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STATE OF THE 'E: A Fall/Winter To Be Happy For?

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This marks my official 20th blog entry here on eWN so I figured I'd do it in a quarterly fashion just like I did with my first: "A Spring/Summer To Be Leary Of". I waited until after SummerSlam and last night's RAW to do this just so we could get a better understanding on how things may be heading.

Everyone feared that PG was going to be the death blow of THE 'E... I again knew differently. They've adapted the PG format and have been pushing the limits of it. Randy wiping his blood on his face, CM Punk's verbal assassination of others, the "unpredictability" factor of it. The actual use of profanity... it's all being done in a way that is slowly integrating the "Attitude Era" fans with the "PG Era" fans and the newly donned "Reality Era" fans. We all have one thing in common no matter what: Our love for the WWE.

This is truly an exciting time in the World of professional wrestling and definitely in the world of the WWE. Their storylines have been more thought out, more compelling, actually going somewhere. I like it. A lot. I threw my hat in and went full boar on trusting the WWE with their plans. I allowed myself to be enveloped in their newly acquired passion for the business they originally made a monster. I'm going to take a look at some things that need to happen to keep the momentum going in my eyes.

Let's get this thing going:

The Involvement Of TRIPLE H (Haitch):
Our new COO may not be all that he's cracked up to be after all. With this Kevin Nash controversy, one wonders what's really going on. Haitch has been involved in some obviously dicey things in the past. And has had some very memorable moments as an "Anti-Establishment" type of guy. But now he IS the establishment. And that in it's own right is intriguing as well... I wonder if it will be revealed later on that maybe he deliberately pulled some strings to get VKM gone? Maybe he's secretly "in" on the Kevin Nash thing. He was the guest referee when all went down at SummerSlam. He and SM were both acting weird, Cena was acting weird, it was all well, weird.

My guess? Heh, Haitch isn't involved at all. It's going to look like he's the one doing everything. It's going to look like he's being smug, holding a secret, holding all the cards. My bet? Stephanie is behind it all. Now, I know Haitch isn't going to turn out to be "hands clean" of everything but in reality... I think this is Steph's bag. This part any way. Wouldn't it be interesting to see a "Corporation" type of group again? Haitch, Steph, Nash, Lauranitis and obviously Del Rio? I say Del Rio simply because it's too convenient that he did it on this particular night in question. I think everyone just mentioned and including Cena had something to do with SummerSlam ending the way it did.

Okay, this is an old hat now. It's been a moot point for about a month and no one seems to care anymore.... not that they have for the last 7 months anyway. The thing that will eat at me though is if it just disappears. I know the podium has been set up, I know everything is still there for Cole to use but, WTF? it's been a while since anything has even been remotely done with it. Can it. Reveal that it was Steph or Haitch and move along. Hell, it's over anyway. RIP it.

Mid-Card Mania!!:
Is it just me or has the Mid-Card actually been given some great storylines lately? I mean JoMo and Truth are having a great time, Daniel Bryan Danielson is getting a great push finally, Cody is being recognized, Ryder has been on TV for the last 3 weeks straight, Vickie seems to be starting up a "Manager" stable with Swagger and Ziggler as her first members., Bourne and Kingston have been doing great and not to mention Wade Barrett may finally be on the up rise as well. All is looking great on the Mid-Card level right now to be truthful. There are many more that need to get brought up to this level but for right now though, it's very promising.

Tag-Team Division... WHAT?:
There's one of these still? Hell, even JR mentioned it just last night on RAW. This division is starving for talent. Starving for great teams. We have The Uso's.... and Otunga/Hennig. And... uh... umm... damn. I dunno. And if there is another one. A legitimate one, I honestly have no idea who they are. I'm not talking... "Hey, lets put umm.. Ryder and Tatsu on a team together this week so they can be squashed." We need a new division. And the fact that the Tag-Team Championships look so horrible tells me that even THE 'E don't give a damn about it anymore.

There are MANY talents in developmental that could benefit greatly from becoming a Tag-Team upon the main event call. There are a few great Tag-Teams that are actually IN developmental that will be fun to have around when called up. They need this more than ever because the division is simply dying.

Diva World Order?:
It seems in the last 2 weeks something has happened. A proverbial fire has been lit under the cute butts of the Diva's. What the hell is going on here? They've actually had 2 5 minute matches on TV, and an 11 minute match at a PPV. This is insanity! And damn it all man... they were actually good! I know, there were some botches and flubs but c'mon... The Randy Orton and Christian match was a COMPLETE botchfest. The Diva's are really showing something right now. I honestly hope they keep it up. This is another division that has been bad for a long time now and it's great they're giving it some attention now.

With Dustin Runnels (Dustin Rhodes/Goldust) behind the scenes helping them out and being responsible for their growth... he's doing a great job so far and I think better times are coming for sure.

My most anticipated Superstar of 2011 is turning into a huge disaster. And I'm currently done with supporting this character in THE 'E. It's not Mistico's fault at all. It's the simple fact that they suspend him for the steroid injection he gets in his knee because it hurts the hell out of him but yet, the same stuff Mysterio uses on his knees are not in question? It's crap that everything is going this way. Now Hunico is portraying Sin Cara while Mistico is still on suspension. Hunico is fatter and taller. Geez... like we can't tell. Suck it for even trying to pull the wool over everyone's eyes on this. It's tasteless and wrong.

All this fanfare just to screw the poor guy over? Not giving him time to adapt? Not giving the roster time to adapt to him? Bullocks. Even if Mistico is done with THE 'E and Hunico continues to use the Sin Cara gimmick, some people will be happy. I for one know that I cannot support that character anymore.

CM Punk And The Main Event Problem:
Okay, you've given "The Voice Of The Voiceless" his outlet. You've created the controversy by giving him an open mic. He's done some amazing things. He was a dual WWE Champion with John Cena. He's got plenty of weird things surrounding him right now. He's at the top of the pile and yet, he wears no gold.

They're throwing him into a program with Haitch, Steph and Nash... yet he doesn't have anything to show for it on his end. He still has nothing to lose. He may have "signed a contract" for storyline purposes but in the same vein, he could literally just walk away still. There's nothing keeping him there... technically, there's no point in suspending our beliefs for this. You've already shown us there's no lengths he won't go to get his way. He' already walked out, he says what he wants, does what he wants. There's no repercussions for his actions and technically, there can't be. His character doesn't care. And now that a conspiracy is building around him, how are we supposed to care when he doesn't?

John Cenanuff:
It seems that his character is in for a change. And he's the one doing it. He's not trusting anyone, his Boston accent is shining through. His attitude has been very "blah" as of late. What's the deal here? Hell, even HE talked about "The 5 Moves Of Doom". There's definitely something going on here.... just, what is it?

I think he needs to take a break. He needs to rest up for WrestleMania (Possibly Survivor Series if all the speculation is correct.) and merge a couple different characters together. That Boston thing is working for him. I'd like to see it stick.

The Great UnderTaker Debate:
I'm not retreading my last blog here but, it's becoming more and more of a hot topic. The Undertaker's return is imminent. But, when? Against whom? And who will he feud with @ WrestleMania? There's many assuming that when 'Taker comes back he will be feuding with Barrett over him burying him last year. There are a lot of unexplained things for this as well. Including him shaving his head bald recently. Will he have a new gimmick upon arrival? I'm curious as hell to see how this one plays out. How about you?

Hot Potato Championship:
The Miz
John Cena
CM Punk
Rey Mysterio
John Cena
John Cena/CM Punk
Alberto Del Rio

That has all been within 8 months of each other. January The Miz was the Champ and now here in August, Alberto Del Rio is. 7 Championship reigns to match 8 months of the year. WTFWWE? Shit, the World Heavyweight Championship has only had Christian and Randy Orton going at it for the most part. But that Championship changed a lot too so far:

Dolph Ziggler
Randy Orton
Randy Orton

Same amount of changes. It's ridiculous. 14 Championship changes in an 8 month span? I know people have a small attention span but come the hell on, this is sad.

I've said my part. And man it felt good to get it all off my chest. I believe were in a great... STATE OF THE 'E for right now. Could it be better? Always. Am I complaining? Not really, offering constructive criticism. I'll leave the complaining to everyone else.

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  1. dres1214's Avatar
    Awesome blog I love reading it. Let's hope that WWE can keep I'm up. I for one am hopeful and like what they are doing.
  2. dmt4life's Avatar
    I'm loving the John Cena part of this story line, there are so many questions revolving around him, he's stepped up his game, people kept talking about him being in a memorable feud, well him and Punk just had a feud that will be remembered for a long long time, is he snapping? is he hiding something? what is happening between him and HHH? for the first time in a long time, I'm very interested in John for the Undertaker, can we say bandana and the American Badass, plus, if he's returned, just think, Unforgiven is only 2 months away
  3. Jkslevens77s's Avatar
    With the "deadman" gimmick he was never heel nor face. As the "ABA" he was more vulnerable and less unstoppable but acted like the baddest dog in the yard and simply didn't really care who he would attack as well as cut more promos. I can see him return as either character but interesting to see which one as well.

    On John Cena:
    I rather not have him take a break. Usually with storylines and breaks someone is usually injured like the big show. If Cena gets injured then once again here comes SUPER CENA and that gets old and boring. They keep trying to "fire" him but they bring him back the following week or two. What he needs in order to work is to lose a match in which he gets fired and "buys" tickets to the show kind of like they did with the Matt Hardy/edge died years back. I rather him not get fired and go a ass kicking spree (like Austin who defied VKM during the time of the attitude era) with triple H and be neutral neither face nor heel.

    As far as smack down they just need more main event superstars as spouses to mid card. But that's in my opinion. I hardly tend to watch because the guess are basically the same. Christian/Orton over and over. Which is fine but throw someone else in the mix. In order for that to happen they need one or two more superstars to add to orton, christian, mark Henry, and sheamus.
  4. TheVipersCenation's Avatar
    I think Cena will do a Boston Badass Tweener gimmick, takes no shit, doesn't trust ANYONE, buts still there in the time of need if your a face.
  5. jonod's Avatar
    Great blog as ever, I agree with TheVipersCenation. As the company changes around cena he starts to question it. I'm finding his transition pretty exciting. Can I add, WHAT A RAW!

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