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Will The Miz be the new John Cena?

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Hey guys hope all is well. I admit I wouldn't have blogged about this until I seen a user comment on this blog stating that the Miz was the next John Cena. I don't remember their username but credit goes to you. I always agreed from Day 1 that The Miz had the charisma to be one of the top babyfaces whenever he makes that face turn.

Lets point out some similarities.

MidCard Mayhem:

John Cena:
Cena made noise as a midcarder when he was a heel and a face. In about 2003, he was one of the anticipated guys to see on television before he even won the United States Championship. He was staple and one of the greatest midcarders of all time. He was an asset.

He had a sick crowd reaction. The fans popped for this guy as a heel and he seemed to have more fans as a heel. When his music hit, he received a chaotic reaction because his reaction was so mixed.

He was putting asses in the seats as a strong midcarder. His faceturn was even better. Merchandise sales were off the roof and the majority were adults buying his merchandise. He had a brief but strong midcard run.

The Miz:
He as well had a strong midcard run. He clearly was one of the greatest midcarders and had a mainevent feel to him before reaching the mainevent which is similar to Cena.

He made himself a must see with his U.S. Title & Tag Team Champion run with the Big Show. Give him props.

He's also a guy that gets a reaction each time.


They both have some of the strongest personalities inside the ring that can't be touched. When they talk, we listen no matter what.


From the beginning they both had haters which is the key to success. The way I see it, the John Cena boos is what keeps him relevant.

People always booed Cena for the fact that he had the rapper gimmick. They looked at him as an Eminem, Vanilla Ice poser but Cena backed himself up lyrically which made people even more angry.

Then he moved to the whole Chain Gang gimmick which was his greatest gimmick which was his best gimmick in my opinion. I think he had a very believable character. The fans were 100% behind him and this was a gimmick in which he was the babyface but he didn't pander to the fans as much. It was like how Jericho refers to his fans as Jerichoholics but he's not kissing their ass in the process. Then Cena transformd to a Marine and later on to Superman which really destroyed his character but the haters will always be vocal.

The Miz also started with a chip on his soldiers. WWE fans will always bash the Miz for the simple fact that he started on the Real World. He came a long way and will always lack that respect from many fans because of his journey. I personally respect The Miz because of the simple fact he worked every sweat off his ass to get where he is to this day.

Public Relations & Promotion Puppets:

For a long time John Cena was the top marketer for the WWE. He was the one they sent to do the local radio, news and television interviews to promote live WWE events. He was the main guy and did a great job in promotiong.

Now, the WWE's top promo guy is The Miz. Many will argue that it's Cm Punk but before this huge Cm Punk angle, he wasn't their promo guy. The Miz is clearly their number one promo guy. The reason being is he stays in character but shows the fans love while he makes these appearances. His energy is always high and he literally brings in more buyers from his last minute radio appearances.

The Plan?!?!

I can picture a Cena heel turn coming within a couple months. It seems like the only Cena cuts a good promo is when he bashes himself. Sort of how he bashed his 5 moves of doom, his Pg attitude and Hulk Hogan comparison on Raw.

I can see Triple H turning heel and alligning himself with Triple H.

Meanwhile maybe in late 2012, the Miz will make his face turn. The fans will get behind the Miz. I'm calling in now but I can see The Miz vs John Cena as Wrestlemania 29.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog. Really think hard about the shockingly similarities that both Cena & The Miz share. Leave feedback.

Also check out my track on youtube. Hope you guys enjoy and be safe.

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  1. luisalexander70's Avatar
    THE miz is getting buried right now so no i dont think he will be the new john cena
  2. AOF666's Avatar
    What about Sheamus too, he been appearing on stuff outside of WWE lately. He was Conan, and he was a radio show!
  3. KingOrton's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by luisalexander70
    THE miz is getting buried right now so no i dont think he will be the new john cena
    He's not getting buried, its all apart of a bigger picture and you can tell by the little promos in the back that the miz has done for the past month.
  4. ssgsanti's Avatar
    The Miz will never be the new Cena. He has to be the MIZ. Build his own style, he is good enough for it. He is like Rody Piper man straight up. That is who the MIZ is today the Piper of today!! But he needs to stop crying and start being the tough guy and just smacking people around. Getting in peoples face and not taking crap. Simple easy, getting in the mix, hardcore fighting. That is what is going to make the MIZ, awesome.
  5. ssgsanti's Avatar
    Sheamus is Sheamus man the monster bro. No need for nothing the ball cruncher still young and ready to kick ass and take names.
  6. jrsckilla23's Avatar
    I didn't like the fact that you compared Eminem with John Cena HELL NAH!!! that's a big NO NO right there Eminem knows how to flow, how to freestyle and rap as for Cena he don't know how to do any of that shit. Eminem grew up in the ghetto of Detroit while Cena grew up in West Newbury which is a nice neighborhood NO GANGS & NO THUGS all of a sudden he thinks he's a nigga from the hood that's Why I never liked John Cena the Entertainer. As for The Miz being the new John Cena I really don't care cuz John Cena doesn't look like an intimidating person neither does the Miz. Wrestlers of today don't really look that intimidating like the wrestlers from back in the day
  7. Theiconsting's Avatar
    I think a heel turn with HHH would be great but there just isnt enough quality main event faces atm apart from Orton which i think he sucks as a face & Punk who is only a baby face. Saying that i doubt that Vince will turn his big money maker Cena into a heel anytime soon as there is no-one to take his place in the short term & i cant see any younger guys that will be as big as Cena
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