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Was That A Poot? Blog 1: Making Wrestling Believable Again

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Okay guys this is my first blog here on ewrestlingnews, so have patience with me as I get used to posting here. My name is James and I'm from Alabama (insert dueling banjo's them here) but for entertainment purposes I go by Poot-Hair. Why Poot-Hair you ask? It's a long story full of crying and snot wiping. Let's just say it took alot of soap to wash the dirt.....and poo off my soul. With that being said, onto my first topic which is making wrestling believable again.

In this modern day and time, how does a wrestling or "entertainment" company make their product real and believable again? We all remember in the 90's and early 2000's we were all hanging on every word our favorite wrestler said, eagerly anticipating the next week's show so we could see more. But with the IWC running rampant nowadays with all the latest spoilers, updates, and gossips, this feat may prove to be easier said and done but it IS possible.

1.) Wrestling Characters should stay in character. This is easy enough right? You can't be "Joe Blow Wrestling Menace" on TV, then post a vlog of you holding a puppy while crying as you watch the latest chick flick. With the internet fans and such on different social media sites, it really makes a fan's favorite wrestler seem fake. Return to a more eighties-esque time where characters stayed in character.

2.) Use Social Media sites to your benefit. This sort of ties into what I was just saying about characters staying in character. If you have two wrestlers currently in a fued, those two wrestlers should be contantly at each other thru twitter or any other site. Bash the crap out of the other guy, lay into him at every chance. A good example of this is what The Rock (when he has the "time" to talk about wrestling stuff) and John Cena are doing now. These two are having a twitter war and some of this stuff is classic. Use twitter to sell your fued, and it'll appear to be more real.

3.) Sell, Sell, Sell. To me it seems that very few wrestlers know how to actually sell an injury throughout a match. You'll have one wrestler attack another's knee the entire match, over and over again, unmercifully then have the other wrestler bouncing off the ropes like nothing ever happened (super Cena anyone?) and putting him on his shoulders, walking around like nothing happened. I cannot stress enough the importance of selling an injury thoughout a match to help with the "storytelling" of a match. Hell even having the knee heavily bandaged the next week after a grueling match the former wouldn't be too much in my opinion. I mean if I spent 20 minutes kicking and stomping you over and over in the knee, wouldn't your knee be sore for awhile?

Well hopefully there was 3 pretty good ways that wrestling can be made more realistic and believable again. I appologize if it was too long as this is my very first blog ever. Feel free to comment, bash, whatever below. Hope you all enjoy, and until next time!! Peace out

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  1. Poot-Hair's Avatar
    I'm thinking on doing another blog soon, what do you guys think? Should I give it another go? *CPR'S the dueling banjo players until help arrives* lmfao
  2. knox's Avatar
    I think your blog is pretty good. I mean nobody thinks this stuff is real but atleast your ideas are a start to making the product look more genuine. I think wrestling is like a movie. If I'm watching Angelina Jolie in Salt and she's not selling the action part than its no longer entertaining for me.

    Same with wrestling, these guys have to sell their feuds, matches, and injuries. I agree with your blog 100%
  3. clh2285's Avatar
    Go for it, Sir Poot
  4. shanethewolf's Avatar
    You're right, the art of selling is seriously lacking these days! If you watch classic matches with guys like Bret Hart, Mr Perfect, Shawn Michaels and even Triple H, the way they sell is what made their matches so great.

    I'm not just talking about selling moves or injuries either. They would show fatigue, despair and emotion through the match. You would often have one guy dominating the other for a good part of the match and then the opponent would get a lucky strike or dodge a move and mount a believable come back. Those matches really told a story and drew the fans in.

    One of my all time favourite matches is Bret Hart vs. British Bulldog for the intercontinental championship. There are points during that match where you really feel their despair because no matter how hard they try or what they throw each other, they just can't get the pin. Also, whenever Bret would lose, you would see him sitting in the ring with his head down, looking genuinely upset and broken down. When you have this kind of selling in a match, you really don't need soap opera storylines or great promos. Not only does this put over the match and both wrestlers, but it makes that title mean something. You rarely see that any more.
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  5. belleza's Avatar
  6. Poot-Hair's Avatar
    why thank you miss/mrs. belleza, i appreciate that you like my blog. and i like the fact that you comment on my blog cause now i can look at your picture . if you like this one, check out my latest! The Pooted Hairs has spoken..
  7. MindlessRanter's Avatar
    *Claps* Bravo, Mr. Poot-Hair, short, but sweet and to the point. I was actually going to do a blog like this myself and hopefully you won't be insulted if I do. This is what wrestling needs, to be believable again. The number one rule in wrestling should always be, do NOT break kayfabe! Good job, sir, and keep bloggeringing...errr, ah screw it, it's late.
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