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My Opinion of TNA and How to Possibly Fix It.

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May I just say first of all I am not a TNA hater. I watch TNA and from the period 2005-early 2011 I prefered TNA over WWE. I am a firm believer that TNA succeeding will benefit the overall business of wrestling. I also understand that having Hulk Hogan and RVD in TNA no doubt increases the profile of TNA. However after watching the last two weeks, all I can say is ugh.

TNA is being run by a faction called Immortal, run by Hulk Hogan(Non Wrestler), Eric Bischoff(Non Wrestler) and Ric Flair(Non Wrestler). The biggest active stars in Immortal are Kurt Angle? and Bully Ray (Who is one of the only credible heels in TNA). The Leader of the active wrestlers has changed from Jeff Hardy(-March), Jarrett(-June), Anderson(-August) and now Kurt Angle. I understand that the Jeff Hardy situation was out of their control. But why add Anderson to Immortal only to leave a month later? That brings me to my next point.

Mr. Anderson is one of the best entertainers in the world. In 2011, he has won the world title twice. Both times it seemed the ball was given to him to run with it, yet both times, the ball was dropped. I would have been much more intrueged by having Anderson lose the belt to Angle than Sting. With Sting vs Hogan pretty much set for Bound For Glory, why have him win the World Title?

I believe TNA unfortunately has one year left to save their product from becoming a joke. Now is the time to take a risk. Take away the older talent, use them as managers. Fire Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Sting, Jeff Jarrett, Devon, Steiner. Even though he doesnt deserve a lot of criticsm he gets, fire Russo, let this be a new dawn for TNA. Let Kurt Angle go away to the Olympics for a year. Bring in talent that can help to put over the younger stars. Have Joe take out Kurt Angle and Rob Van Dam to make him the monster again. Turn Xplosion into one hour of X-Division Action with Rob Van Dam the shows big star. Rehire Jay Lethal, Petey Williams, Amazing Red, Homicide, Devine, Lance Hoyt and Daivari. Bring in stars from ROH, Mexico and Japan to fix the roster, like Jack Evans, Low Ki, Davey Richards, Roderick Strong, El Generico, Briscoe Brothers, Eddie Edwards, Koba Ibushi and even Generation Me. Have Ric Flair form a faction to face Fortune with Richards, Edwards, Evans, Low Ki and Ibushi. Let the new stars make a name for themselves by battling the TNA originals.

With Fortune battling Ric Flairs new faction, have the main event picture feature Samoa Joe(who unfortunately i see quitting very soon) as the monster with Anderson chasing. Give the Pope a program with Jay Lethal. Let The Hardys earn their way up the TagTeam Division by having a program with each of the tag teams, eventually facing Beer Money. Bring back Dr. Stevie with Roderick Strong at his side to fued with Abyss. Have Matt Morgan face Crimson to decide who the next top star should be. Include not one, but 2 or 3 X Division matches on each PayPerView. The knockouts division should become a force with possible signings like Melina and Gail Kim. Within a year, TNA should have a new fresh roster with young stars and unpredictible match ups with the eventual return of Kurt Angle on the horizon. Also, take TNA on the road. Decide on 5 cities other than Orlando and do half the tapings there each month along with the PPV at a nearby city. Do a month of tapings over here in Ireland and the UK with 6,000-10,000 paying fans.

Like I said at the beginning, I enjoyed watching TNA. However, unless changes are made, the decline of TNA is not far away. They cannot afford yet another mishap like Victory Road. They cannot afford to have Sting, Hogan and co. outshine AJ or Anderson any more. A line must be drawn between an increase in main stream knowledge and new talent coming through. A complete overhaul needs to be put down. I see Paul Heyman being the only person who can possibly do it. Make his contract full of share options, % of merchandise, % of ticket sales and other bonuses to encorage him to grow TNA. Do cross overs with UFC to increase TNAs profile. There are ways to save TNA, and even make TNA a power to be reckoned with with 5 or 10 years, but the more time wasted, the more time it will take.
"Anything is possible if you have the intelligence and the willpower to make it happen"

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  1. the hybrid boxer's Avatar
    i 97 percent agree im not tna hater either. i would have kurt as champ until he heads to oplimpics though rly great blog man. only if dey could do atleast half of wut you stated dey would be in da rite direction
  2. CrowOfMurders's Avatar
    I appreciate you criticizing TNA as a fan/former fan, but I don`t think a bloated roster is the answer. Hiring a bunch of new talent is just gonna bury the people already there. I think things right now,with PROPER storyline direction can still work. The fact is, Sting and Hogan are both coming to their ends on TV. The focus is only on them right now to maximize the BFG buyrate which you won`t get with only TNA originals. I love the TNA guys. I`ll watch any match with Styles/Daniels/Joe/Kazarian no matter who`s the opponent. I`d love to see some guys back,but only if they are used properly. I`m hoping to see Immortal and Fortune both implode as these storylines are waayyy passed being done. I wasnt aware Angle officially joined Immortal,but it really doesnt matter,hes leaving for the Olympics soon. I hope AJ-Daniels is in the forefront for the title soon. I hope Joe b/c a monster again and destroys guys starting with Crimson. RVD needs to start putting guys over in Xdivision matches or just go back to WWE to job to the Miz or something til he retires to a HOF/legends contract. He`s useless to TNA. Flair is basically a manager. A UFC crossover wouldn`t make any sense or help. IT`s like saying have boxers join the circus. IF some former big name UFC guys want to b/c wrestlers and can bring fans in,great, if not, it`ll just be a clusterfuck. Heyman=ECW,wouldn`t work now. It`s the WWE PG era,and Heyman may push the boundaries too much for TNA to have complete faith in him. He also has no interest in wrestling. They just need more confidence in their own stars.
  3. willisrew3's Avatar
    fix tna get rid of hulk hogan eric bischoff ric flair dixie carter and sting. build up future wrestlers not past wrestlers
  4. pgarcia79's Avatar
    The best route would be to hire Paul Heyman. But Dixie would need to be ok with getting rid of all the old farts (hogan, flair, etc), because that is the first thing Heyman would do.
  5. Theiconsting's Avatar
    Terrible blog, why bring in a heap more wrestlers when there isnt enough tv time to show them all? You dont realise that Hogan Flair & Sting bring in ratings & a lot of us older fans are far more likely to watch impact with them being around. All that TNA needs is more shows on the road & more advertisement to get all the mainly blind wwe fans aware that it actually exists because a lot of american fans are just too lazy too even look for another show
  6. knox's Avatar
    Great blog. Vince Russo thinks the answer to ratings is a long boring played out heel faction which is completely the opposite. I think long played out factions is a way to hide behind poor writing. Heel factions do the samething every week, gang up on one or two good guys. Vince Russo used the nWo, Mainevent Mafia, Fortune(heel) and now Immortal to hide from his horrible writing and ability to make a good stroyline/angle. All those stables mentioned above to the samething.

    Great blog bro

    And then the whole Fortune & EV2
  7. niafv1's Avatar
    @Theiconsting, I have stated that I do realise they bring in ratings and the profile of TNA. But who benefits from a 20 minute Hogan promo at the beginning of every iMPACT? Sting defeating Mr. Anderson, who chased for 4 months, only to drop it a month later? Sting and Hogan are both legends in the industry but what will happen if both cant compete at Bound For Glory? Who has been built up to take their place? The one thing the MEM storyline did was make the younger stars credible to face the bigger stars like Kurt Angle, Booker T, Scott Steiner, Sting and Nash. I also am not overly excited to see AJ-Daniels fued once again as even though both are amazing talent. it has happened in 2005,2006 and 2009 among others. Put Robert Roode/James Storm/ Kaz or another young talent in that spot and see what happens.
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