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Who can Replace the Main Eventer of WWE

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Well as we all know, SuperCena and SuperOrton wont always last forever. Hell 3-4 years from now they might be both eyeing retirement as main eventing every PPV and Brand Show their on would most likely destroy their body.
So WWE, who do youu have planned to build over the next year or two to replace their huge main event positions?
Here are 3 applicants thati beleive would work. (P.S. CM Punk will not be included as i dont really know how long he'll be around for.)

1. The Miz - This man is so so so close. He is obviously the perfect fit for this position. Not only has this man completely evolved from a misfit no one like hearing or watching, but now he is the must see and hear man in WWE as his skills have increased at an increadible rate. While he has already headlined a WM, he did it as heel. And not to be harsh, but i dont beleive until you hold the WWE Championship or WHC as a face, and headline, then your not a complete main eventer for the future. But thankfully, i see Miz as being a face champion soon, as he will easily be able to be a top face with his mic skills and workrate. Also, his name, is quite unique, as these days most wrestlers have a normal name, but Miz, he has a title of "The Miz" which i personally believe lets him stand out.

2. Alex Riley - Sure, the man is fresh in this business at the moment, but from what i saw on NXT and when he was with the Miz he does have quite the mic work for a fresh newcomer. And while he is a tad botchy, overall his ring work isnt bad either. But the big side to this man, is that his body and compesition are what are needed for a main event face, hes not short, bulky and can move around that ring quite quickly. And also WWE have given him a great song which makes me always interested. And finally, the name. Alex Riley, or A-Ry, is quite catchy and i can see being used well. Nothing is worse than a dud name, as people dont want to chant it nor wear clothing on it, but Alex Riley, is perfect. Give this man a year, and decent push, not cramming him down our throats, and he could well be the answer.

3. John Morrison/Justin Gabriel - Sure, your probably thinking there is no way in hell any of the two could do it as both of them have low mic skills. Well i believe that with their personal amazing skills and ring work, possibly a little more mic training, they could be quite the main eventer as we certainly do need a main event high flyer now that Rey is on the downside of his career. A certain wrestler i can relate too in the past is Jeff Hardy, as his popularity sky rocketed with his high flying techniques and the way he would use his body from all angles and falls. Now your probably thinking why i chose these two over other high flyers such as Sin Cara, Even Bourne and Kofi Kingston. Well the answer is size, John Morrison and Justin Gabriel are both luckily enough to have the height neccessary to be a main eventer. Also they both have a moveset from which ive seen which are very unique and fun to watch, which captivates a crowd, and is what WWE need now that Shawn Michaels has retired, they need a person who comes out every night and gives a hell of a match, losing or winning. And while people tend to push Jo-Mo away from main event scene as of his relationship with Melina, i beleive he will come to his senses one day and realise he can be much bigger without her.

So there it is people, the wrestlers i can see becoming main event over the next few years.
Special Mentions: Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan.
Your thoughts?

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  1. Theiconsting's Avatar
    The Miz maybe but he wont ever get any huge ppv numbers, apart from cena & orton there is no one i see being worthy of carrying the company into the future
  2. Jags's Avatar
    I think there's a whole bunch of superstars who are very enjoying for me to watch even some of them still have their flaws, for me it's about enjoy seeing them on my screen and the following superstars I enjoy and I can see as future main eventers.

    Current main eventers I enjoy

    - Christian
    - CM Punk (one of my favorites right now)
    - John Cena (he has been stepping it up lately, I enjoy watching him)
    - John Morrison (not really in the main event scene yet, but has a decent spot already. I hope he gets a solid spot in the future.)
    - Mark Henry (at the moment he's getting a good spot in the main event scene with his path of destruction)
    - R-Truth
    - Sheamus
    - The Miz

    Future main eventers (if I'd call the shots in the WWE):

    - Alex Riley
    - Cody Rhodes (!!!)
    - Daniel Bryan (MITB gives him alot of momentum, I hope they don't waste this momentum)
    - Dolph Ziggler
    - Jack Swagger
    - Justin Gabriel
    - Johnny Curtis
    - Mason Ryan (there must be a powerhouse main eventer to in my opinion.)
    - Michael Mcgillicutty (and call him Joe Hennig again, great competitor.)
    - Trent Barreta (reallly underrated in my opinion.)
    - Tyson Kidd
    - Wade Barrett (!!!)

    Yes, Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio aren't in my main event selection I enjoy because I simply don't enjoy watching them as much anymore. Alberto Del Rio and Kane aren't either, they started out very interesting but lately I just don't care really for them anymore.
  3. Manabu's Avatar
    I agree with everyone you've put on this list, morrison is letting his emotions control his career though so I'm not too sure if he'll ever reach the top but I can definantly see riley being a main eventer
    and as much as I hate to nit pick hasnt cm punk only held the wwe title as a heel?
  4. johnnydropkicks's Avatar
    Miz and Rhodes and Ryder are the future based on how things are now.
  5. tommytam91's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Awesome One
    Cody Rhodes and Evan Bourne, they honestly have so much potential. Bourne needs to work on his mic skills and get a bit more time on it but Cody is nearly the complete package! He can actually wrestle, you only have to look at his match against Mysterio at WM 27 for that, and and he can cut a decent promo on the mic. Size doesn't matter in my opinion, high flyers should have speed and Bourne definitely has it
    i 100% agree those guys along with the guidance of Shemus, R-Truth and jack swagger. Honestly i don't see what so great about JMO. he cant cut a promo in my opinion. yeah i get that he bring a unique style to table but honestly i rather see Sin Cara and Bourne do what they do instead of watching the emotional little girl the we call John Morrison.
  6. cancron's Avatar
    John Morrison needs to be removed & Kofi Kingston need to be removed from any talk about future world heavy weight champions. These guys are two of the most talented guys in the ring but neither of them can work a mic if their lives depended on it. until they learn how to be entertaining on the mic, they will never be world champions.
  7. Sahu's Avatar
    For me My star of future is Wade Barret..he has it all!!!!
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