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What the WWE truly needs

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What's up everyone? This is longtime EWN browser and lifetime WWE fan (and superstar of the Smackdown videogames) kingez, aka Zac Funari (you may have seen me post in the comment sections before). The purpose of this blog is to share my opinion on what the WWE truly needs to be awesome again. I'm a wrestling fan, so I like the wrestling product no matter how crappy creative has gotten. And lately WWE has been pretty crappy on the creative side (aside from, of course, CM Punk's recent explosion). Now could I or even you put together a better story than they've been producing? Maybe, maybe not. But that doesn't mean we can't share our opinions. Blasting WWE creative is commonplace, and its not entirely fair to compare today's product to that of the attitude era but its inevitable given the day and age we live in. Creative has lost touch with the fans though, and that is a problem. Its not like they can't go online and find out what the fans want these days.

So what's the solution? I don't think there is any one solution that will save the WWE (yes Chris Jericho, that even means you). Anyone can say "well they need to push younger talent and utilize underutilized wrestlers" and "get rid of this PG crap". I don't despise the PG era, but I do sorely miss the good ol' days of TV-14 when bitch and ass were commonplace. And puppies were nice too I hate to say this but in WWE's defense it is difficult to push younger talent when teh crowd isn't into them at all. Its one thing to be lightly cheered or lightly booed, but when the crowd is silent to your entrance and match? Not good. Now the WWE does need to push younger and underutilized talent, that's a given. I see why they are hesitant though, it could be bad for business. Or it could be brilliant and the next huge superstar could be born (Check Survivor Series 1996 with the debut of Rocky Maiavia. Piss poor crowd reaction initially, turns into arguably the biggest superstar WWE has ever seen). Business needs risks, as I know Vince McMahon knows. You have to take risks to succeed. WWE has stopped taking risks. Its good for the little Jimmy's out there, but bad for us seasoned fans. Take a risk with a young talent and see what happens. Its not like there's a shortage of young talent these days. If one bombs, shell out another. That's how the WWE's machine works.

So now to the meat and potatoes: What the WWE truly needs to thrive again. They need as i mentioned above to take more risks with talent and storylines and quit playing it safe. Now there are 2 other things they desperately need, 1 of which is possible and the other, well, not so much: 1) A new superstar and 2)Legitimate competition. The WWE hit a homerun with CM Punk. He can be the new superstar the WWE so desperately needs. I've always been a huge CM Punk fan and thought he's been underutilized since Day 1. I'm thrilled they're finally letting him fulfil his potential. At least they are for now. Recent history would suggest his time will end and Cena's time will unfortunately still be now, but I doubt that will happen because they need another superstar and CM Punk is that guy. Now that they're letting him run with it, they should give credibility back to the other titles (intercontinental and US) and develop young talent with those (they're onto something with Ziggler, they just need to give him a little bit more of a push and then guys like him, Kofi, Ryder, Riley, and Bourne can really take off). So they are on the right track with CM Punk. They need to do something else with Del Rio though, and stop force feeding me him. Stop telling me his destiny. What has he done other than win the Rumble and Money in the Bank? He hasn't shown me anything spectacular. Blow me away with an amazing match or show me some excellent mic skills. I'm not impressed with Del Rio and that's because they have just been forcing how good this guy is down my throat and not showing me. CM Punk though is right on track and hopefully he becomes the next huge superstar the WWE needs and opens the doors for others (I'm looking at you Riley).

As for the second thing the WWE needs, legitimate competition, that aint gonna happen anytime soon unless they create it themselves (which won't happen) or TNA, ROH, and New Japan all join forces and create a mega brand, which doesn't seem likely either. So since there isnt a better overall product (we all know ROH has better wrestling, but the overall product isn't better) out there and nobody is even close, the WWE doesn't have to go that extra mile to be great. They know they're great and the best and have been for a long time now. They know that nobody is threatening them at all like WCW did. Therefore, we get what CM Punk perfectly described as the WWE Brand because what else is there? Impact Wrestling? I like the roster but the people in charge and execution is piss poor. Like I said, there is no better complete overall product out there now or on the horizon to threaten and push the WWE. And since that's the case, we're going to be treated with a mediocre WWE product instead of the edgy product we want.

The WWE needs to capitalize on CM Punk and create a new Superstar. Then hopefully the Miz, Riley, Del Rio, and others can follow suit and become as much as I hate saying this the next core like Triple H, Rock, Michaels, Austin, and Taker (there is obviously no comparison here, but I'm just trying to get my point across). We have Cena, Orton, Christian (finally), and now Punk. We need more so we'll see what happens. Since there is no competition for the WWE, we'll have to settle for what we get.

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  1. BiG-NeL's Avatar
    Cool Blog !
  2. gravesismizfan's Avatar
    Turn cena heel have him turn on fans
  3. Dr Vries's Avatar
    Interesting Blog, and I have to agree on allmost everything.
    BTW I remember you from
  4. kingez77's Avatar
    thanks nel. Mizfan as much as i'd love to see cena turn heel and freshen up his act, i just doesn't make sense for him to turn heel now unless they have another superstar who can play to the kiddies and that they're willing to push. come to think of it they could push rey mysterio to cena's level if they committed to him, but that more than likely won't happen unfortunately. When they're ready to push someone to the level they've pushed cena and can connect with the kids like he can, we wont get a heel cena. and dr vries can't believe you remember me from that lol

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