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WWE Class of 2012

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Hey everyone
This is my first blog so I thought since everyone was writing there predictions on WM28 I would change it up a bit and see if you agree with my predictions for the HOF for 2012. All comments welcome.

1. Edge-This I think is a for sure lock. Multiple world titles, IC champ, Tag Team and so on. The only thing that would be better is to see WM29 in Toronto but it dont think that will happen.

2.Randy Savage-Should have been in a long time ago. I would have to love to hear OH YEAH on more time, he deserves to go in. RIP Macho Man

3. Demolition-Great Tag Team champions,paved the way for tag team wrestling I believe with the makeup and the outfits. Demolition were innovators at the time and I think they deserve to be in there.

4.Rick "The Model" Martel-So he did not win any big single championship, but he was great techniqual wrestler, had impressive royal rumbles and played the character of the model awesome. Great Tag team and single wrestler.

5.Jimmy Hart-Probably one of the greatest managers in wrestling history. Managed tag teams champs, IC champs great on the microphone.

6.Jake the Snake-Personal problems aside, Jake was amazing. Sure he did not win any championship but as Paul Heyman said "There's a guy that has it". His mic skills were amazing and he was the set up man for people to take on Hogan. For that Jake deserves the HOF.

Thats all I can think of for this year, please no more celebs. If you guys can think of anyone else let me know.

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  1. Marx's Avatar
    I would love to see Jake the Snake go in. I recently watched Pick Your Poison, and wish the guy all the best in the time that lasts him. By definition I respect guys that know their role in the business and play it, Jerry Lynn is another example.

    The Jake the Snake 'I don't have to scream, because a long time ago I learned one thing: that if a man has enough power he can speak softly and everyone will listen'-promo is one of the best promo's ever. I'd love to see them play it if he gets inducted, and hope the WWE-superstars in the audience take notes.
  2. Krakzor's Avatar
    Definitely Snooki for her dramatic role in Wrestlemania last year

    She better not be inducted, ever. All kidding aside, the list seems good. A lot of people will get on the WWE for paying attention to Savage only after he is killed, but it'd still be better than never putting him in at all. He deserves it
  3. NaterD4's Avatar
    Jimmy Hart is already in the WWE Hall of Fame. He was inducted in 2005.
  4. No_1eddiefan's Avatar
    The Rock? With it being in Miami and all?
  5. dmt4life's Avatar
    sorry man, but Edge will not be apart of the 2012 class, not with all indications pointing to Wrestlemania 29 being in Toronto, Adam Copeland's home town, WWE will intentionally keep Edge off class of 2012 if that is the case, why do it this year in Miami when Edge can be inducted in his home town

    a big name replacement for Edge will most likely be Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, simply because he is all but retired, yes he's coming back for a match, but he wouldnt be the first to return and wrestle a little bit after being inducted to the HoF, and think about it, its Miami, Rocks home town, this is a no brainer

    as for Jake, two things will have to happen before the WWE will induct him, 1. He has to prove to them he is off drugs and alcohol, something he hasnt been able to do yet 2. he will have to die, WWE has hinted at this on several occasions

    Savage is a shoe in since his passing

    Obvious 2012 class
    The Rock
    Randy Savage

    Most Likely 2013 class if held in Toronto
    Trish Stratus
    Owen Hart <---- you know its coming if Toronto gets WM29
    Updated 08-08-2011 at 11:37 AM by dmt4life
  6. Marx's Avatar
    Owen Hart will never be inducted, because his wife will never give WWE the consent to do so. If they could, they would have probably done it already.
  7. SkilletBoi's Avatar
    Edge would be way too soon.
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