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Match of the Year???

Impact Wrestling / The X Division

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This blog is about the X Division in Impact Wrestling and I'll have upcoming blogs like this with WWE also once a week.

Lets go back in the days when the X Division was the real deal with the likes of Low Ki , Sonjay Dutt , Jay Lethal , Sabu , Psicosis , Petey Williams and loads more . But no one can or should forget the 5-Star rated match AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels vs Samoa Joe for the X Division Champion at Unbreakable 2005 . The X Divison is okay at the moment but the amount of X Divisions in the roster today is very low. These are the current X Divisions in Impact Wrestling

Brian Kendrick - The current X Division Champion but the problem is (in my opinion) he wont have the title for long as I feel Austin Aries will have the belt in no time

Kazarian - Currently involved in the Fortune/Immortal business , no way he's going to get the belt unless the feud is over and he should be a heel again

Robbie E - Well Cookie is gone and Austin Aries is now the favourite to win the belt , I dont think Impact Wrestling have anything in store for him

Shannon Moore - In my eyes a feud with Austin Aries would do him great and in my opinion 'a great feud' between the two

Alex Shelley - Before anything happens with Aries and Moore , Shelley is also a nice pick to feud with Aries as the match they had a few weeks ago was just fantastic! But there's no doubt he'll be with Sabin ready for the tag team picture

Chris Sabin - Currently injured at the moment but when he returns he'll be back in the tag team picture with Shelley ready to feud with Mexican America , British Invasion or Beer Money (thats if they split up)

Austin Aries - Well what can I say , at the moment the best X Division talent in Impact Wrestling and the favourite to be the next X Division Champion
Kid Kash - Not really sure about him but a feud between Aries and him would just be legendary

Zema Ion - Recently signed , I've got a lot of praise for him and he'll have a nice future in store for him

The roster is packed with superstars so the wise thing to do is release the wrestlers they dont need like Murphy and Okada. But I think the X Division is going to be rebuilt and they should sign Low Ki , MVP , Homicide (I doubt he'll come) or Shelton Benjamin (also a big doubt) and use Matt Hardy as another X Division Superstar. I would also like your thoughts and opinions about the X Division so I hope you enjoyed

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    Look at the Spoilers or Watch IW over the next few weeks as there is like 6 new(some old) X stars in the company
  2. the hybrid boxer's Avatar
    great blog man tha x divison is jst great im a tna fan and wwe fan but like u said in the blog i wish they could sigh low ki he and kurt angle armazing
  3. Manabu's Avatar
    I could see low ki signing, mvp is doubtful because of his love of the strong style in japan
  4. YoungShaz11's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by PHENOMINAL ENIGMA
    Look at the Spoilers or Watch IW over the next few weeks as there is like 6 new(some old) X stars in the company
    Oh yeah , thanks for reminding me but the X Division needs more old talent in there like Low Ki or Sonjay Dutt
    Updated 08-12-2011 at 01:44 PM by YoungShaz11

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