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Top 5 retired wrestlers I'd like to see back in the ring

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This is my subjective ranking, thus there is no right or wrong answers. For each wrestler I'll explain why I would see them return, and outline a possible plothook for them. And lastly the likelihood of a return, ranket from * ("No chance in hell") to ***** ("The stars are right")

I have not ranked any wrestlers where injuries or similar circumstances make it impossible.

Honorable Mentions
Mick Foley - Not getting any younger, and busy building a comedian career. Has sacrificed a lot for the fans. Still, a 3 for 1 entry i a Royal Rumble, or a role in management would be sweet. ** (in a non-wrestling capacity: ****)

Brock Lesnar - Never have such a powerhouse have such a moveset. But he left on bad terms with the company, and is successful in MMA: **

Stone Cold Steve Austin - His neck is probably to vulnerable too take bumps, so no real match is likely, but his presence should be felt for a time yet, and the occasional stunner delivered. If the doctors give green light: ***
Kharma - Pregnant for the time being, but in a year: *****

Number 5
The Showstopper, Mr Wrestlemania. Too happy making outdoorsman programming and enjoying family life to make a return at all plausible. But we know he could if he would. Plothook: Returning to set a power mad HHH straight, pointing out that a COO like he has become is just the thing DX was in opposition against. Cue: Epic showdown at Wrestlemania. Likelihood of return: *

Number 4
Michelle McCool Yes, Mrs Taker, Michelle McCool was a genius in the ring compared to most of the current roster. One of the few divas in recent time who was entrusted with an actual storyline. Plot hook: Face Diva Champion Kharma getting to full of herself, and sending out an open challenge to the locker-room. Cue: All the dirtiest tricks in the book. Likelihood of return: **

Number 3
Diesel - The Big Sexy, Kevin Nash. A giant of a man on a WWE Legend-contract who can act as a power-broker and thorn in the side of any GM. Plot hook: Getting fed up of not getting enough respect as a LEGEND, he starts interfering in matches, ticking of some WWE big-shot. Cue: Kayfabe trouble backstage. The guy has voiced interest in getting used more by WWE so likelihood of return: *****

Number 2
Masked Kane - Okay, maybe I'm cheating on this one, as Glenn Jacobs is still wrestling under the name of Kane. But nowadays he is more of an empty threat, not an unstoppable monster. Plot hook: Teddy Long sets up a TAG-TEAM main event with Kane as one of the faces. Promoting "His long awaited return from injury" or something like that, all graphics unchanged. At the match, he's the last one presented. Nothing happens. As the referee gives sign to start the match regardless, Paul Bearer shows up, saying "You wouldn't start the match without the Devil's favorite demon, would you?" The stage explodes in flames, Kane's old entrance music starts up, and he strides out of the flames with the mask and full leotard to lay waste to everyone in the ring. From there on, use him as a loose cannon, attacking heels and faces, and losing on DQ most of his matches. The seeds are all ready sown with his rant about feeling "too human". Likelihood: ****

Number 1
Chris Jericho- The best in the world at what he does. Touring with his band all over the world, and having a great time with the family if his Twitterpics is any indication. But WWE still needs saving, from John "The biggest threat to WWE" Cena as well as CM "Quit stealing my lines" Punk. He could return as a face or as a heel, as long as he is given a mic and an opponent with a pulse, you know he will entertain. Plothook: There is a champion thinking he is worthy of carying the belt... Likelihood: ***

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  1. Brewer 314's Avatar
    This sucks.
  2. KingOrton's Avatar
    Chris Jericho, Steve Austin, Edge, Batista and Ric Flair (Prime)
  3. knox's Avatar
    Great list, I'm glad you think highly of Michele McCool as well. People bashed her all the time and said she wouldn't have had a career if it wasn't for the Undertaker but did anyone actually take a look at her before making those assumptions.

    She's literally beautiful, one of the most beautiful women alive, she had fierce kicks and actually knew how to wrestle and she was almost 6 foot tall. She had the full package, she clearly would've been a star regardless of the Undertaker and also she made it to the WWE on her own. It isn't like she was a 2nd generation diva like Natalya. Sorry for the rant lol, I'm just a big McCool mark and I miss her lol.

    Your list is awesome. I'd so like to see Batista vs Brock Lesnar. Also I really wanna see Bobby Lashley back in the ring. Great blog though and keep them coming bro
  4. the hybrid boxer's Avatar
    great blog man i 2 wanna see diesel and most def masked kane
  5. TheGhostRider88's Avatar
    Brock Lesnar Goldberg Edge Batista Stone Cold
  6. NigelBarks's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Brewer 314
    This sucks.
    ^^seriously an ugly list, no trish stratus, no lita, no jazz, chris jericho is bound to return so theres no point of him on the list, masked kane? no point, best person u have here is brock lesnar
  7. Rowebin's Avatar
    Loved the Kane idea.
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