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SummerSlam Thoughts and Predictions

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In a little more than forty eight hours the biggest party of the summer is set to kick off. SummerSlam comes to us live from The Staples Center in Los Angeles. Yet will it really the biggest party of the summer? While Raw ratings continue to disappoint from a business standpoint, there has to be some concern over how successful SummerSlam will be. I myself am intrigued enough from the Cena/Punk storyline to say yes, this will be the biggest party of the summer. But what do most people think? Are they concerned with the lack of undercard? Are they turned away by Triple H's involvement in the main event? Let's take a look at the matches and explore some of these concerns.

A big question on everyone’s mind has to be the lack of an undercard. So far we have only been presented with four matches. You have to believe that there will be other matches on the card. My main concern is how does the WWE expect people to pay for these other matches that will pop up on the card when no time was spent building it up. The fact is that we only have four matches. Of these matches, three really matter, and one (Diva's Championship match) most people aren't going to really care about. I'm not trying to come off as rude, but I think the fact is that most of the common wrestling fans aren’t interested in seeing the Diva's wrestle. I would love nothing more to see Miz or Del Rio in action on Sunday, but I guess the WWE is looking at just focusing in on the four announced matches.

Mark Henry over the last few months has been destroying anything in his way. The big question is can anyone stop him? Insert Sheamus. Sheamus answered a call on Friday Night Smackdown, when Mark Henry verbally called out anyone. This feud has been booked well, and the hype has made this match one that I'm looking forward to. My big concern here is that weather the loser of this match stands to lose a lot of momentum. I think they put Henry over again, building up his momentum and setting us up for feud with Orton, who we are going to talk about right now.

Some people have been concerned with the length of the ongoing feud with Christian and Orton. Well no more concern should be needed. Sundays match is going to be a no holds barred match, and we all know what that means, right? A no holds barred match is normally an end all match in feuds. This match I believe this will be the last match against each other for these two in a while. So who goes over? Who does WWE stick the title on going ahead. I don't think the WWE is prepared to let Christian come out on top and carry Smackdown. I think Orton wins here in the no holds barred match.

Now let's talk about the match that the WWE is hoping carries SummerSlam. Punk vs Cena, Champion vs Champion, for the undisputed WWE Championship. Or will he be undisputed? I say that because last Monday Triple H took it upon himself to insert himself as the guest referee in the match. And as Raw went off the air we saw a Cena and Punk confrontation that led to Triple H taking an accidental shot from John Cena. So where do they go with this one? To be honest, this one has me really guessing. I think that they let Cena take the win, but in some kind of sketchy fashion. I think this will lead to some sort of Punk/Triple H feud that will mirror the Austin/McMahon feud.

So that’s how I see SummerSlam shaping out. I don’t think Del Rio or Daniel Bryan cashes in their Money in the Bank briefcases at the PPV. Yet as we all know, anything can happen in the world of professional wrestling. I hope you all enjoyed the read, thanks for checking it out.

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  1. timfeyenoord's Avatar
    Well Bryan vs Barrett is also going to happen and they''ll probably throw in 1 or 2 matches. But good blog
  2. KingOrton's Avatar
    Bryan vs Barrett will happen at summerslam plus probably Alex Riley vs Dolph Ziggler.
  3. By0nd_Perfect's Avatar
    It's really a one match card with CM Punk vs John Cena w/Triple H as SGR, if that is the case this match should become a 60 minute Iron Man match with CM Punk victorious after extra time. Bryan vs Barrett should be epic, Divas match hmm, Orton vs Christian? No Holds Barred? Hopefully we get involvement with Sheamus and Mark Henry to set up a Fatal 4-way at NoC. Oh yeah they also have a match. Sheamus vs Mark Henry to end in Double count-out. They will also need to have a big dark match as heaps of good talent will miss out on this Ppv otherwise.
  4. AirBourne's Avatar
    I think Cena and HHH will work together and Cena will win match and turn heel to be honest, not many people seem to agree with me. lol

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