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STATE OF THE 'E: The Streak

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Now... there's a LOT of talk about WRESTLEMANIA XXVIII already... no, not about The Rock VS. John Cena but, about something else... the fabled "Streak" of the UnderTaker. MANY a Superstar have fallen to the Deadman at "The Grandest Stage Of All". 19 to be exact and he has never lost at the big dance. There have been a few times "The Streak" was in jeopardy but not fully. I'm going to dissect IN MY OPINION who the "Top 5" guys are that even have a viable shot at beating him. But, first I'm going to give my "5 Least Likely" and a brief explanation as to why. So, lets get into this...


05.) MICK FOLEY -- A lot of people are saying that in September when his contract expires that he will be back in THE 'E. Now, we all know this is more than likely going to happen. He's even stated that he wants on more BIG MATCH! This has a bunch of people calling for a HELL IN THE CELL rematch. But given the conditions of these two great warriors, I doubt we'll see that magic ever happen again. Let alone @ WrestleMania.

04.) CHRIS JERICHO -- I know he's stated that he wants to be the one and that he feels he deserves it but the truth of the matter is, they currently started something that may happen between himself and CM Punk to lead into WrestlemaMania next year. I wouldn't be surprised to see CM Punk and Y2J tear the house down on that one but alas, UnderTaker is nowhere near to be seen here.

03.) TRIPLE H -- IHe stated that when the time was right and The Deadman came back, he'll be waiting. Recently Haitch has taken over as the COO of THE 'E and is apparently no longer wrestling. We've seen hints on that ending soon enough though because a short term program seems to be developing between himself and CM Punk for Survivor Series. Now that doesn't rule Haitch out but I feel it lessens his possibilities considering we don't know when this feud may end.

02.) THE MIZ -- Really? Really? REALLY? The Miz is nowhere near coming close to The UnderTaker on this one. He's accomplished a lot but that doesn't honestly mean a damn thing. He's still not an "it" guy. If you have someone take "The Streak" you'd want someone who has long term goals with the company. I can honestly see The Miz pulling a Jericho in a couple years and not even being there.

01.) BATISTA -- Yes, his MMA career is over but that in no way means he's coming back to THE 'E. He's happy right now doing his work at the newly opened Gym. He's happy he doesn't have all of that muscle mass anymore and on the road. He's in the best condition of his life right now. I honestly don't think we'll see him in the ring anytime soon, if ever again.

Like I said, this blog is being broken down into two categories, those were the people LEAST LIKELY to face The UnderTaker @ next year's WrestleMania. It was done in countdown form. The next list is the MOST LIKELY to face The Undertaker @ next year's WrestleMania. It will also be done in countdown form.


05.) SHEAMUS -- Right now he's in a feud as a face with Mark Henry. This is his first turn as face so expect it to go on for a while. I can honestly see him having nothing to do come November so why not place him in a feud with The UnderTaker and do a slow build?

04.) CODY RHODES -- He's got a load of talent and can talk his ass off. With his gimmick he could make it work, and with him being on Smackdown! and running a feud with Daniel Bryan currently, I don't know what the plans will be for him come WrestleMania time but remember, he did beat Mysterio this year...

03.) DANIEL BRYAN -- He's had a bit of a big time streak going on right now. He's won MITB, he's looking good against Wade Barrett and Mr. Rhodes himself. Bryan has a chip on his shoulder and he's already announced that he's taking on whoever the World Heavyweight Champion is at WrestleMania is next year so, why couldn't UnderTaker come back and win the Championship @ Elimination Chamber per say, setting the match up?

02.) KANE -- His "Brother" and him have had the longest feud I believe... ever. You could easily give this one to him. Make The UnderTaker 19-1 against his "little brother". They've beaten each other up and down the USA and all around the World. Bring it home one last time...

01.) WADE BARRETT -- There's much discussion that UnderTaker still has unfinished business with Barrett after The Nexus buried him alive last year. We all know how The Deadman hates being buried. And not to mention, if done right, we could see the rebirth of The Nexus as well. Nothing like some good old fashioned interference and controversy leading to his downfall.

Now again, this is my list. Agree or not, it's up to you. I believe in all honesty that The UnderTaker should be able to retire undefeated at WrestleMania, I understand it's good to go out like a gentleman but dammit, Mark has deserved everything he's had in THE 'E. He's been loyal since 1991 and should be able to go out how he wants. Yeah, it may look selfish to the IWC in the end if he chooses to do that but, who cares? It's his career and again, he should be able to end it like he wants to.

Instead of calling me an idiot for my choices, why don't you throw yours out there and we can get some good conversation going... it is August after all and we'll surely change out minds 9,000 times between now and then. So please if you must you can leave deragartory statements but, I'd perfer you not. Have fun discussing though.

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  1. Synned's Avatar
    Few Things,i been thinking about how they SHOULD end the streak.(sadly i don't think it will ever happen) WM28: Mick Foley Vs Taker why? Mick Foley said numous times in his book that he enjoyed working with the undertaker. it would be a Street Fight like last year. Mick Foley and Undertaker battle back and forth,but in the end Undertaker wins,and isn't seen till 2013

    Move on to Smackdown After the royal rumble, Undertaker returns,makes a big speech about no one in the WWE can end his streak,and if someone can he will retire. Suddenly the lights go dark,and after a moment they come back on. Everyone looks around confused,but at the top of the ramp,lays a black baseball bat. Now from then till Elmination Chamber nothing comes of it. Untill the Following raw. Lights out go out and vairus people get knocked out and left laying in the ring in the middle of the matchs followed by undertakers trademarked Bell Toll Sound. Now Undertaker comes out and demands to find out who it is. We never seen undertaker this spooked before. Lights go black,then back on with in 30 seconds,and its STING. Sting then klocks the undertaker and end taht raw. Now on the following smackdown Sting comes on saying how he got tired for working for hogan nad his ego,and he wanted a challange. after hearing storys from mick foley he wanted a pieace of the undertaker. now the weeks following leading to WM 29 undertaker and sting play mindgames with each other,leading up WM29. I havn't figured out how Sting would win and what kind of match it would be. but it would be a classic,Sting would be happy,undertaker will be happy and WWE can still what is left of the TNA fans who stick around for sting.
  2. xJesseex's Avatar
    With all due respect, I think Undertaker should just stay on the sidelines. He's much too old to be competing in hour-long matches. His body has let him know many times that it can't take that kind of abuse anymore, even if it is only once a year. When a man is forced to have surgery after every Wrestlemania, maybe that's a sign to retire. We can't keep waiting EVERY year to see The Undertaker, especially knowing we won't see him until next WM. I love The Dead Man and really don't want him turning into Hulk Hogan. He beat HHH, he beat Shawn Michaels, let that be the end of it. Start a new streak with a younger talent. I hate that WWE keeps having to travel back in time for storyline ideas. We can't keep looking to The Undertaker for "one more match" ever year. I think he left well, he had an incredible match with Triple H, and the two in a way retired together. I think its time we all move on, and created a fresh start for WrestleMania. Although I don't believe The Rock vs. John Cena is a step in the right direction...
  3. RatedR's Avatar
    Very interesting I personally would love to see Foley vs. Taker at WM28. I hope the streak would stay but I have also been thinking that if the WWE wanted to bring up someone new like Rhodes, Dibase, basically a mid-carder to main event status they should take on the undertaker at WM. I think a rematch between orton also could be a possibilty with the "legend killer" coming back
  4. steveorton's Avatar
    Nice blog and I too believe Taker should leave undefeated at Wrestlemania, I'm jus sayin...

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