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Thoughts, comments observations?

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Dark Match Alex Riley vs Ziggler (lumberjack match)

Every year two worthy superstars get left out at the big stage, these are two wrestlers I was forced to demote to Pre-show.

This is the Wrestlemania 28 I would pitch for given the chance. It is feasible, and would help establish the rising stars of the youth movement.

Daniel Bryan vs The Miz (WWE championship)

The Miz needs to get himself the world championship and face Daniel Bryan in a feud which could allow Bryan to become a major player in the E. The two are opposites as although Miz is becoming a much more sound technician in the ring he is still gap years behind Bryan. Whilst Bryan is the far superior wrestler he could not handle a candle to the Miz when it comes to mic skills. The point being is that two complement each other; [COLOR="rgb(72, 61, 139)"]one can sell the match and the other could carry it.[/COLOR] This in my opinion is a intriguing feud which could catapult Bryan into the higher elchons of the E

Unification Alberto Del Rio v Sheamus

This match would allow all these two main eventer’s in the making a chance to [COLOR="rgb(72, 61, 139)"]showcase their ability in a meaningful match[/COLOR] whilst unifying two belts (which for all intensive purposes should have been unified when Bryan and Ziggler were feuding). Both men can work.

Fatal Four way Ladder Match for the unified tag team champs
New Nexus vs Evan Bourne/Justin Gabriel vs Kane/show vs Kofi/Morrison vs Christain/Truth

The tag division needs to be [COLOR="rgb(72, 61, 139)"]made relevant again,[/COLOR] and in order for this to be done successfully the division needs credible champions which are why the behemoth duo of Kane/Show would ideally enter the match with the titles.The New nexus are becoming decent wrestlers whilst Bourne and Gabriel could give the fans the spot expected in a match of this statue. The match would be a lot of fun and like the unification match allow the respected competitors a chance to feature in a somewhat prominent match on the card.

Rey vs Cara

The two top luchadors in the world showing off their tantalizing craft on the biggest stage in the wrestling world. The ‘E’ has often failed to capitalize on potential dream matches. Due to unfortunate circumstance of edge injuries we will never see the rated R superstar battle his best friend Christian. It is because of this that I feel it is important that before Rey’s niggling injuries get the better of him that he rightfully [COLOR="rgb(72, 61, 139)"]passes the torch to his natural successor [/COLOR]in sin cara. The match could replicate and even surpass the strong curtain-opener Rey had with Eddie in the staple centre.

Punk Vs HHH vs Taker(No holds barred)

Undertaker is long past the twilight of his tenure and it is only logical for him to step down by either making it 20-0 or 19-1. The match last between the two olds guards was tremendous and frankly saved the show, tremendous storytelling and when HHH tombstone Taker I concur that I felt the streak was over. Add the next big star to the mix and you could possibly have the best match of these 3 men’s illustrious careers. A Punk win could allow him to become the biggest star in professional wrestling and would show that the E have full faith in the reality era which punk promises to pioneer. Change is good, and [COLOR="rgb(72, 61, 139)"]if any man deserves to get the gigantic push which would come with ending the streak,it is hard to see anyone who fits the bills better than Punk.[/COLOR]

Randy orton vs Cody Rhodes w Ted De Biase World heavyweight championship

Teacher vs student is a story so simplistic yet it has helped launch the careers of a whole sector of superstars including Alex riley, Batista and the apex predator himself. I would book the match by having Young Cody win the royal rumble. To add another dimension to the story you could have Cody throwing out Ted De biase out of the rumble at some stage. The history of legacy is not forgotten so the story could be based upon events of the past and how Orton has held them back and so forth. The match itself would be first class as Orton(whatever your opinion of him) is by far [COLOR="rgb(72, 61, 139)"]the most complete wrestler on the roster[/COLOR] displaying the perfect blend of explosiveness with roar power. His in ring work is stylish and the same can be said for Rhodes who regularly shows glimpse of the similar talents. Although I am not a booker(or trying to be) I would have Ted De biase play some key role in the match whether it being costing Orton or Rhodes.

Rock vs Cena

Two wrestlers which have transcended two era’s clash in the most anticipated match of the year. The promo’s/built up leading up to this would be interesting to watch as long as their not via satellite. The feud promos the two megastars have cut on each other have an air of realism to them. Cena can work as proven as of late and his mic skills are amongst the best of all the time. It is interesting that many people say he is a product of the machine which is why so many dislike him and I can understand where the hatred stems from. It is overly repetitive the way he wins clean all of the time yet the more people critique him the more I grow fond of him. As the event is in the rock’s backgarden the odds will be truly stack against a cena win which is why it could be the point when cena finally turns heel. His character is stale and could benefit from another edge.On a sidenote, putting the championship on the line in this match is a total waste of a main event.[COLOR="rgb(72, 61, 139)"]This match dose not need a belt on a line in order for it be the marquee match of 28.[/COLOR]

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  1. Krakzor's Avatar
    Boooooo. A lot of 'been there, done that' in the card. I wanna see new stuff. and where the hell is CM Punk?
  2. NaterD4's Avatar
    How can you have a fatal 4 way with five teams?
  3. Bane of Balin's Avatar
    The Royal Rumble is going to be made nearly useless, I just realized. DB has stated he's going to use his at WM (or so he says) and Rock v Cena is supposed to be a WWE Championship... Whoever wins the Royall Rumble will have to make it a Triple Threat Match for one of those, and they'll do it for Smackdown, not Raw with Cena v Rock as creative wouldn't wanna mess that up. But that was a really wonky card, dude. Idk.

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