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Wrestlemania 28 card

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Hello to the IWC. I've seen a few Wrestlemainia Cards on the Blogs here so thought I would try one of my own. I am a first time blogger, but intend to do some more in the future so any feedback is welcome. This is how I would run my Wrestlemania 28 in Miami.

Enrique Englesias to sing 'America the Beautiful'

Stay with me, I know its cheesy, but he's a Miami boy and WWE lap that stuff up. It gets better, honest.

Kane vs Christian

Christian fueds with Kane after he costs him the Heavyweight title against Orton in a last man standing match, culminating in a match at Wrestlemania. A traditional 'curtain jerker' from 2 established and solid performers. I personally didn't like the WHC match at the start of last years PPV. Although the match was good with an unexpected ending, I felt it de-valued the belt. Even match but Christian edges it with a few dirty tricks.
Winner - Christian - pinfall

Undisputed Diva championship match

Don't care. Never have, Never will.
I would get this shit over and done with as soon as possible and merge those pox ridden belts in the process. For the record, I would have Gail Kim win the thing but feel free to enter your own names. Not that it matters.

US and Intercontinental Unification match
Kofi Kingston (c) vs Cody Rhodes (c)

Maybe Rhodes takes the title from Jackson, maybe from someone else. Same with Kofi's title. What matters is they are both champions and would put on a hell of a match. Merge the belt, make it duel brand and worth something again.I miss that old Intercontinental title. I wanna see mid-to-high card matches like Hart vs Perfect or Steamboat vs Savage. As far a result goes, I love Kofi's work, but I would have to put the big belt on Rhodes
Winner - Cody Rhodes - Roll-up

WWE Tag team titles match - TLC
Alberto Del Rio/Rey Mysterio (c) vs The Miz/R-Truth vs John Morrison/Alex Riley

I miss the tag division too. The best WWE do now is to have respective heel/face tag main events on Raw. So we must make do with what we have. To be fair, there are some great combinations there, they just have to be given a chance, not chopped and changed every 2 weeks.
Mysterio is still a babyface btw. I had Del Rio trade his MITB briefcase for Mysterio's WWE contract instad of a title shot. Alberto then forced Rey into teaming for a run on the tag titles. Kinda like the HBK-JBL thing a few years back.
Del Rio is just about to grab the belts after a brutal match, when Mysterio snaps, takes him off the ladder and through a table, R-Truth has surrendered to the voices and left the Miz fighting Morrison, leaving Alex Riley to climb the ladder and snag the belts.
Winners and NEW WWE Tag Team Champions - John Morrison and Alex Riley

Losing Manager leaves WWE
Vickie Guererro with Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett, Mark Henry, Jack Swagger
Stephanie McMahon with Ezekiel Jackson, Drew Mcintyre, Mason Ryan, Zack Ryder

Hmmmmmmmmm. No MITB match. Lots of wrestlers with nothing to do, and in some cases, awful in singles action. I Know! Lets have an 8 man Tag match where Vickie gets fired or maybe shaved bald!
Maybe get Edge involved as a special guest referee and we are set. No Big Show, there is no place for you.
HHH brings Steph in to keep an eye on Smackdown where she inevitably feuds with Vickie, turns McIntrye face, and has him roll up Ziggler at Wrestlemania to Terminate Vickie's contract! (She will be back though. She gets great heat as a heel manager)
Winners - Team McMahon

World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat match
Sheamus (c) vs Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton

Randy finally gets the title from a slippery Christian, down to some interference from Kane, but soon drops it to Sheamus. Sheamus performs a semi-face turn, defending the belt against Mark Henry and others, until Daniel Bryan cashes in his briefcase for his Wrestlemania shot. Randy comes out and invokes his re-match clause (He was busy with a certain Royal Rumble winner) and the triple threat is on.
I feel these three would compliment each other well and deliver a really good match. Lets have Orton punt Sheamus unconcious, only to be reversed into the Lebell lock with no chance of rescue....
Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion - Daniel Bryan - Submission

The Rock Vs John Cena

I hope they don't put this on last. And I hope Cena wins. Don't get me wrong, I hate Cena, but if he loses Rusty McRingrust, from Fast and Furious, after wrestling week in, week out, for championships, then it just makes a mockery of all the bullshit we have had to swallow over the last few years.
I expect style over substance, 'Peoples elbow' vs '5 Knuckle Shuffle' and general posing over wrestling. It won't be Rock/Hogan, but it won't be terrible either.
Winner - John Cena - 5 moves of doom

"Best in the World" WWE Championship match - Best of 3 falls
CM Punk (c) VS Chris Jericho

I think this match will happen regardless of whether Punk has the belt or not. The twittering has already started and the 'best in the world' tag adds extra weight.
Jericho returns at the Royal Rumble and wins, eliminating Randy Orton last, the man who put him out of action. He then turns his attention to Punk and his 'Best in the World' claim. He challenges him for his title at Wrestlemania, to which Punk adds the stipulation of 'Best of 3 falls.' Jericho accepts but, after a magnificent match, goes down 2-1 to a GTS.
Winner, Still WWE Champion and "The best in the world" CM Punk-2-1-GTS

The Streak 20-0?
Undertaker vs Mankind/Cactus Jack
Look, I HAVE really thought this through. Taker is just NOT going to be able to produce what he has in the past few years and I wouldn't want him to try. You have to put him in there with someone that can take the bumps for him, make him look powerful, work their ass off and resonate with the fans. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Mick Foley.
Now I have no idea what sort of physical condition Mick is in, or even if he is allowed inside a ring, but if he was given the chance to put Undertaker over in his last Wrestlemania match? He would jump at it, I am sure.
Honorable mentions go to Sting (past his prime, probably wouldn't be a great match), Brock Lesnar, Goldberg (Neither of whom would want to put him over. Its not about ending it boys!) and Stone Cold Steve Austin.
No, after much thought, It has to be Mick.
Foley would come out initially as Mankind but he has a Cactus shirt underneath and the mask comes off halfway through. Undertaker performs as the dead man for one last time and plants Cactus Jack for the final Tombstone, a 1-2-3 and 20-0 at Wrestlemania.
Winner and STILL undefeated at Wrestlemania - Undertaker - Tombstone

Afterwards, Taker helps Mick up, they embrace and the locker room empties of Superstars, past and present, all paying their respects to Undertaker. Finally they all form a guard of honor as Taker slowly walks back, turns one last time to drop to one knee, roll his eyes back and reach out to a huge clap of thunder.

Fade to Black

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. wwe=awesome's Avatar
    this is the best and most realistic card ive seen but i think rock vs cena will be the last match for sure and for undertaker vs foley i would love to see this in hell in a cell but thats just what i want lol and i hope they dont unify the us and intercontinental cuz i like having two mid card titles
  2. The Brown One's Avatar
    Among the dream WM28 cards I've seen lately, your card has to be the most realistic. It has it's areas of unrealism-like the IC and US title unification bout, which I believe won't happen. But this is one hell of a card that I would be happy to watch. I like what you did with Mick Foley as Taker's final WM opponent. People say theres no chance of it happening, but you made it sound possible-Kudos!
    Also, it's great to see that you haven't left out anyone off the card and have made the world title matches with some individuals who we don't always see in the main event.
    Again, fantastic card and I hope you continue making blogs
  3. knox's Avatar
    Very realistic my friend. I posted a blog a while back and your card is definitely better than mine. I had John Morrison vs Miz for the WWE Title but I wrte my blog back in late April. This was very realistic and well thought out.

    I usually dont bother reading into the whole WM 28 card things but your is spot on.

    Mick Foley & Taker match is a swell idea. These two have been through hell together in their past feuds. The whole idea is to make Undertaker's opponent seem like he has a better chance than any other. The reason Mick Foley could be booked as the one with the best chance is because these two have had a hell in a cell, a cage match, a casket match and even a boiler room match. They had one of the best feuds in the 90s. I'd say the best feuds in the 90s were Bret & HBK, Triple H & The Rock and Mankind & The Undertaker.

    Cm Punk is my guy but Jericho is my favorite and in my opinion he's the greatest of all time. I say that because Jericho has found the formula to carry the role as the cocky rockstar/business man but with the in ring skill to back it up. He's an all-out entertainer. I hate to disrespect people like Bret Hart but he didn't have the full package. Their booking Punk as the best in the world when in reality Daniel Bryan is better than him. I love Punk but this would be awesome if Jericho wins and apparently he's been trying to book this match via twitter.

    John Cena and The Rock. We see eye to eye on this one. I personally never liked the Rock but I always had this huge respect level for Cena. Its no way Vince is going to let the Rock after an 8 year hiatus bury his top guy. Cena will win.

    Kane vs Christian is a good match. I would love to see The Big Show involved in this as Kane's manager thanhave him turn on Kane and cost him the match.

    And trust me dude, I love Cody Rhodes but the IC & US Belt have been dominated by Kofi Kingston & Dolph Ziggler for roughly the past 3 years. They own those belts and they've competed against each other soo many times. I'd like to see them two compete in the unification match for the belts.

    Now Cody Rhodes would match up well against Ted Dibiase Jr. It seems like Dibiase is headed for a face turn once they book him to turn on Cody. I would only assume that they would carry their feud to Wrestlemania.

    Anyway great blog, you deserve a job with the creative team bro
  4. anameisnotagimmick's Avatar
    Wow. Thanks for the positive feedback guys. I know you are seasoned bloggers as I read your posts and often see your feedback on other blogs so high praise indeed!
    I aimed for realism over anything else and I am glad that came accross.
    Honestly, Ziggler/Kingston was my thinking too knox, but I needed Dolph with Vickie in the 8 man tag match to make it work. I would have him heavily involved with Drew's face turn, maybe forming a tag team or stable, then falling out and feuding. Chances are, a random irritating celebrity would have to get involved in this match too. I would make it up to Dolph though and get him feuding with Daniel Bryan for the WHC.
    I tried to find Big Show something to do that didn't involve a match and your solution seems as good as any. You do realise that it would set up a Big Show/Kane feud though? Must we watch that? Maybe if Christian employed him as some sort of 'enforcer' or 'body guard' like Diesel or Mr Hughes. Actually, not like Mr Hughes. He was rubbish.
    I need Punk to beat Jericho because I needed another heel win and Jericho is booked as the babyface in this match. It would be the start of an awesome fued though. Return of the Iron man match maybe?
    Glad you liked the Undertaker-Foley match too. The more I think about it the more sense it makes. Foley has the respect, not only of the fans, but of the entire locker room and the majority of people in the business. You are right about their feud in the 90's too. I still remember watching that Hell in a Cell match for the first time. I'd never seen anyone take bumps like that, not in the WWE anyway. Amazing match.
    Anyway, thanks again guys. I'll definately share more of my thoughts in the future
  5. Djice407's Avatar
    That's the perfect way to end the Undertaker's career I like the most of the card except that 8 man tag match instead of MITB match at WM they should have a 8-Man ladder match for the IC or US title giving more Mid-Carders some time @ WM

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