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Hulk Hogans Legacy

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How will Hulk Hogan be remembered? His legacy is something I have wondered about recently as the man has received more and more negative press. So much so that it will no doubt have to feature in how he is remembered.

The good of Hulk Hogan is that he was the person the wwf was able to build its company around that allowed them to become a mainstream organisation and grow and grow. The juggernaut that is the WWE we see today would not exist in its current form as it was Hogan who started the ball rolling so to speak. All that we have seen come after it is arguable was only possible as a result of Hogan’s iconic character. On the opposing side is the view that it was Vince McMahon’s vision and that he built the Hogan brand that allowed the mainstream society to buy into his product. This is certainly true however the view that Vince could’ve gotten anyone to play the Hogan role is false as one only has to look at all the people who have tried to play that role and failed i.e. ultimate warrior, John Cena and many more.

The legacy of HH of someone who provided some of the most iconic moments in Wrestling history in picking up Andre the Giant and body slamming him is one of the most famous moments in wwe history. The cultural impact he has had is phenomenal, he became a household name in a far less globalised and media friendly world than today’s. It could be argued also that it was his departure from the WWF to join WCW that started the Monday night wars due to the momentum WCW gained upon his arrival, which in turn led to a period where wrestling was at its most powerful and entertaining time. His role in the NWO gave us a stable and storyline that became so huge that he it ultimately collapsed due to WCW trying to capitalise on it and eventually trying to prolong it beyond its sell buy date in order to cash in. Hogan’s role in TNA though controversial has raised the profile of that company immensely, though it is possible the company would’ve reached this high profile in time, Hogan’s arrival has fast tracked its rise. It is arguable that the problems TNA now face are as a result of this quick rise and the company’s inability to deal with such a rise, meaning that the company may not have been ready for it or Hogan.

The negative aspects of Hogan’s legacy that I believe cannot be ignored are the negative public comments many have had to say about his role in WWF in keeping people down and being a master politician in the locker room. I know that certain people such as the ultimate worker have an axe to grind however there have been too many people over the years to have said this for it to be ignored. Similarly in WCW it could be argued that he played a Huge role in that company’s downfall with his backstage role and creative control that allowed him to have huge influence in the direction of that organisation. The huge contract he was on that had a clause in which he had to be paid higher than anyone who came to WCW which was a huge strain on the finances of that company meaning that anytime they landed a huge star they not only had to factor in the cost of the new star but the cost of Hogan’s rise among others who had similar contracts. The negative aspect of his arrival in TNA is that he is perceived as only being in it for the cash and is terrible at managing the organisation, highlighted by the promotion of his new book rather than TNA when he first arrived there and the perceived decline in the product of the organisation.

The view of Hogan in the media due to his personal problems though arguably irrelevant are important as they have occurred in the public sphere and therefore open to criticism and to be included in the interpretation of his legacy. The accident in which his son nick was involved was a tragic event that gained media coverage due to Hogan’s prominence, however Hogan’s willingness to contribute to the media coverage via interviews means that this is now relevant to public interpretation and debate and therefore taken into account when considering his legacy. In one such interview he referred to the injured party as being responsible for the injuries he sustained for having ‘bad karma’. The break up of his marriage in public along with all the negative aspects of a marriage break up occurring in the spotlight meant that very negative coverage of the man was frequent. Though you might say what has any of this have to do with the mans wrestling legacy it is important to remember that all of this occurring in the spotlight means that it has to be factored into his legacy as the media will include these incidents when considering his legacy.

I hope I have given a balanced view of what is both the positive and negative aspects I believe will be factored into the legacy of Hulk Hogan. Please leave your comments either negative or positive or any corrections you have

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  1. ssgsanti's Avatar
    It really doesn't matter what HH did after the fact to pinning the Iron Sheik, and winning that belt. HH is the man responsible for slamming Andre the Giant and making history. Big John Stud did it but was he a house hold name and is till this day. Na, the man is like the greatest President of the United States. I had 2 hero's back then and one was still alive one was Bruce Lee and the other was Hulk Hogan. He inspired me to be proud of America man. So what the man is a Human being and makes mistakes, brother. We all make good and bad choices in life. But the man still love Wrestling no matter what. I really don't care what the new generation says any more, he is still my hero after 30 years. So is The Rock, Rick Flair, Sting, Warrior, Taker, Piper, Stone Cold, the Funks, Jimmy Snuka, Booker T, HHH, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Road Warriors and the list goes on man. But Hogan laid down the ground work for these guys the great wrestlers today Curt Angle, AJ Styles, John Cena, Randy O, Rey Mysterio, Samoa Joe,Mr Anderson, the Miz is picking it up just needs to stop crying lol. Look as I said a fan for 32 now total, the King of Promo and Wrestling is none other than the Immortal Hulk Hogan!!!
  2. Bane of Balin's Avatar
    ^^ Ric Flair* and Kurt Angle*
  3. timfeyenoord's Avatar
    I'm probably gonna get a lot of heat for this, but I never thought Hogan was that good on the mic because I think he makes it sound too fake
  4. pgarcia79's Avatar
    Good blog. I agree with some, but not all of it. There is no doubt that the legacy of the Immortal Hulk Hogan will forever be seen as providing some of the memorable moments in wrestling history and Hulkamania will live forever. But he did not make wrestling what it is today. He HELPED make wrestling what it was back in the 90's. I could actually write a 10 page essay on that.
  5. AOF666's Avatar
    Us older fans will remember what he did for Wrestling. Him and Vince put wrestling on the map. I think it is sad Vince is tarnishing his legacy in WWE because of personal issues. Without Hogan WWE would not where it is now. You think Vince would of been proud having Hogan in the company. Hogan brought patriotism to WWF and he was the first to bring intro music to wrestling. He had a connection with crowd, he made us feel important. Without the Hulkamaniacas, he was nothing. He was able to become a cult icon without the internet. He had his own cartoon and he did movies(yes he wasn't a good actor but he did movies for kids).

    I think it is a shame he is tarnishing his own reputation and everything he done for the wrestling business. I think fans that gone into wrestling in the last 5-10 years will not know how important Hogan was to the business.
  6. pgarcia79's Avatar
    How is Vince tarnishing Hogan's legacy in wwe? HH is tarnishing his legacy all by himself. Just like everything else, wrestling is generational. There are certain wrestlers in every generation that open our eyes and become our heros at an early age. For most of us older fans, it was Hulk Hogan. My son is 7 yrs old and his eyes have now become open just as mine had become at his age. I guarentee you that his "Hulk Hogan" will forever be John Cena.
  7. ssgsanti's Avatar
    Cena has it but Hogan did not get the boos back then like Cena gets now. It was all love man like when the Rock or Stone Cold come to the Ring now. That is what Hogan had man and guys like the Rock and Stone Cold ran with it. Cena got it though but he will be like Hogan now, no choice fans are going to make him that way. CM Punk is a Chump all talk I don't care what anyone says. You know who has more style than him Austin Aries from TNA.
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