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Cm Punk + Nexus = Not just coincidence?

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Well for a while now ive been thinking about why CM Punk would join Nexus and/or why Nexus would let him, and it got me thinking, but there have been a few things that i beleive could show that CM Punk wasent just randomly added too the Nexus.
Here are some weird thing they had/have in common.
1. Nexus debuted through a match between CM Punk vs John Cena?

2. It was after Nexus debuted the SES storyline began to sink (but i highly doubt that was planned as injuries and departures ruined that stable)

3. Darren Young was never liked by CM Punk during NXT1 and he was the first member to be kicked out by Nexus?

4. When Nexus went to SD! with Otunga leading them they never harmed CM Punk.

5. When SD! debuted on SyFi they once again never harmed CM Punk but attacked most of the other members, including Big Show, and if we all remember was it not Big Show that kayfabe destroyed the SES?

6. When Wade Barret got moved to SD! he attacked BIg Show straight away, maybe was this CM Punks way of revenge for destroying his SES?

7. CM Punk moved to Raw and was fully recovered by the time Nexus needed a revival?

8. Was it not the Undertaker that humiliated Punk back in 2009 and took the WHC off him? Well that could well explain the Nexus helping Kane burying the Undertaker at Survivor Series.

Now im not saying these were all planned, but i beleive if WWE wanted to explain why CM Punk joined the Nexus i beleive they could show that he was the leader of all this the entire time and he had always wanted to cause Cena hell? Would that not be an awesome storyline for CM Punk vs Cena if they were to feud to WM? I know this may sound a bit silly but i beleive WWE could show it all so the veiwers all understand.

But ofcourse for this to happen we have to see Wade Barrett reveiel that maybe CM Punk was always the leader. While i know this probably wont happen i beleive it would be awesome to see that it was CM Punk ruining Cenas life for the last half a year.

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  1. alexrules01's Avatar
    It would explain why The Nexus randomly interfered in a freakin Buried Alive match
  2. brodius's Avatar
    I have been making some of these comparisons for a while. There were a few I didn't pick up on and glad you pointed out. I think they could really use this angle. If they had Barret come out and explain that the corre has no leader because he was driven in nexus by Punk and he didn't like the way he had to treat the nexus. This would also be a good way of showing why Barret hasn't really attacked Punk yet. It would create some good build up for the Corre vs Nexus battle that should hapen at mania.
  3. sublimer's Avatar
    hmmmmmm....this all sounds but you are missing one are giving the WWE creative team WAYYYY to much credit.
  4. mjdiddy1's Avatar
    Nexus did beat Punk down before which could be easily explained as a way to keep eyes off Punk for awhile or it was Punk's initiation. But Creative is not that smart to piece this type of deal together but if they read message boards would have a helluva storyline!!
  5. SilverGhost's Avatar
    Conspiracy theories!!!
  6. Nexus4Life's Avatar
    very well seen CMhuw24
  7. steveorton's Avatar
    Nice blog, I'm jus sayin...
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