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Is Wrestlemaina too hard to predict?

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For weeks I've been hearing about an upcoming unification of the two world titles of the two brands in the WWE. My opinion, is that without a doubt, it should be highly considerable. With the unification of the world titles, there would be more worthy contenders for the world title and the possibilities for dream matches are endless. So why not do it. But the only questions are when and where? My answers to those questions are April 3, 2011 at WRESTLEMANIA. That sounds like money too me, don't you think so? The only problem is, what about the Royal Rumble?

Here's what i think about the Royal Rumble, instead of making it for the chance to become the number one contender for either title at Wrestlemania, have the WWE title vacated where as Randy Orton gets injured pretty bad by Nexus and at the Royal Rumble, it will be a 30 man royal rumble for the WWE Championship!!!

By this time, the general manager should be revealed. In my opinion, I think the general manager should be Triple H as a heel to make the storyline even more interesting. After the winner wins the rumble and the title, Triple H reveals himself as the GM and decides to do anything and everything to get it off his hands and take it to become a 14 time champion.

For a month, the WWE champion goes through so much and still keeps the title. At No Way Out, Triple H enforces his GM abilities and decides to face the WWE Champion in a Hell In Cell. Triple H loses and the champion still celebrates. Vince McMahon returns and diminishes Triple H's GM abilities and VKM decides at Wrestlemania that since there was no Royal Rumble winner this year, that the WWE champion will face off against the World Heavyweight Champion to unify the 2 titles. And i know you all are still asking yourselves one question, who are these two champions. Well this gets even much more exciting, at Wrestlemania for the Unification of the World titles, John Cena (WWE Champion) vs. The Undertaker (World Heavyweight Champion)!!! There's so much at stake in this match. Undertaker's Wrestlemania streak and his title and John Cena's title. This would probably be the only time I would ever pay to see Wrestlemania.

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  1. justindlfox's Avatar
    Then Undertaker makes Cena tap in the centre of the ring at Wrestlemania.
  2. Leonardo's Avatar
    two thumbs up ......and higly likely
  3. mitch176's Avatar
    Wouldn't want the titles to get unified, there would be soooo many repurcussions.
  4. Matt's Avatar
    i want them unified but only if they bring a cruiser weight title back and give it a good push and time in the light!
  5. SgtGohan's Avatar
    that would be to much in one match, i mean a world heavy weight, wwe and streak match..
  6. daniel bryan mark's Avatar
    This idea could work... if WWE was acually going to do this. If you unify all the belts and have 1 in each division, there will be too many maineventers and midcarders. They're not going to do it.
  7. HolyJose2391's Avatar
    makes too much sense WWE wouldn't go for it
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