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The Dusty Finish

The Dusty Finish: The Raw Reflection 8/15/2011

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Coming off what can only be called a bizarre, yet exciting end to SummerSlam, I was on the edge of my seat awaiting Monday Night Raw. Why’d Nash do what he did, and did someone put him up to it? If so, then who was it? So as I sat huddled in front of my TV, waiting anxiously for the start of Raw, I wondered to myself just how many of those questions would we get answered. As I sit here writing this, I’m still wondering what those answers are, and you know what? I’m happy that I am still wondering.

Raw got off to a good start, with Triple H claiming he only gave Nash tickets, and in no way knew why he attacked CM Punk. Which at the moment he said it, I didn’t really believe him. Yet as the show progressed my feelings changed on that.

Del Rio came out to his normal over the top entrance and really played up to the crowd really well. I’m not a big Del Rio guy, but I will admit he did a great job last night in getting that crowd pretty riled up at him.

So what was the deal with the announcer during the R Truth/Morrison match? The fact that they kept talking about Morrison finally gets to get his opportunity to get his hands on R Truth is annoying. Have they paid attention to the action they have been calling lately? This was about the fifth meeting in the last four weeks. Fortunately the match was a falls count anywhere match stipulation that gave us something a little new to see. Not a bad match at all, good spots and was glad to see Morrison FINALLY get a W over Truth. And on a side note, they Ultimate Warrior guy was awesome.

The Miz once again showed why he deserves to be in that top tier of superstars on RAW. Although he did not get #ovenroastedchickensandwich trending on twitter, like he claimed he would, he did come out there and let his star shine for a bit.

I checked out for the diva’s match, but made it back in time to see good ole Kevin Nash arriving.

So now we got Nash claiming he got a text from Hunter that told him to stick it to the winner. So what we have now is two contradicting stories from two different people. Who are we supposed to believe? Enter CM Punk. I expected this exchange to be a lot better than it was. CM Punk is gold when it comes to his work on the mic, and there was a time of day when Nash was one of the top talkers. But to be honest, Nash wasn’t so hot last night on the stick. Now yes I am a CM Punk fan, but I am also a big fan of Nash (as well as the rest of The Clique). And I don’t know what happened with Nash, but I was disappointed by the exchange. I think CM Punk totally outshined him in this segment. It looks as if we are going to ultimately see some sort of CM Punk/Kevin Nash match. I’m curious to see how far out from now that we see this match.

As far as the text message storyline, we have two ways to go with it. Are Nash and Triple H really in on it together and are just letting it play out, or did someone swipe Triple H’s phone and send Nash a text without him knowing. I’m hoping it’s the first option. As I blogged about in my SummerSlam results blog, I think it’d be great to see a new corporation faction with Triple H as the boss, Nash as the hired bodyguard, and Del Rio as the “corporate” champion. Yet I think we get the second option here. I think Stephanie sent the message and we get some type of Triple H/Stephanie confrontation in the near future.

Was I the only one lost/annoyed during the Riley/Swagger match? What in the world was going on at the announcing table. I wonder how bad Vince was yelling in people’s headsets, because what was going on at that table was ridiculous. The only spot I remember from the match is the botched ending, which made both Swagger and Riley look bad. A waste of my time. I did though enjoy the segment afterwards in which Swagger wants Vicky to manage him as well. He brought up some good points with the old school managers.

Kids distracted me during the tag match and I wasn't able to get back to the TV until mid way though the Del Rio/Mysterio match. Good first title defense for Del Rio. I like that they played up the injury angle here getting Del Rio a lot more heat. Was almost thinking Cena was going to be a no show until he hit the ring for a save. As much as I disliked Cena on the mic during his whole CM Punk program, I thought he was great tonight. I don't know if I'm the minority but I was someone who used to really dislike Cena, but I think this program with Del Rio will change my opinion with him. I thought he was good on the mic, and look forward to see If he keeps up the same intensity.

Overall a pretty good show coming off of SummerSlam. I like that they are playing the Nash/Punk/Hunter angle out slowly, giving us something to tune in for next week. That's all for this week folks, hope you enjoyed the read. Be sure to follow me on twitter @_TheDustyFinish and check out my blog “The Dusty Finish” at

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  1. bastianboogerismydad's Avatar
    Good Blog - I to was unamused by the Ziggler/Vickie commentary and the sucky ending to the Riley/Swagger match!

    I thought Nash came across as nervous(?) Maybe we will see the best form him on the stick in weeks to come?
  2. CM_Jericho's Avatar
    Cena is growing on me... but not his outfit
  3. Synned's Avatar
    Yeah. his atudee as of late has me sotra liking cena...key word sorta.
  4. MizIStheNewCENA's Avatar
    Good blog*** I too liked Cena's mic work. It was a nice change. Also agree w/ CM_Jericho about his ring attire, but will it ever change? My son loves to watch his first match ever against Angle when he wore the standard garb. Anyways... I did not get to watch Raw live and read about it first. I was prepared for Nash to completely stink the place up after reading all the feedback prior to watching and when I actually seen it I thought it was not as bad as made to seem. Rusty a bit... What I don't want to see is Hall or X-Pac or whatever he will be called.

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