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SummerSlam: Cena VS Punk, How will it end?

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Hello everyone, my name is Tetsu V. This is my first blog, stating what I believe will happen at Summerslam with Cena and Punk.

As Summerslam approaches with less than a week away, WWE has already set up matches which(some) are sure to entertain us. But of course, the match everyone is waiting for will be the Cena VS C.M. Punk match for the undisputed title. With so many different ways that this match could go, it leaves you guessing until the very end of the PPV.

I'm pretty sure we have seen the Cena VS C.M. Punk match at Money in the Bank, and I'm pretty certain all of us enjoyed that match. There's no question that the quality of this match has the potential to be just as amazing as the MITB match. In MITB, we saw a wide range of moves, from submission to ground, and to even high flying moves, not just from Punk, but Cena as well. Everyone was on their feet for this match, since it kept going back and forth. Summerslam will be no different, I am pretty sure WWE will not disappoint us in delivering another great match.

With this in mind, how will WWE end this year's Summerslam PPV? There is just so many ways that this match can end, seeing how we have HHH as guest referee and not to mention ADR's MITB Contract.

Option 1: Cena can win this match cleanly with HHH doing nothing heel at all. This would be the "hero" ending, as i would call it, and this would send all the kids home happy, but the downside to this is that its WAYYY too predictable for WWE to want to take this route. I will honestly be disappointed if Summerslam were to end like this, and I'm pretty sure WWE knows better than to go this route.

Option 2: We can have Punk win cleanly with HHH making no heel turn at all. This will be semi-predictable, but I'm pretty sure some people would be happy for Punk to win this. With this option, Punk has the opportunity to perhaps in the future, use this as a way to start a rivalry with Chris Jericho if he returns, with both of them being undisputed champions and proclaiming to be the "Best in the World".

Option 3: Never forget the MITB guy hanging in the back waiting to strike, Alberto Del Rio. It doesn't matter who wins, ADR comes in, cashes in his MITB and having his first title reign. If this option happens, I would be kind of surprised due to the amount of media on Cena and Punk, just to have it completely changed to ADR now. However, I don't believe that this will happen because this simply(in my opinion) isn't the best time for ADR to start a title reign since Cena and Punk and doing amazing in this rivalry right now. One day he'll get his title reign(if he successfully cashes in), but now just doesn't feel like the right time. But hey, it's WWE, they can surprise you.

Option 4: HHH turns heel to screw either Punk or Cena in the match. Everyone knows about how great HHH is as a heel, and I think everyone agrees that HHH has been face for way too long now, so why not make the change at Summerslam? He's going to be the special guest referee, so he can easily make a screwjob of his own, to screw Punk, Cena, or maybe even BOTH of them(unlikely but this will be surprising if it happens) out of their titles. The talk of "egos" that C.M. Punk and HHH had could very well play out in this match and it could possibly lead to his heel turn.

Option 5: Don't forget that there's always that option of a Cena Heel turn.
Sure, I understand that it's unlikely that this will ever happen in the WWE, but also remember that we are entering a new era with HHH. If there is a time for a Cena heel turn, now wouldn't be such a bad time. If this happens, I am assuming that he will turn heel along with HHH, which to most of us, will be a bonus, not only getting a Cena heel turn, but HHH as well. This option will leave us with C.M. Punk being the main face of the company now with Cena being the main heel. Very unlikely, but still possible.

Many ways for Summerslam to end, which way do you think will be the right one? Perhaps it's one of the options that I have said above, or maybe it can even be a mix of them. Hopefully Summerslam will deliver to us a good match with Cena and Punk, with the same or even better quality match compared to MITB and give us an ending that will make us want to tune into RAW for the followup of what happens.

Share your opinions of how you think this match will end. Who will become the undisputed champion? Who do you think will leave Summerslam with the title? Cena? Punk? ADR? or even HHH? Which option do you think will happen at Summerslam? Feel free to mix the options around, or if you like, even make your own predictions for what you think will happen.

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  1. AOF666's Avatar
    I think HHH will screw Cena. There is no way if Punk wins, they let him get a clean win over Super Cena.
  2. nnnnnn's Avatar
    yea get ready for a screw job. HHH is lunching his COO career with one
  3. MizIStheNewCENA's Avatar
    I think WWE will be safe with Cena as a heel. In my house I have an 8yr old boy and 6yr old girl who are marks for the Miz just like any other kid and girl are for Cena right now. Miz will be the new John Cena.
  4. knox's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by MizIStheNewCENA
    I think WWE will be safe with Cena as a heel. In my house I have an 8yr old boy and 6yr old girl who are marks for the Miz just like any other kid and girl are for Cena right now. Miz will be the new John Cena.
    I agree 100%, The Miz as a face will be super over and easily be the new Cena. I for one think HHH will screw Punk by handing Cena a chair and Cena will use it on Punk and win. Thus starting the Triple H & John Cena corporation sort of like Triple H was alligned with McMahon in the old days
  5. The Brown One's Avatar
    I predict Punk to lose the title, so that him and Trips can have a match at Survivor Series (thats the latest plan). Punk has to do something while Jericho returns :P
  6. CrowOfMurders's Avatar
    I like option 2 I'd definitely love to see Jericho bak already, option 3 is not impossible either, WWE's mexican tour is coming up, who knows what the blowbak from the Sin Cara situation might be. Maybe a Del Rio reign would appease their mexican fans?
  7. ssgsanti's Avatar
    Yeah, Punk will get screwed, HHH has no other reason not to but do it. He has to play it right this time for the fans if he doesn't then I don't know. But even with the Punks promos the ratings are not hitting big so, is it a sign that the fans are hating all the talk? Do they miss the crowd pump of Cenation? My opinion as a fan I am not a Punk fan, he is good on the mic and that is all!
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