heel run) Trish looks like she has just bathed in baby oil before the match. We are given a video package of how this match happened before the faces come out and take the fight to T&A pretty quick. Matt and Albert are eventually the only two in the ring and they exchange blows and Albert gains an advantage and he and Test double-team Hardy (Matt). Test is in now but he eats a top rope leg-drop from Matt. Jeff then gets tagged in and they double-team Test which looks pretty sloppy as Matt was nowhere near the face of Test when he did a fist-drop. Jeff gets side-walk slammed by Test and I have just noticed a certain Mike Choida is officiating this match, I apologize for getting side tracked but man isn't his suspension kinda amusing. Anyway on with the match, Test gets taken outside before Jeff flies over the top rope on to Test.

Matt then gets tagged in and Test takes control before tagging Trish in who slaps Matt once, but on the second attempt it fails as Trish accidently slaps Test which leads to a roll up by Matt on Trish for the 2. Matt tags in Lita to a big pop but Trish hurries to her corner and tags in Albert. Albert chases Lita and eventually traps in her in the corner forcing the Hardyz to make the save double teaming Albert in the process. Then, in a nice spot, the Hardyz and Lita suplex Trish and Test. Jeff gets press slammed out the ring that allows Albert to take control of the match. Jeff gets double teamed and tries to fight back before Test regains control. Test misses the splash and Jeff gets a tag to Matt who gets pump handle slammed for a 2 which was broken up by a swanton by Jeff. Hot Tag to Lita (!?!) and she gets a tornado DDT on Test and splash onto Albert on the outside before a huracanrana on Test for 2. Test gutwrench powerbombs Lita and tags Trish in for the 2. Trish does a sloppy bulldog on Lita for 2 again. In the corner Lita superplexes Trish. The Hardyz fend off Albert and Test so Lita can get a Moonsault for the 3 at 13:12. Decent opener, Lita gets attacked after the match and whipped by Trish. This was okay, some sloppy moments but nothing too serious. Lita wrestling Test and Albert was a tad silly though ***1/4.

In the back Edge find Mick Foley (commissioner at the time I believe) and claims Christian has food poisoning and, therefore, can't defend the titles. Mick is skeptical to say the least.

We then see Undertaker rollin' in and he finds Kurt. Kurt craps his pants and runs Taker chases him. Kurt escapes. Just.

Tazz vs. Al Snow
Tazz is making his PPV return here. A brief clip of him jumping wrestlers is shown. Al comes out and they begin to fight quickly. Al takes control but Tazz goes outside to recover but is quickly caught by Snow. Back in the ring Tazz takes control until a superkick by Al. Tazz regains control though with a rope-assisted Alabama slam (probably not the name but what it looked like). Al fights back though and gets a guillotine leg drop and a moonsault for a 2. Al goes for head but gets chop blocked and eventually gets suplexed by Tazz who goes for a Tazzmission, Al rolls out but Tazz reapplies it for the finish at 5:22. Bland match that shouldn't be on PPV. And if they really wanted to push Tazz as a bad-ass this should've been a squash. Because taking abuse from Al Snow, getting a suplex and a Tazzmission is not how you push a bad-ass *1/2

It then cuts to the back where Mich and a EMT come to check on Christian. The EMT checks his pupils (for FOOD POISONING !!?!) and deems him unfit to wrestle. If anyone has a job relating to medicine can tell me why he checked his pupils for food poisoning that would be great.

Another segment now as HHH and Stephanie are talking and Steph is being given a load of flowers and HHH is getting annoyed so he reads the card with the vast amount of flowers. The card at the end reads "It's true. It's true".

European Title: Eddie Guerrero (w/Chyna) vs. Perry Saturn (w/Terri)
Why is that bald bozz-wonk Perry Saturn in this match and not Dean Malenko?
Eddie and Chyna are out first as a brief package was shown what happened on the previous Smackdown. Perry and Terri are out now but Chyna clotheslines Perry and chases Terri away. Eddie gets Perry in the ring and work on him. Perry gets knocked outside and Chyna clotheslines him and throws him back in the ring. Eddie hits a huracanrana of the top rope before getting an Armbar. Saturn goes outside again and Chyna punches him before Eddie jumps from the top rope onto him. Back in Eddie gets another rana. Eddie gets powerbombed though before fighting back with a tornado DDT, Perry seems to have a small cut on the top of his dome as well. Eddie goes for another rana but its reversed by Saturn. Saturn starts to work on Eddie until Eddie gets Another huracanrana. they trade reversals for suplexes until Eddie reverses Perry's into a roll-up for 2. Saturn blocks ANOTHER rana attempt by Eddie into a powerbomb, really have they got no other moves? Saturn misses a moonsault and Eddie misses a frog splash but rolls to avoid damage but gets planted quickly by Perry. Saturn goes to the top but gets drop-kicked to the outside where Chyna tries to interfere but gets clotheslined through the Spanish announce table(?) by Perry. Slutty MaGee, I mean Terri comes back and Perry decides to use her as a meat shield. Eddie doesn't do anything so he gets kicked in the nads as a result. That allows Perry to bring Eddie back in for an elbowdrop and the win at 8:10. Nothing special here as they just repeated moves and both appeared sluggish to me. Probably would've been best if this was on T.V and not PPV **

In the back Edge and Christian are about to make their great escape until that meddling kid(?) Foley appears. Christian rushes to the toilet where we get a strange angle of him pouring dirty water into the toilet. Mick says they have to defend their titles.

Elsewhere in the arena Kurt, who must've shared a doubie or two with Choida (the cheeky rascal), thought it was a good idea to try and ride Taker's motorcycle. Of course it wasn't as Taker caught him in the act and chased him.

Well that's Part 1 in the books . Part 2 will be on it's way later on today and Part 3 tomorrow. I'd like to thank everyone who commented on my previous review which you can read using these links:
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As always feel free to comment on what you think it's much appreciated. And I've already got the DVD for the next review (HINT: it's a wrestlemania) which shall be reviewed on a later date. But until Part 2 thanks for reading hoped you enjoyed it

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