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Top 10 Best Finishers!!!

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Hey guys hope all is well. This is more of a discussion. Everytime I blog or any blogs, it opinionated material with some fact. This is totally opinionated but I really want everyone to chime in on what they think as well. Its all good clean fun guys.

I'm a guy that loves finishers. I'm basically stating my favorite finishers but not exactly the best finishers so bare with me ok.

Top 10 Best Finishers:

10. R.K.O - Randy Orton
One of the quickest moves in the history of this business. I'm not an Orton fan but he got stuck with a pretty awesome move and he hits it with perfection.

BONUS: Pedigree - Triple H
This move is pretty fake when done wrong but for the most part Triple H lands it pretty well.

9. PayLay -AJ Styles
This kick comes out of nowhere as well. It's a pretty basic move if you know how to land a back flip but its much more difficult than it looks. You have to perfect a back flip while making sure you land the kick in the middle of the flip and your opponent has to be positioned perfectly. AJ does this very well.

8. Starship Pain - John Morrison
This move is completely awesome and should probably be alot higher on the list. JoMo botches this move alot but at the sametime its a hard move to execute. I'd rather watch him botch this move than to have his knee go into someone's eye.

7. 619 - Rey Mysterio
One of the most unique moves. Need I even explain. I respect Mysterio and he's the greatest star to ever come out of Mexico.

BONUS: Spear - Goldberg
I like Edge's spear but its so unbelievable to see someone that little pull off a spear strong enough to get the 3-count. Now I hate Goldberg but his spear was just so poweful it should've been illegal. He was a big guy so it was much more organic. Edge is my favorite of all time but I never understood why they would give him that move.

6. Shooting Star Press (AirBourne) - Evan Bourne
Evan Bourne gets so much air on this move and I just feel he's the best at pulling this off.

Billy Kidman's version was very lazy and he barely got any air. Also he injured Chavo very badly back in 2004 when his knee landed on the side of his head. Here it is for those who don't remember.

5. Stunner - Steve Austin
The greatest superstar of all time was given a great move. I rank this move in the top 5 for the simple fact it fits so well with his character. Also Stone Cold has hit this move on many innocent people lol like Vince, Stephanie, Shane, Linda, Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler and the list goes on.

4. F-5 - Brock Lesnar
This is the most dominant move given to a big man. I'm not a fan of the ever popular power bomb or chokeslam because damn near every big guy does it. Brock was very different with his move and even would pull off a moonsault.

BONUS: Figure 4 Leg Lock - Ric Flair
I know many have done this move but Flair did it so perfectly with the dances and his overall charisma and energy.

3. C-4 - Paul Burchill
Definitely an underrated move for an underrated superstar. I was so sad when Burchill lost his job with the WWE. He pulled off every gimmick they gave him including the Pirate gimmick and was very well liked backstage and known for being a hard worker.

He was one of the technicians of this sport and its sucks that he wasn't utilized to his full potential. Definitely was World Champ material. Anyway, for those who are familiar with this move, check it out.

2. Sweet Chin Music - Shawn Michaels
I love this move. He landed it everytime with perfection and I still wonder how he can still get his leg that high lol. Great move.

1. Canadian Destroyer - Petey Williams
Greatest move ever, hands down. Check it out. I miss Petey in TNA.

Didn't realize this would be so long lol, Part II I will cover the worst finishers. And guess what, I'll spoil what the worst finisher will be on the list. HOGAN'S LEG DROP lol.

Thanks guys for reading my blog and please comment and I look forward to having a friendly discussion with you all. I know we all will have different lists but by all means please share your's as well. Thanks guys and be safe.


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  1. midian's Avatar
    10.5 Star Frog Splash - RVD
    9. F -5 - Brock Lesner
    8. Haas Of Pain - Charlie Haas
    7. DDT/Inverted DDT - Various
    6.Unidentified Flying Opponent - Claudio Castagnoli
    5.Guerrero Special - Guerrero Family
    4.Shining Wizard - Great Muta
    3.Tiger Suplex - Tiger Mask
    2.Flip DDT - Lince Dorado
    1.Asai DDT - Ultimo Dragon

    This maybe a different list tomorrow tbh but that is my favorite finishing moves at the moment
  2. Marx's Avatar
    We'll have to agree to disagree.. Kid Kash with the Money Maker, Sabu's Arabian Face buster, Arn Anderson's spinebuster (I really like it, don't know why), Mistico's La Mistica would definitly make my list. I will always be a Sin Cara fan no matter what he botches, because I know he can do this.

    Bret Hart's superplex (if that counts as a finisher) and Goldberg's Jackhammer would be on my list too, though Goldberg's spear truly was brutal. Lesnar's F-5 would have to be included, and I'd include Rick Rude's Ravishing Neckbreaker because off the smirk on his face and the theatrics.. The Canadian Destroyer is one of the sickest moves, I first saw Teddy Hart do it. I've never seen Petey Williams in an actual match, missed out on his regular TNA stint.

    So, for me:

    10: Ravishing Neckbreaker / Superplex / Swanton Bomb (if done from a special place) - Rick Rude, Bret Hart or Jeff Hardy, can't choose (you cheated with the pedigree & figure 4 ;-)_
    9: Jackhammer -Goldberg
    8: F-5 - Brock Lesnar
    7: AA Spinebuster- Arn Anderson
    6: Clothesline from Hell - JBL
    5: Eat Defeat - Gail Kim
    4: Top rope Arabian Facebuster - Sabu (or his chair to rope to opponent DDT)
    3: La Mistica - Mistico/Sin Cara
    2: Money Maker - Kid Kash
    1: Canadian Destroyer - Petey Williams/Teddy Hart

    Thanks for the blog, I enjoyed doing my research..
    Updated 09-07-2011 at 10:54 AM by Marx (Edited Sabu)
  3. Renevious's Avatar
    Hey Knox, how's it going dude? I guess now's as good a time as any to give my opinion of your opinion, lol. RKO is a good move, but I'm just tired of seeing it. And it reminds me of DDP, and he was one of my least favorite wrestlers of all time. I love the Pele' because it comes from nowhere, but I wouldn't consider it a finisher. The Styles Clash is pretty badass in its own right. Starship Pain would be cool if it was done from higher. It's not that Morrison botches, it's that from the top rope it looks like it just wouldn't hurt. There's not enough air time to do all the flips and twists. The times he's done it onto someone outside the ring, it's been sick. I'm totally with you on the spear. I hate Goldberg too, but that shit was one of those moves that every time it happened, you were like "Oooooooh!", but it's not the same with Edge. Not to mention, when he started playing with his hair as a setup, it just bugged me. The 619 is where I have to disagree with you totally. I hate hate hate this move. It's so obvious when an opponent falls on the 2nd rope like that. The setup is just not believable. It was so cool when he used to do that move without anyone in the way. It was just a badass lucha style way to spin around. I miss that. Not to mention, the splash that he follows it up with these days is so lame. He doesn't even jump. It's like he goes to the top and just falls down on his opponent. That might be cool if he was the same size as a 12 year old. I once again agree with you 100% with Air Bourne. Watching him do that shooting star press is just poetry. It's absolute perfection every single time he does it. But I did like Kidman also. I liked how Kidman used to hit it from just about anywhere, especially on the apron. That was cool. Next, I'm no Stone Cold fan by any means, but the stunner speaks for itself. It just got overdone. That's the only bad thing I can say about it. F-5 is just awesome. Lesnar was a beast. That's all there is to that. I can't stand the figure 4 because no one EVER submits in it. It might have been effective back in the 80's, but it must be like 20 years since it's ever actually won a match. The C-4 is awesome, and it's cool to see Morrison doing it these days also. Not to mention, the real Sin Cara doing it from the top rope is just off the chain. I hate the Sweet Chin Music. I can't stand when a little guy like HBK can get destroyed for however long the match is, and then he just pops up with a Superkick and wins. I call BS, but then again, I hate everything about Shawn Michaels. But that's another story for another day, lol. Lastly, I had totally forgotten about both Petey Williams and the Canadian Destroyer until you mentioned it. Man, that move is just sick. I just wish it would've gotten more exposure over the years. A couple of moves I would've liked to have seen on the list would be the DDT (only the Jake Roberts one), and the Perfect Plex. Those were always awesome to me. But, like I always say, we respect each others opinions, and that's what makes this stuff so fun to read. Thanks for the material, and keep 'em coming. Take care and spike your hair, WWWYKI! Later.
  4. Renevious's Avatar
    One other one I just thought of (and maybe someone can help jog my memory because I forgot the name of it) is definitely that spike piledriver thing that Jerry Lynn does. That move is the shit. Thanks.
  5. midian's Avatar
    @ Renevious

    Would that be the Cradle Piledriver by Jerry Lynn???

    Also talking about spears people seem to be forgetting Rhino's Gore
  6. midian's Avatar
  7. Asherdelampyr's Avatar
    @renevious didn't read your first comment because it was too much text. but in answer to your second, that is the cradle shock piledriver if memory serves

    @knox good list, I personally would add the Tombstone Piledriver in or around no 5. the way Taker does it (or at least did when he was younger) not only fit perfectly with his character, but just looked good.
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