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Why I Love TNA (or as it's called now, Impact)

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Let's get right to it: I love TNA.

Most people have their preferences when it comes to wrestling, just like people have their preferences when it comes to sports teams, music bands, toilet paper, whatever. Me, I'm a TNA guy.


First, it's not mainstream. I am an unconventional person at heart; just following trends because other people follow them doesn't suit me. I like what I like. Granted, TNA is pretty big - it's on TV after all - but it's not as mainstream as WWE.

Second, I think that the performers of TNA offer better performances. I watch WWE and a lot of the stuff there (a) doesn't really grab me and (b) the wrestlers seem to wrestle better. Aside from a few so-so episodes I saw, every show entertains me. Each match holds my interest. I find WWE's wrestling a bit... well, stale. There are times when I wonder how many Superstars have more than five moves in their arsenal. Yes, I know that Cena will hit a fisherman's suplex, then come through with two flying shoulder blocks, a spin-out powerbomb, a Five Knuckle Shuffle and look for the FU - wait, I'm sorry, an Attitude Adjustment. In TNA, the wrestlers are more likely to go for moves that you won't see every show and won't always use the same move to end a match every night.

Third, TNA has more old-school people. Sting, Hogan, Tara (Victoria in her past life) and RVD are a few. WWE has a lot more new faces, but I don't see them really doing much to make them big and they just don't appeal to me (what the hell makes Dolph Ziggler so perfect anyway? Is it because he carries a loud, yappy dog to the arena? Huh? That's Vickie Gurerro? Could've fooled me...) And TNA gives me more "WTF" moments than WWE does. The AJ vs Bully Ray match at Slammiversary? EPIC.

Fourth, TNA's people aren't so gimmicky. The characters are more believable to me. On the contrary, I find it hard to believe that a Mexican aristocrat who probably swims in a giant pool of money would come out to wrestle in his spare time. If I were that rich, I would hire my own wrestler and have him go do it. But that's just me.

There you have it. I enjoy watching WWE at times - I am a big fan of Randy Orton, CM Punk and a handful of others, but TNA is where it's at for me.

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