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The Next Big Thing

Is there any sugar daddys out there who like wrestling?

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What wrestling really needs at the moment, more than absolutely anything, is somebody to go toe-to-toe with Vince McMahons epic empire in Stamford Conneticut.

WWE may be on to a winner with this CM Punk storyline, but don't let that fool you. More than likely, it is going to get fucked up. Now, I am an optimist. I really really hope that what is happening now in the world of wrestling is a major shift in the direction of the WWE. Let's face it, TNA (or Impact) don't have a leg to stand on. There is potential, but what has been written to death by now is how the company is run by complete morons, and people are right about this. Whatever positives there are, they get thrown out the window as soon as they have started. I consider myself a WWE head (or mark, which is a phrase I hate) but for a few years I had been interested in TNA. Not anymore though. Surely the criticism I have read on the net has played a part in my interest loss, it could be the fact that wwe finally has had a storyline that has peaked my interest, but the matter is that I don't even watch anymore. I will flick on for a bit, but not long. I will know who is in the main event at the next pay per view, but the next time I check it out they will be hyping up the next pay per view. I started watching TNA about 06/07 when Christian then Kurt Angle joined, and I liked it. Now I have lost complete interest in Mr Anderson as a character and as a presence. Why? Because this must be his fourth heel run since joining TNA, and it's only been about a year. That basically sums up the whole organisation in my viewpoint, too many heel and face turns, next time I turn them on, somebody will be in a major angle with somebody they turned on, the next week, theyll be face again for some illogical reason. All of their talent is held back. Fortune should be the TNA version of Evolution, but what do I know what makes sense.

TNA had all the potential in the world, but every opportunity they have had has been squandered and WWE now "owns" the things that they are in charge of. I like Sting's gimmick, and I think Brian Kendrick is hilarious, but I don't see anything else they are doing right. Joe should be the man, regardless of weight issues. WWE would be doing a great move if they ever signed him, even Austin thinks so.

At one point, TNA looked on the way up. Then "they" came. WWE has stolen a march on TNA in every department. Whereas Bischoff and his idiot mates completely ignore their fans, WWE has eaten humble pie and are finally listening to their fans. If anybody should be listening to their fans, it is TNA.

What wrestling really needs is a new organistaion set up from the get go. It needs to be set up and owned by somebody with mega-mega bucks who wants to compete with Vince McMahon. Not only that, they must have a passion for wrestling, or at least a place in their heart. They need not only people with credentials to be put in charge, but people who genuinely love the industry. Step forward Jim Cornette or Paul Heyman. Heyman, is a genius in character development and spotting. As long as he is not in charge of the finance end, his involvement is golden. A brand new promotion would be fresh, nothing holding them back limitation wise. Get some of the best talent there is, get people disheartened at the WWE product like Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas, MVP and Carlito, real athletes and entertainers. People misused by TNA like Samoa Joe, Daniels, AJ Styles and Abyss. Really with TNA the list is endless. But just as importantly, have a close knit "family" like environment to make competition with. Trustworthy people full of integrity that know how to make the business work for everyone instead of their own benefits. Run it like a business, listen to your customers, treat your staff as if they are important. And most imprtantly, a top network slot with heaps of advertising behind it.

I admit, this sounds a little dim and there would be a whole lot more work to do, but the very best idea's have a simple overview. A vision is needed and the vision must be simple for everybody involved to understand. Tweaks are inevitable, but they must be small compared to the overall picture. Most importantly of all, the people put in charge by mr mega bucks have to buy in to what they are doing. There is a lot of people in the industry who feel hard done by WWE and are sceptical of anything being achieved. This is because the E is a major industry. No small promotion like ROH (Potential on a high scale however) or TNA (Awful reputation with too much bad factors in it) that stands a chance against Titan Towers, and there too established.

Heres an example. I am from Ireland, and we watch the English Premiership (Footy). The league over there has gone from strength to strength, I imagine it is probably now on a par with the NFL in terms of investment (though I don't watch American sports so I'm probablt wrong). Two teams have completely turned around their fortunes and become mega powers in the last decade because of sugar daddy's. Chelsea and Manchester City. Chelsea were a well liked club for a few years that went through a pretty decent patch after years of mediocrity, though not competitive as they would have liked to be. In 2003, they were purchased by Russian Oligarch Roman Abramovich. Since then, huge money has been invested and they have finished in the top two in 6 of the last 7 league years. Manchester City have been the butt of Manchester United jokes for many, many a year. In 2008, they were bought out by Sheikh Mansour from Saudi Arabia or UAE (not entirely sure which one lol). The investment that has been made has completely dwarfed what Chelsea invested in only the space of 3 years. They are now established and it is only a matter of time before they are completely dominant. In 3 years, they have turned themselves from a laughing stock (think TNA compared to WWE, thats where Man City was) and they are very very close to becoming the dominant side in Manchester and the whole of England (I can imagine the scathing if any United fans read this).

If wrestling is to be enjoyable again and full of life, a major benefactor needs to compete with VKM. Simple as that.

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  1. AOF666's Avatar
    Missing the most important thing: Someone needs have the grapefruits to tell Hogan no and let him know what his role is and not let him bury all their talent behind his little club.
  2. BigDawgXIV's Avatar
    So True, A Great Read, except when you said that it's a matter of time before Man city are completely dominant...NOPE!! GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED FOREVER!

  3. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    United were really fucking brilliant today that second goal was a beaut
  4. Sondreg's Avatar
    "WWE may be on to a winner with this CM Punk storyline, but don't let that fool you. More than likely, it is going to get fucked up. Now, I am an optimist." LOL
  5. Theiconsting's Avatar
    I have thought the exact same about the E for about 6 years or so! The E just has the same old champions the same main eventers Cena & Orton for so long are you blind or what? The E has had one good Punk storyline & they have fucked that up already by bringing him back way to soon. At least TNA trys new things & doesnt do the same old shit time & time again.
  6. eire attitude 91's Avatar
    anyway the most important thig is good management as you said, but the sugar daddy product can be ruined by mismanagement eg wcw when turners millions were wasted by bischoff ad the company was destroyed. the origional ecw was an example of a company without huge financial muscle competing with the other two main players (like everton, villa etc) . tna was doing well without megabucks owners and with mismanagement has blown its momentum ( like aston villa), and allowed roh to catch up and compete with them, i think we will see roh and tna compete over distant 2nd place as opposed to either of them taking on wwe for the foreseable future. wwe blew tna out of the water when hogan tried
  7. HungOver's Avatar
    Agreed 100%.The problems consist of Hogan and Bischoff.Dixie needs to wake up and listen to there loyal fans.i heard she even cancelled her facebook r twitter account due to backlash from fans.There story lines just don't make sense and are often rushed instead giving it time to build up.Rightly said about Anderson also,his gimmick is a joke and cant even cut a good promo any more.
    I started watching TNA about 5 years ago and i got to tell you,loved what i saw.6 sided ring,X division at it peak and even the odd legend popping in.It was excitement now its just pathetic.
    I have high hopes for ROH,there on the right track,(great to see Lethal back),Maybe a sugar daddy could invest in them and pull for a tv deal down the line.

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