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No chance in hell

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Ive been coming to this website for several years now and im pretty suprised by the negativity Mcmahon is getting. The guy is a freaking genius and his television persona just equals ratings. Every storyline he is involved in just gains instant credibility. All i hear on this website is people moaning and crying and if you guys had it your way all the talent would get a push at the same time. Which ofcourse is impossible, vince can make stars like no other. Something TNA tries to use. Because their own roster lacks mic skills, charisma or the so called IT factor.

WWE also treats their wrestlers a lot better, no unnecessary bumps,cuts or chairshots to the head. Its good when its used like once in a while to end a fued or for someone to make a major impact.But not every episode of Impact. Also the wellness programme WWE has going is to keep their talent safe(TNA doesnt have that and just let their talent destroy themselves). The WCW lifestyle as it were, and we all know how that turned out. They end up either in rehab/hospital or even worse in a coffin.

WWE is the pinnacle of wrestling. Trust me if WWE talent relations knocks on any TNA wrestlers door with a contract they woudl jump ship immediatly. (except maybe for the old washed wrestlers that cant keep up with the scedule). Would you rather perform for millions of people or just a couple of thousand dorks in a schoolgym? Anyone with ambitions would go for the first.

Do i like to watch TNA? No not at all, i liked it a lot better when hogan and bischoff were not around. Atleast they were trying to be something else than WWE. Now its just one chaotic mess, week in and week out. Old men hogging the spotlight hoping to relive the glory days they had in the WWE.
Its actually pathetic. WWE is far from perfect but atleast its not trying to be something its not.

This was my little rant and excuse my english as its not my first language.

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  1. VKM's Avatar
    I have a big disagreement on the whole thing. Vince McMahon only treats his big stars right. People that are in FCW or low midcarders are treated terrible. Gregory Helms has already said that FCW wrestlers get paid about 500 a week. That's nothing, and they're putting their body's on the line and they get paid low. I would have to say your being completely bias.
  2. Murphdogg4's Avatar
    I have to agree your say biased. If you think Vince is a nice guy you really don't know your wrestling history.
  3. AndyWonder's Avatar
    One thing I will agree on is TNA trying to push lesser known names at the same time, probably because of what happened during the "Planet Jarrett" TNA era.
  4. Sondreg's Avatar
    Ofcourse its FCW , in every career you work yourself up its not that they are forced into signing.
    Check the pay of other wrestling organisations, you will be suprised.

    I never claimed him to be a perfect human being, he is a business man and that involves making hard choices. But that doesnt change the fact that he is great at what he does.
  5. DXsuckit's Avatar
    Thank you sondreg you are so right. you cant push everyone at one time and all these people get mad that he cant. he treats his main stars better becasue hello the are his main stars they worked for what they have and its only natural to get better treatment but just becasue they are treated better doesnt mean that the lowers carders arent treat well. oh and as for tna almost every one left WWE to go their that obviously says that TNA wants to be just like WWE. and as for FCW vince isnt in charge of that he is focused on WWE the only time he deals with them is when signing more talent. and did you here yourself hthey only make 500 thats not bad for not being full time wrestles i would live happily getting that much if i could do something i love. and obviously they dont complain or they wouldnt be doing it.
  6. Bralon23's Avatar
    Exactly DXsuckit. $500 a week to wrestle would be awesome. And plus, don't the FCW guys only wrestle like once a week?
  7. DXsuckit's Avatar
    yea they do and i bet FCW pays for stuff like health insurance, gym membership so they almost dont have to worry about anything besides food.
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