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WWE Drops The Ball With Gail Kim!

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You read the title. You know where this is going. Fasten your seatbelts.

Well, it's that time of the year again where WWE does its spring (or in this case summer) cleaning and cuts some loose fat from the roster. The fat that got cut this year (so far at least) is Vladimir Kozlov, Chris Masters, DH Smith, Melina, and one that really hit home for me, Gail Kim. Now the sad thing is -- the biggest losses out of this released bunch are the divas and they aren't utilized all that much. Melina is a great talent and a great worker, but if rumors and reports speaks truth about her attitude and causing headaches backstage in an already stressful environment; she had it coming to her. However, this blog isn't about Melina or the other three who got released. This is about the woman who QUIT .

Now, let me make this VERY clear. I am happy Gail Kim quit. I am proud that she took a stand against how crappy the divas were being treated and decided to act out on her own. The fact that she is free to do whatever she wants means the entire world to me. I'd rather see her putting on great matches in TNA or ROH than see her NOT being used in WWE. Gail Kim is one of the top athletes in this business and the funny thing is -- SHE IS A FUCKING FEMALE! Hey, to all the people who say female wrestling isn't all that good and isn't supposed to be taken seriously, watch some Gail Kim matches and get educated.

Okay, so why am I upset? Because once again WWE drops the fucking ball with Gail Kim. Fuck up once, okay. Fuck up twice? Seriously, come on. When they brought her in the first time, they pushed her WAY too fast and had her win the women's title strap in her debut match, making people reject her. Then on her second run, they brought her in and did the complete opposite -- they didn't push her at all! Why does it have to be one extreme or the other with WWE? Also, let me ask you this. What the fuck is so hard with pushing someone like Gail Kim? She doesn't necessary need a character or gimmick, and if you're going to give her a gimmick it needs to be something related to her wrestling ability like, Idk, "The Best Female Wrestler in the World" or something. Other than that, JUST LET HER FUCKING WRESTLE! You wanna know why Daniel Bryan is over right now? It isn't because of his nerd gimmick. No, it is because of his WRESTLING ABILITY. You wanna know how Bret Hart, Chris Benoit, and even Shawn Michaels got over? Their fucking wrestling abilities! You can have the best character in the world; nobody is going to care about you if you cannot deliver to a certain capacity inside the ring. That is one thing Gail Kim did better than a huge percentage of the divas in the company, if not ALL of them. You knew she could deliver when it came to a wrestling match and, although you need more than that to survive in WWE, that is VERY IMPORTANT when you're trying to present a wrestling product.

It pisses me off when I see low-talented divas like The Bella Twins, Kelly Kelly, and Eve gets featured more than good female wrestlers like Gail Kim. I mean, it is bad enough that the divas are hardly featured as it is -- hopefully, we'll start to see some changes with the heel turns of Beth Phoenix and Natayla. Regardless, in Gail Kim's case, it is much worst because even when the divas do get TV time she isn't a top priority to be featured. Who is? Eve? Kelly Kelly? The Bella Twins? Really? Hell, even the word REALLY is showcased more than Gail Kim, thanks to the Miz. While Eve, The Bellas, and Kelly Kelly are putting on 1-2 minute matches on RAW, Gail Kim is putting on good to decent divas matches on SUPERSTARS? Then when she just so happens to get involved in a battle royal or tag team match on RAW or a PPV, it barely lasts a minute. How does that make any sense? Stink Faces apparently are more important than Gail Kim's Flying Dragon Submission. I'll be surprised if people know what that submission is.

Now I'm not saying Gail Kim is THE BEST female wrestler out there. In fact, I will say her second run as a whole has been lackluster even WHEN she was featured. Her mini-feud against Mickie James in 2009 did not produce some of the best matches like we've seen from her in TNA from 2007-2008. However, they were AT LEAST decent to watch and ten times better than the crap we see from the divas nowadays. If anything, Gail Kim should be in that ring more than anyone else. You would think so right? We have one of the best female wrestlers in the business. Where should we see more of her? How's about, hmmm, inside the FUCKING WRESTLING RING! Okay, so maybe the way she left the company wasn't in good taste. It was pretty unprofessional to just walk out of a match (although she wasn't supposed to be in it long anyways) but if you were frustrated with not being showcased and you wanted to make a statement, what would you do? Just do your work and WAIT for them to release you, or leave a match and let them know if you treat me like shit you'll get shit like this. I personally would choose the latter. I just feel Gail Kim was fucked over big time when it comes to receiving the recognition she deserves for being GREAT at her craft in a wrestling promotion like the WWE. And I know someone is going to come on here and tell me, "BUT WWE IS ENTERTAINMENT" Okay, your point? So wrestling can't be entertaining? Then why be a fucking wrestling promotion? Why the fuck have a ring and people perform inside of it? There is absolutely no reason anyone can give me that will convince me Gail Kim deserved the treatment she got. If you think you can give me a reason, I'd sure as hell love to read your comment down below or in a blog response to this.

I'm gonna end this blog by wishing Gail Kim the best in everything she does. I'm positive any wrestling promotion she goes to will pick her up and QUICKLY. Will she go back to TNA, or IMPACT WRESTLING? I'd advise against it with the way they are booking their Knockouts, but I wouldn't be upset if she did. At least TNA will let her wrestle and that alone will carry her, as well as the division, to the top. Will she go to ROH? Highly likely and I'd like to see it. In fact, they could use her as a reason to start up a female wrestling division of their own and make her the leading female wrestler. Will she return to WWE? That door is shut, IMO. However, if for some reason she does come back, let's hope the way she left will make them treat her with more respect. The sky is the limit for Gail Kim and I look forward to seeing her do what she does in the future. International woman, indeed.

Thank you for reading. Comments are appreciated down below.

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  1. xJesseex's Avatar
    I 100% agree. Kellly Kelly is the most undeserving Divas Champion, right next to the Bellas. And I understand Eve is trying hard to improve her wrestling ability, but she has a LONG way to go. The Divas division is back to being all about tits and ass. No one respects the division because of girls like Kelly Kelly, who might know a move or two but other times just flip her blonde hair and stick her ass in people's faces. Kharma leaving really fucked us over(no offence to her).
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    When Layla won her women's championship..I felt she do not deserve it..but, she's 10times better than KK, bellas and Eve..

    Gail Kim is an awesome talent n I rate her right after Lita...

    She's one of my favorite women wrestlers in her first stint in WWE itself..I respected her very much in TNA and when she returned to WWE I felt she's in E only as a replacement of greater talents like Lita/Trish....

    But, she was under used and now she did a right thing by quitting E...

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