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Looking back at Money in the Bank

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I didn't want to voice my opinion directly after this happened because there was too much unknowns. We still don't know what happens at Summerslam but a lot has been built off the MITB PPV. I was there live and it was the first ever live ppv I went to.

The journey begins with a smooth ride all the way to Mannheim road. Several locals decided to turn around from the heavy traffic. Obviously, they were not notified of their hometown hero's appearance at WWE Money in the Bank's main event. After a slow ride, the path to the Allstate Arena opened at last. Long lines formed outside the building. For some reason all the chatter promoted the most despicable superstar, CM Punk. There's nothing like a great Chicago crowd but it's even more special when there very own wrestler has promised to capture WWE gold.

The seats featured little room for long legs even though it's hard to notice when the mind is set on the great pyro display. Before it begins Santino hits a cobra to win in a match against the New Nexus. The crowd goes crazy in support of Santino to one of the biggest pops of the night. Everyone wants ice cream for some reason. Free ice cream sounds fantastic right about now but the only CM Punk ice cream bar is drawn on one woman's amazing sign.

Ladders are set and the Smackdown briefcase is slightly lower so even Sin Cara can reach. Sheamus dominated the match. He nearly broke Sin Cara in half after a high cross through a ladder. This got everyone super buzzed. If Teddy Long inquired who should win the match on the spot, Sheamus chants would fill the smokey arena. Daniel Bryan wins and everyone had that "wtf" look on their faces. Still a sure classic but Bryan has since kept his face persona and wants to headline Wrestlemania instead of cashing in as most have.

"Boring", "CM Punk", and "We want puppies" told the story of what people thought of the K2 vs Brie Bella match. Predictable and boring.

The Mark Henry/Big Show match was next. More people wanted CM Punk. The match was used to give Show a break and Henry a push. It didn't get exciting until Henry broke show's leg. Near by whispering continued as some actually thought Henry's chair move really damaged Show. Kind of funny.

Raw money in the bank time. Evan Bourne got over with some big moves. Disappointment struck when Miz came back from injury to try to win but only fail. They even failed to turn him face which is where it looked as if it was leading. Mysterio demasking is a genuine surprise that WWE doesn't pull off very often. I'm assuming Del Rio/Mysterio used it to help a feud later down the road or it was just a botch like the rest of the ending. For some reason people got behind the luchador in his win. (I still don't see what anyone sees in Del Rio)

Episode 4 of Orton/Christian really? really? really? Ended in DQ really? really? No, obviously so they can have a 5th match and maybe even a 6th match. I lived up to my words and booed Orton as he came out (of course no one could here but the Ortonmaniac sitting next to me.) I hate Orton, think he sucks as a face, can't cut a promo, and is average in ring. Most of the hate is fueled because tons of people boo Cena but everyone cheers Orton. Cena is much better right now.

Finally... the match we've all been waiting for. My bones chilled as CM Punk got a pop big enough to fill his ego. He asked for more and more and got it. The Cena boos were near the biggest Cena boos of all time. Everyone expected a lot from this match, but not even I expected a 33 minute instant classic. (Hooray WWE didn't mess it up!) Cena put in a unique move in there somewhere. The whole match reminded me of the late Rock/Austin classic. Punk kicked out of two AA's and that can only happen in a special match like this. The crowd promised to riot if Punk lost but we still rioted in excitement after he nailed Cena for the three count. Laurinitus got his face rearranged and Del Rio got denied by a Superpunk kick. Sadly, it just ended. Apparently it wasn't shown on PPV that McMahon also knocked Johnny boy out.

The only way to possibly rate this is the best PPV of the pg era. It won't be easy going to another PPV since it will be a challenge to one up 2011 Money in the Bank.

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