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Unpredictability Is Back In WWE Programming

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It's been a while since I felt this excited to be a wrestling fan. Lots of things are going on, particularly in the WWE. We got a white hot CM Punk dishing out compelling TV moments and freshening up the main event scene. Since Punk made that shoot promo on RAW Roulette in June, a wave just seemed to take over the product as a whole. We've gotten breakout heel performances from R-Truth as the stereotypical "Conspiracy Theorist", Mark Henry as the destructive and dominate monster on Smackdown!, Christian as the classic cowardly heel, and The Miz as the loud-mouth with an attitude. Plus, we even got an interesting storyline involving the divas (ABOUT TIME!) where Beth Phoenix and Natalya have separated themselves from the "barbie dolls" and stood out as the "female wrestlers" of the bunch. Cody Rhode reigns as the new IC champion, which is a good choice for a title holder and a man I know can bring prestige back to the title. Same goes for Dolph Ziggler who is doing a damn good job as US champ and I'm really enjoying the heated relationship between him and Vickie at this point in time. I also see Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga are being featured more and building some chemistry with one another (although I still believe they need to drop those belts). Not to mention, we got Triple H as the new COO and Jim Ross back behind the commentary desk on RAW. Oh, and I can't forget about Daniel Bryan as Mr. Money In The Bank and his whole thing about cashing in at Wrestlemania 28.

Then at Summerslam 2011 where we thought we knew all the answers, WWE changes the questions. Everyone expected a screw job finish with Triple H involved in the match against CM Punk and John Cena. Surprisingly, Triple H called the match cleanly and Cena (controversially of course) lost to Punk. Afterwards, Kevin Nash made his first appearance since Royal Rumble 2011 and attacked Punk, shocking us all. Then, if that wasn't crazy enough, Alberto Del Rio races to the ring, cashes in his MITB briefcase, and wins the WWE Undisputed championship off of CM Punk. This opened up a whole new set of windows and created even more questions to be answered by WWE.

And I love it ...

I've grown tired of the days where everything seems so predictable. Being able to predict who is going to win and foreseeing how a storyline will turn out. However, lately WWE has managed to keep me guessing and keep me interested in what they do on their television programs. Yeah, I've noticed a lot of the internet smarks aren't too happy about it because for the first time in a while, they CAN'T predict what might happen. They want to control everything. They want WWE to write the shows how they want them written, they want them to put over the talents they like, and cater to their every will. Well, WWE was gracious enough to give them somewhat of what they want, but were smart enough to swerve them and not let them feel like they can control the sport. Instead of answering the questions created by the Internet Wrestling Community, WWE is creating the questions and leaving us wondering what the answers are. THIS is how it should be! It makes for good TV when we are the ones left wondering what will happen, not WWE giving us what we want EVERY SINGLE WEEK. So then, when they do decide to cater to what the internet smarks want, it means more.

I applaud WWE for finally finding away to keep us guessing. I mean, if you can manage to keep the internet smarks guessing, you're doing your job. I love it when everything is up in the air when it comes to matches. It gives it that feeling ANYTHING can happen and gives us a reason to tune in. Let's hope WWE continues to build this up and perhaps lead the wrestling industry into another golden era. My hat goes off to the WWE. Let's see how long it stays off .....

Thank you for reading. Feedback and comments are appreciated.

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  1. wwe=awesome's Avatar
    great blog man, i feel the exact same way, i mean lately raw has been a must see, im puting things off and making sure that every monday night im watching raw from start to finish, i havnt done that for 2 years, ofcourse ive been following storylines and all that but really the only time i would really tune in was the road to wrestlemania but for the last 2 months its been SO DAMN GOOD, i even ordered money in the bank and summerslam and i never order ppv's besides mania and its just a really good time to be a fan, it makes me sick how many people are still complaining when i havnt seen a single thing wrong. i mean yeah its not perfect but no company is, like i said great blog and it's good to see we both are enjoying what the wwe is doing right now
  2. Hesterica's Avatar
    Internet marks will always have something to bitch about whether its the WWE or Impact Wrestling. You know why wrestling ain't like it used to be? Because we aren't kids anymore and we think too much about the product! Just watch and enjoy the wrestlers beat each other up.
  3. The_Franchise's Avatar
    I can agree. I'm actually more into the WWE now then I have been in a long time. I was actually counting down the mins to RAW this week & I haven't done that in a while. I just wonder how long the WWE can keep the Punk storyline fresh? How many ways can they twist and turn this thing to keep it interesting? I don't know but I want to find out.
  4. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    absolutely brilliant blog that I suspect has shut up many of the smarks before they get an opportunity to complain. I like the way things are going, Cena has got a beef with del rio, punk is pre occupied with nash trips and steph, and you know that punk-cena arent finished with each other and punk-del rio are going to lock up properly sometime. the mid card roster is really good at the moment (maybe it looks this way because the upper card looks great), sheamus is a fresh babyface. I think its typical of smarks that they complain for years and years for christian to be elevated to the top and complain as soon as hes in a program for two months. I can imagine the collective groans if orton and christian keep feuding with each other, having "yet another match".
  5. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    and another thing, aren't we all supposed to miss the classic lengthy feud anyway, orton-christian's only been happening for about 4 months but for half this period there has been a lot of "this has to end" talk.
  6. nafeesgreat1's Avatar
    Excellent blog,exactly my thoughts about the unpredictability back 2 wwe,,After watching a raw we desperately wait for the next week,But 1 thing i wanna add here is smackdown is also in need of a similar storyline,Smackdown is still predictable if u ask me,orton coming on top @ the end of every show.We dont wait for the next smackdown do we?
  7. knox's Avatar
    I'd have to agree with your blog. The Kevin Nash thing threw me off. And who'd a thought this Cena Punk feud would come to the point in which neither of them are champ? Great booking by WWE even though I still feel Punk's return came too quick.

    Regardless, your blog is spot on. Makes me wonder if Daniel Bryan will actually cash in before wrestlemania or lose the briefcase to Wade Barrett, who knows?
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